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EVE Fiction

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Pod and Pilot Fiction Contest is back!

#81 - 2013-12-30 03:28:41 UTC  |  Edited by: Telegram Sam
Judging is done-- and we managed to do it while still in YC 115!

Grand Prize – 15 PLEX
Rhavas, 'Intercession'

Eight Thousand Suns in New Eden (lore-based category)
1st Prize – 10 PLEX
Da'iel Zehn, 'Gauss'

2nd Prize – 7 PLEX
Jakob Anedalle, 'Taking His Medicine'
Sugar Kyle, 'Blood Money'
Vaku Rakumakan, 'Turncoat'

3rd Prize – 5 PLEX

Vehestian, 'Slavery of My Soul'
Thes Redav, 'Blind Spot'
Kytayn, 'Free to Choose'
Callista Dalmore, 'Mexallon falling'

A Day in the Life (freeform category)

1st Prize – 8 PLEX
Jalep Malukker, 'A Toy Amongst Giants: A Newbie's Tale'

2nd Prize – 4 PLEX
Rhavas, 'Homecoming'
Sugar Kyle, 'Economics'

3rd Prize – 2 PLEX
Soren Audeles, 'The Hush of God'
Caelestina, 'Elusive Desire'
Kyle Yanowski, 'Station Games'

Other Things Just Make You Swear and Curse (humor category)
1st Prize – 5 PLEX
Drackarn, 'The Briefing'

2nd Prize – 3 PLEX
Sugar Kyle, 'ECM Nightmare'

3rd Prize – 1 PLEX
Voluspa Dreamweaver, 'Lesson Learned'

Honorable Mention (from all categories)
Random McNally, 'For Love and Money'
Sugar Kyle, 'Boots on the Ground; Fire in the Sky'
Vaku Rakumakan, 'Dolan Denis'
Voodoo Williams, 'An Immortal Scorned'
Archie Andrews, 'Monopoly'
Makoto Priano, 'Diamond'
Psy Fi, 'A Dusty Future'
Penny Ibramovic, 'What we have here is a failure to think straight'
Penny Ibramovic, 'Just another day in w-space'
Leta Lilitu, 'An Awkward Moment on a Gate'
John Piggot (char name Nin Elanihan), 'Miner's Blues'

Congratulations to the winners! The competition was fierce, but your stories impressed four individual judges enough to come out on top. And congratulations all of the writers! If you didn't win a prize this time, you dreamed up a tale (or some tales), crafted it into a writing, and created you finalized work(s). No doubt the experience made you a better writer-- don't stop now! (A note-- we had stories for at least three non-native English speakers this time. A special salute to you guys; that takes courage, and you did great).

And thanks to our sponsors, all fine patrons of the arts. You all gave just out of generosity, just to encourage people to exercise their talents and have the EVE community expand its mind a bit. Here (in alphabetical order) are the people who gave the prizes to the writers:
High Drag: an EVE podcast – 1 PLEX
Max Arthie – 2 PLEX
Prince Kobol – 2 PLEX
Rifterlings corp – 3 PLEX
Somer Blink – 100 PLEX
Thanks, Somer, for coming back this year as a major sponsor. And thanks, individuals and corps from the community, for digging deep into your wallets and transferring some hard-earned ISK to writers laying they souls on the line. You all are excellent.

And finally, thanks for generous donations of free time and energy from these crucial people:
labtechwar (contest banner art)
CCP Eterne (reader-judge)
CCP Falcon (reader-judge)
Mike Azariah (reader-judge)

All stories are here. Check them out, it's good reading. Writers, some comments will be up on the contest blog page soon. Good stuff all-- somebody put up another contest soon! Don't stop now, keep the tale-telling momentum going!
Spatial Instability
#82 - 2013-12-30 04:14:12 UTC  |  Edited by: Seraph Essael
Well done to all the winners Big smile

EDIT: I am actually really pleased about the Grand Prize Winner. That story was, simply put, a masterpiece. That "Worms go in. Worms go out" line was brilliant Big smile
That story was one of my personal favourites from when he posted it on the forums! Big smile

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#83 - 2013-12-30 04:26:52 UTC
Woo hoo!

Congratulations to all the winners. I'm looking forward to the critique.

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#84 - 2013-12-30 04:44:15 UTC  |  Edited by: Caelestina
Congrats guys! Big smile

Rhavas, just read your piece. Phenomenal mate. A well deserved win.
#85 - 2013-12-30 04:52:18 UTC
Think I'm ready to re-read those stories. Well done ye all! Smile
#86 - 2013-12-30 04:56:12 UTC  |  Edited by: Da'iel Zehn
Hi Everyone!

I'd like to thank Telegram Sam, CCP Eterne, CCP Falcon, Mike Azariah, and labtechwar for all the hard work, time involved, and reading all the stories. I am sure the judging was difficult with so many great entries. I've really enjoyed the reading as well.

I'd like to thank all the sponsors for the really great prizes. Seeing all of the generosity in this community is inspiring!

I'd like to thank the community for such a great turn out and participation. I'm so happy to be part of this community with all the talented people I've flown and interacted with over the years. All of you, ladies and gentlemen, really make being part of EvE worth it.

Congratulations to all the winners... and those who made the effort to submit! Completing a full story is something to celebrate. And we all put a piece of ourselves into this art. Keep writing! Smile


Second Empire.
#87 - 2013-12-30 05:30:41 UTC
Holy cow, I'm flabbergasted, and honored. Particularly with how amazing the competition was this year.

Congratulations to all the winners, and thanks so much to the judges and sponsors. You guys are awesome.

Author of Interstellar Privateer Shattered Planets, Wormholes and Game Commentary

#88 - 2013-12-30 05:59:18 UTC
Aye and aye, get yer butts off the chair and start thinking! Well done-- this is no time to stop! Smile
#89 - 2013-12-30 06:07:28 UTC  |  Edited by: Telegram Sam
Rhavas wrote:
Holy cow, I'm flabbergasted, and honored. Particularly with how amazing the competition was this year.

Congratulations to all the winners, and thanks so much to the judges and sponsors. You guys are awesome.

A fine one man., well done I'd say. Keep on blasting and fine-tuning all you... ::Working on stories...::
Gallente Federation
#90 - 2013-12-30 07:08:40 UTC
A big thanks to everyone who made this contest possible, even the contestants!

Congratulations to Rhavas for a phenomenal win.
Brothers of Tangra
#91 - 2013-12-30 11:50:57 UTC
Congrats to all winners, especially Rhavas. Loved your piece mate, thought was a winner from the off :)
A Band Apart.
#92 - 2013-12-30 14:04:11 UTC
Congratulations to the winners!!

That was some fine writing. Sam, you'll need to let me know who to send the High Drag Plex to.

*grumbles about Kyle Yanowski beating me ....again!*

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#93 - 2013-12-30 16:30:46 UTC
Random McNally wrote:
Congratulations to the winners!!

That was some fine writing. Sam, you'll need to let me know who to send the High Drag Plex to.

*grumbles about Kyle Yanowski beating me ....again!*

Next things to do:
-Let sponsors know whom to contract prizes to. I'll do that this evening.
-Send feedback to writers who requested it. I'll be doing that through the week. I'll also see if the other judges are available to offer comments.
#94 - 2013-12-30 17:01:58 UTC
Telegram Sam wrote:
Next things to do:
-Let sponsors know whom to contract prizes to. I'll do that this evening.
-Send feedback to writers who requested it. I'll be doing that through the week. I'll also see if the other judges are available to offer comments.

I'd appreciate feedback as well. Constructive criticism is very helpful so we can improve.
Gallente Federation
#95 - 2013-12-30 18:23:15 UTC
Wait, CCP judged them?
#96 - 2013-12-30 19:31:19 UTC
Yes, two of the judges (CCP Eterne and CCP Falcon) are community relations devs.
#97 - 2013-12-30 22:46:16 UTC
Callista looks over the assembled dignitaries and wonders once again why she didn't wear the white dress instead of the blue. Oh, well, no turning back now.

When The Honorable Telegram Sam calls her name and the weight of everyone's stare turns her way, her blush goes from rosy to deep crimson. She rises from her table to the sound of polite applause.

As she makes her way to the raised dias, the trid-reps jostle for position. Well, not as much as for Rhavas, mind you.

Standing at the podium, the lights shining down on the stage blaze and she blinks back nervous tears. As she adjusts the mic, the timer starts counting down, 30 seconds.

Well at millions of isk per minute commercial time, they sure as hell weren't going to waste it on yet another boring victory speech. So, as practiced in front of the holovid in her mack, she leaned forward just enough for her dress to accentuate her camera shy "assets", gave a big great smile and began, "I would like to thank the judges for the time and effort it must have taken them to go through the hundreds of pages of text. I would also like to thank the incredibly generous sponsors who encourage all of us writers to slip out of our pods and fire up our word processors. But I would like to especially thank Sam for having pulled this even together once again. Sam, this is for you..." and looking right into camera 1, she winks and blows a kiss.

"See you all next year!"

And then, relieved that it's done, she walks down the stairs and off into the wing, with fifteen seconds left on the clock.

#98 - 2013-12-31 02:03:50 UTC  |  Edited by: Jalep Malukker
"Jalep. Jalep!" Jemica whispered as loud as she could, forcing her breath from the back of her throat.

I was busy. "Just.. a few more... inches..." Carefully, I worked the eight legged insectoid robot towards Rhavas' wallet. As it slowly crawled towards the Grand Prize winner, my mind began to drift, dreaming of what I'd do when I relieved him of his newly won Plex. "Almost.. got it." I nudge the controls with painstaking care.

"JALEP! You won!" She yelped, grabbing my shoulders, jostling the controls and sending my robotic thief skittering wayward across the floor and into Da'iel Zehn's boots.

"No. I didn't - look: Now Rhavas is moving his wallet to his front pocket - I'll never snag it now." I grumble, patting my own pockets in search of a pack of cigarettes.

"No, you won First Place in the Day in the Life Category, you lug!" Her eyes were glimmering. For a second I consider what 'second cousins' really means and how much it matters, before snapping back to the moment at hand.

"I did what? With my story?" I drop the cigarettes in shock.

By this point ushers are guiding me to the raised dais and a fog of emotion is gathering around my thoughts. My legs feel weak. I meander over to the podium. I squint as I look up, trying to find Jemica in the crowd. The spotlight is too bright. I lean over the microphone, holding my hand over my brow to shield the spotlight.

"Umm. Thank... you." When did my mouth get this dry? "Thank you to... everyone who..." My mind is a broken jigsaw puzzle. Words are eluding me. I try to focus. It's not working. I stop for a second to compose my thoughts. "Thank you to everyone who put this... great contest together. Thank you, again."

I look up and see the timer is almost at zero. I turn, confused and try to find the exit.

"Yeah, bang up job on that speech, Jalep" I mutter to myself as I am guided back stage. It didn't cover what I wanted to say. Not even close. What I had meant to say, were my thoughts not a jumbled, confused mess. Was how deeply humbled I was to be chosen from among such a wonderful collection of stories written by such talented writers. What I had wanted to say was how impressed I was by the quality of the works submitted. How they had all clearly been toiled over and been written with great passion. But none of that came out.

Had I not been so completely surprised by the outcome, I had meant to thank Sam, CCP Eterne, CCP Falcon, and Mike Azariah for taking time from their busy schedules to read all the stories and provide thoughtful scoring on each. How this contest adds to the richness that is New Eden and highlights just how amazing the community surrounding it is.

As I head back stage, I reach into my jacket pocket and pull out a pen.

"Better start making notes for next year's story."
Federation Uprising
#99 - 2013-12-31 02:10:21 UTC
Wow, I'm thrilled. The prize for Taking His Medicine will be converted to ISK and shortly thereafter converted to wrecks of ships. Given my killboard, mostly my own.

Thank you, Pod and Planet sponsors!

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#100 - 2013-12-31 03:55:50 UTC
Good stuff and congrats to Rhavas.

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