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Use plex to Train Skills directly...

Ministry of War
Amarr Empire
#21 - 2014-02-19 07:14:59 UTC
WORST IDEA EVER! What about implants, cybernetis skills, jump clones and all the rest closely related to skill points?


Mu-Shi Ai
Ai Capital
#22 - 2014-02-19 07:50:48 UTC
Dark Phox wrote:
What would be the negatives of letting someone pay for 1 month of training once a year?

Well, first you implied that this is something you should be able to do in an unlimited fashion. Then you bargained it down to twice a year. Now you're saying once a year.

I understand that you're just trying to get your foot in the door by mitigating against the "pay to win" counter-argument, but once you get beyond a certain point, the whole thing becomes moot. I mean, one month of training will get you, like just level 5 of Tycoon or a similar-ranked skill.

It seems like you're trapped between it either being clearly ill-advised due to pay-to-win concerns, or so negligible as to not even be worth implementing in the first place. Assuming you stick to one month a year (though you seem to be open to sliding that around in ways that are convenient to your argument), for not a whole lot of player benefit CCP ends up opening a huge can of worms that would certainly lead to massive unrest among a core group of players.

The question I'd pose to you is--setting aside our individual beliefs about whether this is good/bad/neutral for the game--why do you think CCP should do this? What do they gain from it, and how is that gain more beneficial to them than what they'd risk losing?
Mu-Shi Ai
Ai Capital
#23 - 2014-02-19 07:55:28 UTC
Chad Wylder wrote:
So the only way to skill a character to 2003 levels this way would be to have a character from 2003.

Who cares? Seriously. There's only a finite amount of skillpoints that can be brought to bear when you're flying, say, a T1 battleship. And I'll tell you, it's not all 150+ million skillpoints that some old player has acquired over the years. If you've got perfect skills for that ship--but only just--and they've got perfect skills, plus tens of millions in other areas that don't matter, you are on equal ground with them in terms of raw mechanical potential. Those other skill points they've got don't matter for what both of you are flying.
Ministry of War
Amarr Empire
#24 - 2014-02-19 08:47:17 UTC
You can already buy SP, since character selling is legal and there are plenty of high-SP characters available to buy.

I'm wondering if people are so opposed to this because they don't like the idea of CCP getting money for this, or simply the idea itself. Here's a suggestion: let people gift SPs to others. Make the module that does it cost isk, and limit it to characters with >10m sp. CCP doesn't profit from pay to win, extra SP are never generated from nothing, and we get a badly needed isk sink. 10m SP limit prevent people from making accounts just to farm SPs to transfer, since at 10m SP you could just make an "xxx ship pilot" char and sell that instead.
Mu-Shi Ai
Ai Capital
#25 - 2014-02-19 08:51:49 UTC
Xequecal wrote:
You can already buy SP, since character selling is legal and there are plenty of high-SP characters available to buy.

The key difference is that you have to take a purchased character as you get it. You don't get to pick and choose, or drop the SP into whatever skill you like. Considering that character sales are legal, I think this is a fair limitation to impose.
The Tuskers
The Tuskers Co.
#26 - 2014-02-19 10:29:34 UTC
Batelle wrote:


Why is this thread even still running ? SP for PLEX has been suggested 10000 times and the answer's always been no, for very good reasons. People should stop trying to find workarounds and fake good ideas to get this implemented because they can't be bothered to train their skills up like everybody else did. The skill system is one of the pillars of EVE, and if people don't like it they shouldn't be playing. This game is all about patience and long term planning.
Sable Moran
Moran Light Industries
#27 - 2014-02-19 10:44:23 UTC  |  Edited by: Sable Moran
Dark Phox wrote:
I was thinking

No you weren't, not one little bit.

As others so succinctly put LOLNo.

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Pandemic Horde Inc.
Pandemic Horde
#28 - 2014-02-19 10:45:33 UTC
Dark Phox wrote:
How about add useful feedback instead of the ******** "LoLno" kind of statements?

If you don't want to lose training time... don't unsub

If you want a break but don't want to lose training time, do what loads of others do and play skill training online and stay subbed.

the entire enemy support fleet is dead except for one interdictor a titan could easily finish off with drones  - Commander Ted

Zircron Industries
Kairiola Federation
#29 - 2014-02-19 11:46:16 UTC
now we are here why dont we just have a option where you pay 10plex and you can get a max lvl toon asap so you can pick your name and what not
Guardians of the Dodixie
#30 - 2014-02-19 12:41:26 UTC
CCP should make a deal where you like buy 24plex and get one maxlevel WoW Character.

My Condor costs less than that module!

Ellendras Silver
CrashCat Corporation
#31 - 2014-02-19 12:46:53 UTC
pay to win... no thnx...

[u]Carpe noctem[/u]

Maximus Aerelius
#32 - 2014-02-19 12:47:16 UTC
Dark Phox wrote:
How about add useful feedback instead of the ******** "LoLno" kind of statements?

How about learning to search before throwing this up on the forums as it's been discussed countless times.

It's not about the amount of SP you have, it's what you have it in, what you do with it, who you fly with, who you fly for, what you do, who you do it to, who you do that with or for and with and the reaction to your actions...

Requested a lock for duplicate thread. Learn2Search and improve your forum-fu.
Ministry of War
Amarr Empire
#33 - 2014-02-19 13:38:30 UTC  |  Edited by: Rykoszet


Azn Empire
#34 - 2014-02-19 13:40:01 UTC
ShahFluffers wrote:
Has been suggested before.

Still not supporting.

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Zan Shiro
Alternative Enterprises
#35 - 2014-02-19 14:16:14 UTC
Vizvig wrote:
Linkxsc162534 wrote:

They were bought with real money, so somewhere along the lines they're paying to win.

Its not so much P2W when you buy a ship or mods in eve because they can and WILL be taken from you by gankers or other players at some point. But SPs are forever.

Titan bought "for plex" often live forever (If i lie number of titans in eve should be same, but titan pop has stable growth )
Alt also is give no superiority, thats obvious.

If buyng mobile jump portal bridge is not P2W, CCP should allow direct SP injection.

1. People who play long enough to run a proper titan tend to learn how to make isk real well to pay for it.

2. fun eve fact, one that ccp has numbers for in fact, shows titans and mommies are something many buy before they leave eve. They reached end game, took the titan around block and unsub within days. Since leaving do they care about blowing 100's of millions on a last joy ride.

3. May have missed a really big battle of late. Loads of titans diaf'd. Someone paid for titan bridging....and did not win.

Mascha Tzash
Ministry of War
Amarr Empire
#36 - 2014-02-19 15:39:44 UTC
Even if it was Skillvl*Multiplier=Plex needed (which would be 15 PLEX to bring a rank 1 skill to lvl5) I would not support this.
Filthy Peasants
#37 - 2014-02-19 15:42:58 UTC
Dark Phox wrote:
How about add useful feedback instead of the ******** "LoLno" kind of statements?

Also, how about we refine it some more, and say, oh, allow you to add a plex for direct learning maybe, oh, twice a year max. catching up to 2 months of training for an entire year is not enough to unbalance the game.

No amount of useful feedback or refining will make idea anything more than completely dead on arrival. This idea contradicts/undermines a foundational concept of the Eve.

"**CCP is changing policy, and has asked that we discontinue the bonus credit program after November 7th. So until then, enjoy a super-bonus of 1B Blink Credit for each 60-day GTC you buy!"**

Never forget.

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