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Racial missile defense systems

Nariya Kentaya
Ministry of War
Amarr Empire
#1 - 2011-11-21 02:21:28 UTC
so, basically, amke racial missile defense systems, emaning caldari keep defender missiles, amarr will get some sort of laser-based thing (i dotn know whateev r it is the US has been developing in the desert to shoot down Korea's nukes).

ok ill admit it, i have not fleshed out this idea completely. the whole point, is that if defender missiles worked how they were SUPPOSED TO, it would only favor making caldarri ships fairly immune to caldari ships, why not add a way for any ship to have SOME form of defense against missiles by sacrificing a high-slot, since for instance lets say HArbingers or abaddons, dont ahve laucnhers so cant use defender missiles. with the racial anti-missile systems they would.

again, i didnt flesh it out very well, feel free to pick it apart, flame it, or build off it how you will.
Venus Rinah
Arcanum Industry
#2 - 2011-11-21 02:25:39 UTC

Although defender missiles are not very effective or should they ever be as a complete counter to missiles, but hopefully go some way to helping reduce the impact.

I think certainly it's more than plausabale that the races would develop anti-missile systems as applicable for use on their ships.
Nezumiiro Noneko
Alternative Enterprises
#3 - 2011-11-21 04:35:11 UTC  |  Edited by: Nezumiiro Noneko
so you are going to nerf high slot dps/alpha, which could kill the missile chucker faster, to kill the missiles instead?

some bad things to come of this.....I'll do frig v frig.

Hawk or rocket utility minny rifter class ship (includes AF's). I would like for you as amarr or gallente to run this. depending on ship you are losing at least 1/3 of your damage potential. 1 high slot for the point defence. You use more cap than I do. Will it last to power all your stuff since its gonna be a bit longer match? Case of minmater this is not looking good. the rocket is there as a wtf, don't feel like nos/neut today choice. My projectiles are my real money makers. Case of caldari it gets worse...I don't group my lauchers. means you hit one rocekt. Rest go throught jsut fine.

Now I''ll do bc vs bc. Draaaaaake. tank already a pita and now you are gimping your damage. Tank now jsut that much harder to break. Ungroup and 6/7 missiles roll right in. Ham utility cane you jsut stopped 1 ham. Still got 1 coming in with the usual 425's and 220 ( most ham fits I have seen mix in 1 220 for pg/cpu issues) joining the party.

Also worth noting some bad resutls not against minny or caldari....if the other guy didn't run point defence systems. One harb set for point defence, other is not....all else equal Ima put isk on the non-point defence harb. He has one more gun actually doing something.
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Caldari State
#4 - 2011-11-21 08:11:48 UTC  |  Edited by: Astroniomix
You dont need to ungroup your launchers one defender will always only hit one missle. More to the point however, even though this idea could give a few ships acess to some form of missle defence they didnt have before. Defenders see so little use as is that there wouldnt realy be any noticable gain from adding a "missle defence laser"
Elysian Space Navy - 1st Fleet
#5 - 2011-11-21 09:07:12 UTC  |  Edited by: SGT FUNYOUN
I have an idea...

Instead of gimping DPS or trying to make some sort of racial missle defense mod that you have to replace a gun or cov ops cloak with to try and stop a missle from blasting you to bits...

What about an anti-missle destroyer?

Dessies have 8 high slots... and there is only ONE T2 variant that I know of. The dessy needs some love. Why not build a new class of T2/T3 Dessy.

Anti-Missle destroyer SPECS:

T2/T3 Class Destroyer

the usual 8 high slots but can fit 8 ANTI-Missle launchers.Specifically designed to stop or severly hinder missle barrages through direct action; unlike a smart bomb which is a passive (and lets face it sucky waste of grid and time) missle defense module.

The usual number of mid slots for armor tankers but more mid slots for shield tanker races.

The usual number of low slots for shield tankers but more low slots for armor tanker races.

WAY higher CPU and grid.

MAYBE fit a cov ops cloak... perhaps for a T3 variant of this ship?

Tank, range, and effectiveness bonuses applicable to each race and the type of ship. (needs to be a super tank of sorts to withstand an onslaught from at least a battle cruiser)

The point of this ship would be to fly into combat with a fiercely hardened tank and provide an anti missle screen for your fleet with either (an improved or bonus boosted) defender missle swarm or a (very small I might add) AOE depth charge that either confuses or destroys missles outright, or a phalanx autocannon array, or a laser/maser/phaser array that just blasts missles out of the sky outright.

None of these anti missle counter measure weapons would have ANY effect against the ships themselves. ONLY against incoming missles.

Perhaps for:

Gallente - an AOE Launchable Depth Charge that EMP jams the missles and causes them to self destruct. The "depth charges" are actually based on and guided by drone technology and in reality are actually miniature "kamikaze" drones.
Bonuses: launch, detecting, and targeting range boost, bigger magazine capacity, and a 1-5% AOE size bonus per level plus more accurate targeting system.

Caldari - super rapid firing defender missle pods or rocket pods that blanket the area with anti missle missles/rockets.
Bonuses: ROF, missle/rocket velocity and flight time boost, bigger magazine capacity, and more accuracy in targeting system.

Minmatar - a vulcan phalanx cannon array that blankets the area near each missle with small arms projectiles (Think 5.56mm/.223cal or 7.62mm/.308cal machine gun ammo).
Bonuses: ROF, Ammunition magazine capacity and longer bursts of fire (longer burst = more bullets downrange), range boost and better accuracy in the targeting system.

Amarr - A laser, maser, or phaser array that shoots down missles outright.
Bonuses: duration of firing cycle, "heat intensity" (hotter something is the faster it does damage), ROF, and range boosts plus more accurate targeting system.

These systems may or may not have effects against bombs as well.

***Note*** the incoming missles (and MAYBE bombs) are being destroyed by these systems yes BUT; they are STILL DETONATING AND EXPLODING. Therefore the incoming missles (and maybe bombs)can still cause damage if they get close enough to your ship before the countermeasures ship can effectively deal with them. This is to balance out the systems a little better and not make a super duper defense system that is impenatrable.

The effectiveness of this ship would only be as good as the number of ships you have against the number of missles that you are facing.

The idea behind this new ship is similar to anti missle systems that militaries are currently experimenting with and is also similar to the Vulcan Cannon anti-artillery/missle defense guns carried on aircraft carriers and placed in land based FOB's in Iraq and Afghanistan to shoot down incoming artillery, rockets, and missles.

***NOTE*** This ship would be a PRIME target to take out first by any missle heavy enemy fleets.

YES this ship and its systems would be FULLY useable in high sec.
Hunters of capsuleers
#6 - 2011-11-21 09:26:34 UTC
yhea, sure. please make missiles a even more useless pvp weapon. missiles need a lot of love before you give all races yet another counter to missiles, especially in large scale pvp, thinking of travel time. AND that there are little you can do to counter speed of other ships(explosion velocity) , unlike turrets that are instants hits, and you have tracking enhancer.
Elysian Space Navy - 1st Fleet
#7 - 2011-11-21 09:57:08 UTC
SehrGute wrote:
yhea, sure. please make missiles a even more useless pvp weapon. missiles need a lot of love before you give all races yet another counter to missiles, especially in large scale pvp, thinking of travel time. AND that there are little you can do to counter speed of other ships(explosion velocity) , unlike turrets that are instants hits, and you have tracking enhancer.

I do agree that the missle system needs to be seriously revamped. But from what I can tell, unless you are in low or null sec and can use a Smart Bomb, there is really nothing you can do to stop a missle or rocket. Other than warping out before it hits you.

Pretty sure there are no jammers or extra shields to stop it. And missles can fly faster and hit harder. There is a set of mods that make missles fly faster and hit harder.