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Inventory fixes wishlist thread

First post
#61 - 2011-11-18 17:26:24 UTC
I used to use unsorted unstacked items to sort stuff for sale especially working through piles of mission loot. Auto sort broke that a bit and auto stack would completely break it. Auto anything reduces control and is bad.

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Sable Moran
Moran Light Industries
#62 - 2011-11-18 17:26:24 UTC  |  Edited by: Sable Moran
CCP Greyscale wrote:
while on the big end things like tabbed personal hangars in stations is about as complex as we're likely to manage this time around.-Greyscale

Since you're saying that this is possible then please do it. That is the single most useful thing the inventory systems is lacking as far as I am concerned.

I have a fair amount of stuff in two stations and I already use various sizes of containers to sort the stuff but having tabs would make it so much more easier.

Edit: And please let me rename them.

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Sunshine and Lollipops
#63 - 2011-11-18 17:31:03 UTC
Most of it has been mentioned already, but instead of making it a quote fest…

· Personal hangar divisions similar to what you get in a corp. No further description needed, really. Hangar divisions are the ultimate sorting tools for assets, and while some of it can be done with freight cans and the like, it's not nearly as neat, and isn't supported by a large variety of asset interaction functions. For instance, the Fitting Window “assemble ship” function requires you to have a whole pile of stuff strewn over your hangar bay — it would be neat if you could simply pick a hangar division where all the in-use (as opposed to “for sale” or “for delivery”) modules and ammo are picked up from.

· The ability for various “source/target” dropdowns (e.g. in the S&I interface) to not just use hangar divisions, but also to recognise containers and cans in your main hangar (granted, making this overlap with the above might be tricky… make it a market-style tree view perhaps?).

· Reduce the Assets window to its old size. Over the years, it has been filled with more and more required fields and functionalities that, for some reason, must be visible at all time. As a result, the window has grown wider and wider over the same time, to the point where it will always be bulky and thus lose its neatness and quick-overview ability. This is more a matter of UI and window templates than of inventory management, but this is where it hurts the most (and fixing it for the Assets window will probably do the same for other windows with similar issues). Simply put, allow me to reduce the window width/height to less than what is required by all the components inside — if something doesn't fit, who cares? That's my problem, not something you need to solve for me (in fact, it most likely isn't a problem, and I don't care if some elements aren't visible).

· Being able to open a remote asset collection from the asset window (or corp window) and have it appear like the normal, local, items/hangar view. The asset window's long list can quickly become very cumbersome when using various remote operations (e.g. setting up contracts or trades in remote stations), whereas having it as a normal item window would speed things up immensely.

· More logical “item groups” — if you try to sort by item type right now, you can get a thoroughly weird mix of items. Some very similar stuff is marked as completely different types, so when checking up on your POS fuel you can't just go down the list of the tower description (or, soon, the fuel pellet build list) because some stuff is classified as ice products, others as refined planetary material, others as advanced PI material… so the order isn't what you'd expect. Likewise, ammo gets sorted after pretty much the least helpful detail — instead of having all my hybrid ammo in one long list, I get “Advanced Blaster ammo” then “Advanced Cruise Missiles” and then “Faction projectile ammo” and only then the rest of my “Hybrid Ammo”. The sorting should be done by most common category first, which by the looks of it could be a matter of a simple name change (“Hybrid Ammo, Advanced Blaster” and “Missiles, Advanced Cruise” instead of the current names).

…overall, the number of item categories could probably do with some cleaning up — just look at the list used to create filters in the LP store or in contracts. They aren't always entirely explanatory, and/or have some… interesting… distinctions.

· On that note (and perhaps somewhat contradictory): more filtering options. Not just a search, but something that lets you hide or display broad categories of items, regardless of name. E.g. I want to see all “charge” items (and not have stuff appear in the middle due to an unfortunate name, as would happen if you just used the sort-by-type method). Or, I want to see all highslot items but I want them in icon view (so I can't just go into list mode and sort by “slot” or whatever the column is called).

· Auto-repackaging of items (but probably not ships or containers) when trying to create stacks. Normal items have no “content” that might spill out and ruin your neat floor when you repackage them (or, in the case of rigged ships, simply are destroyed). While I understand the need to separate the unpacked and repacked states to allow for singleton attributes such as item damage, there's no reason why the transition can't be made automatic — an undamaged item should be stackable just like a normal repackaged one, since there is nothing to keep it from immediately being repackaged and then stacked. It just creates a needless extra step for the user.

Less about personal inventory, and more in the topic of “stuff that is in the inventory database”:

· More immediately and obviously available preview. Yes, bling… it used to be possible to just click on the omnipresent eye-icon anywhere it appeared in the market window to get a preview of the item (if one was available) — now, it's far more inconsistent and, without that eye, far less clear when it is or isn't possible to do so. Maybe as a hover-over-the-icon button, or as yet another context menu item.

· More hyperlinking between items. When you look through the list of PI materials, you can trace back the source of that item to its component parts (something that could probably be simplified because there is a middle step between each product right now that is of questionable use), so why not do that for all items, and why not link all such lists to the standard “item action” context menu? I.e. when I look at a Vexor, there should be a “created from [Vexor Blueprint]” notice somewhere, that I can click on and get the BPO info, or rclick on and check the market or contract for… and when I the blueprint view, I can rclick→buy all the components needed.
Destination SkillQueue
#64 - 2011-11-18 17:53:44 UTC
Zendoren wrote:
Scrapyard Bob wrote:
Acac Sunflyier wrote:

Or - better - introduce a variant of station containers / vaults / etc - that don't have the audit log feature. There are already non-secure containers for the smaller sizes (except there's no "giant" variant).

(There are big reasons why you don't want secure containers with audit logs to be repackaged before that 3 weeks is up. It makes it harder for a thief to cover their tracks.)

Even Even batter, Remove the archaic station containers and station vaults and give us the ability to partition our hangers w/out having to buy these stupidly seeded crap things called cans!

You can do better CCP!

This. I'm also fine with having to pay for the ability to partition the hangar, if the cost serves some actual purpose from CCPs perspective. The key part is to move away from the container system when dealing with your hangars and move towards something less cumbersome and easier to manage.
Blake Sheffield
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#65 - 2011-11-18 17:55:16 UTC  |  Edited by: Blake Sheffield
1. As a person that copies some 600 BPCs a month, I would love the ability to stack BPCs of the same ME/PE. Dragging them around different containers causes the client to lock up for 30-60 seconds.

If I had a stack of 200 Cap Recharger ME100 PE20 BPCs, I imagine the performance would be better as I would be moving one object around and not 200.

2. Checkbox or settings for Autostack.

3. Ability to remotely split a stack from the Assets window in another station.
Callic Veratar
#66 - 2011-11-18 18:15:13 UTC  |  Edited by: Callic Veratar
It's been mentioned before, but it needs to be mentioned again and again until I have it:


I don't mean station containers that can lock and have their own window, I mean a client side folder, like in the market, where I can click the bar and the contents show up. The current list of 600 items is annoying to manage at best. When mixed with station containers, it becomes a nightmare.

Ideally, I'd like an auto filter option as well (like for your average email program) where everything in a hangar is automatically sorted nicely into the correct folders.

Building even further, I'd like said folders to function like the overview, so I can set up a folder/filter system and apply it to any station I want, with the capability to switch back and forth between different setups at will. As well, like the overview setup, make them client side: the server doesn't care what folders are present, just if there are any.

Some examples:
- Imagine a folder labelled POS Fuel (before Fuel Blocks) where the only thing that shows up are the 8 ingredients no need to sort through specialized goods, general, refined goods, and ice products to find which ones you need.
- I start a Courier mission. Instead of having to sort through my hangar to figure out whether the goods are Livestock, General, or Miscellaneous a nice new folder appears at the top of my inventory called "Mission Payload" with ONE stack that I need to haul off.
- You need a new flight of drones for your domi since you had to GTFO, but you're still needed in the fight. Open the Thermal Drones folder and reload easily instead of accidentally grabbing hornets instead of hobgoblins.
Cruor Angelicus
#67 - 2011-11-18 18:15:35 UTC
Ammzi wrote:

--- Extremely useful ---

Be able to create x amount of stacks from Y items.

Example given:

Item A: 100 units
Item B: 50 units
Item N: N units

Select all, right click and hit the "create x stacks"

x -> 5

Item A -> 100/5 -> 5 stacks of 20 units of item A.
Item B -> 50/5 -> 5 stacks of 10 units of item B.
Item N -> N/5 -> 5 stacks of N/5 units of item N.

The "Modulus" or the rest that can not be divided will be left in the bottom of the inventory window.

This would be extremely useful for dividing loot amongst fleet and creating stacks etc.
Please consider it.

I'd also like to see the reverse of this.

"Create stacks of x"

....actually just put both

"Create X stacks of Y"

i wanna make 10 stacks of 1000 out of 100,000. This should leave 90,000 untouched.

The Drake is a Lie

Solstice Project
Sebiestor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#68 - 2011-11-18 19:11:17 UTC

I believe it's an inventory thingy,
so i'll just post this here.

Get rid of packaging
or let me at least let me do it remotely.

Thanks. :)
#69 - 2011-11-18 19:25:19 UTC
i wish when i clicked to repackage all my items that if any are in need of repairing a blurb will come up with a notice saying...

to do this will cost so much much isk as some mods are in need of repair...

this i would have your babies for...

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Jennifer Starling
Imperial Navy Forum Patrol
#70 - 2011-11-18 19:33:29 UTC  |  Edited by: Jennifer Starling

1. Make it optional to use the "search" include containers
2. Make it optional to use the "search" include ship's cargo bays
3. Make it possible to split your ship's cargo bay so I can use one part for ammo and one part for loot/salvage and the like
4. Same for your inventory at stations.
5. Make containers work like maps in your windows explorer. Much easier!
6. Same for ships. Make a view so I can click open their cargoholds
7. Make an option to search for just skillbooks, weapons and such, other than to type "ship" in the search field
8. An option to remember passwords on secure containers

Solstice Project wrote:

Get rid of packaging
or let me at least let me do it remotely.
Thanks. :)

/signed :)
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#71 - 2011-11-18 19:34:55 UTC  |  Edited by: MiltGyver
Tabs that work like containers?
Configurable tabs that work like filters maybe?

Or at least an item category filter like the LP store has and contracts?

Items in cans unlocked by default!

Let us do the same filtering/tabbing etc for the ships in station. If I want to collect ships I can put them separately from the ships I fly, or if I manufacture ships I can put products separately from what I fly.

There are times you may not want to auto-stack items so maybe containers are better than filters.

And it would be nice if tabs are remembered on the server and not on the client! After reinstalling the game you don't want your crap all bunched together.
#72 - 2011-11-18 20:23:43 UTC
oh and an afk indicator in corp chat... that way i can save myself the embarrassment t have having a convo wiht my self...

There are no stupid Questions... just stupid people... CCP Goliath wrote:

Ugh ti-di pooping makes me sad.

Evei Shard
Shard Industries
#73 - 2011-11-18 20:33:38 UTC
In support of things that have been already said:

Folders and or tabs in item hangars.
Sub-folders for bookmarks
Display amount of damage an item has (i.e. mining crystals)

It would be nice if, when sorting items by quantity, that items which have no quantity value attached would be stacked accordingly to be below/above items which have a quantity of 1. Currently, said items are stacked on the high end

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Trainwreck McGee
#74 - 2011-11-18 20:36:56 UTC
Tabs instead of containers for organizing my giant pile of crap is the big one for me.

I also REALLY hate the whole "package things before stacking them" bullshit.

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Marvinovi pratele
The Bastion
#75 - 2011-11-18 20:43:44 UTC
- afk indicator in chat
- repackage and trash in "Corporate hangar arrays"
- folders in "Ships", "Items", "Corp hangar", "Corporate hangar arrays" and containers
- folders in LP store (Implants/Hardwiring/Ammo/Ship modules/ etc)

folders anywhere :)
Trainwreck McGee
#76 - 2011-11-18 20:44:47 UTC
O and i would like to be able to fully organize all my assets from anywhere.

CCP Trainwreck - Weekend Custodial Engineer / CCP Necrogoats foot stool

Reeno Coleman
#77 - 2011-11-18 20:47:24 UTC
- automatically stack looted items
- automatically repack items when required (its totally reversible, so no damage done)
- Quickfilter for: Raw Materials, Salvage, Ammo, High/Low/Med modules, drones, Other items, etc. (e.g. through a toggle button for each group at the top of the screen) [this filter could also apply to the loot-all button -> awesome]
- Drag Select (is being implemented. yay.)
- Retain and show selections in non-active windows
- Quick-Sell: Drag item(s) to market window: item is being sold without confirmation if price is above a definable threshold (e.g. >75% avrg. market value) otherwise returned to hangar. no popup windows, just audio feedback.

thats it for now, i think i can come up with more stuff
Sable Moran
Moran Light Industries
#78 - 2011-11-18 20:49:07 UTC
Gempei wrote:
folders anywhere :)

Agreed, flat lists (when larger than about a dozen and a half) are an annoying chore.

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Vincent Athena
#79 - 2011-11-18 23:27:33 UTC
Some more;

-When I try and sell a unpackaged, undamaged item that has no contents, it auto repackages before the sale.
-I can split multiple stacks at once. That is select several stacks, shift drag the group, type in a number, and get that many units of every item selected in the new stacks.
-If we get hangar tabs, there should be a flag that tells things like the fitting service and industry whether or not it should look in a given tab for stuff. That way I can set some areas as "off limits" to automatic processes.
-There needs to be a search function that looks in the hangar tabs, cans, ship holds, and ship fitted modules. For when I cannot remember where I put that core-x module.

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Minister of Death
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Amarr Empire
#80 - 2011-11-19 01:34:15 UTC
Might be overly complicated, but the ultimate would be like a Routing Container.

This container has configurable rules about where to route items transferred into it that match a rule.

Something like:

meta4 module -> some container
mineral -> some other container
Tritanium-> Player hangar
Ship-> Corp Hanger(Division 1)
salvage-> Corp Hangar(Division 2)->salvage container

Whatever doesn't match a rule, stays in the filter container. If it does match a rule, it sent to the target container.

Although at first blush the UI for this sounds horrific, it's not all that bad.

- Restrict rule creation to only select targets that exist at the time the rule is created.
- re-orderable rule precedence
- you can be rough about errors, just bail out on the whole transfer stack into the filter container on any error

Just an idea. Probably over complicated.

Right now what i have is a big ass container that called 'Junk' that I drop all loot/salvage/stuff in, and then once a week I go through it all and put it in correct classification containers.