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i cant ship spin

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WiNGSPAN Delivery Network
#1 - 2011-11-30 03:28:07 UTC
i uploaded the patch all happy about the new ship spinning counter and now my ship will not even spin let alone count how much time i have wasted doing it.

if anyone can help me plz
C C P Alliance
#2 - 2011-11-30 03:34:44 UTC
Make sure that 'Load Station Environment' is enabled in the EVE client ESC menu under 'Display & Graphics' tab.

The functionality of the 'Load Station Environment' was changed in the patch. Below a quote from the Patch Notes.

The 'Load Station Environments' option in the ESC Menu has changed slightly:

OFF: You can't enter Captains Quarter's and you have a static background image when in the Ship Hangar, hence unable to spin your ship.

ON: You can spin your ship in the Ship Hangar and can freely switch between Captains Quarter's and the Ship Hangar. Note that if you do not go into the Captains Quarter's, nothing extra is loaded when in the ship hangar.

GM Xamother | Senior Game Master

WiNGSPAN Delivery Network
#3 - 2011-11-30 03:39:34 UTC
that fixed it i was used to used to turning off sation enviroment thx
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