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Ship Screening

Nikollai Tesla
Federal Defense Union
Gallente Federation
#1 - 2011-11-17 04:38:05 UTC
Some of the reasons why buffer is so popular because local tanks do not scale with # of attacks.
Remote Repair needs time to lock on and repair, so high alpha and repair are in a constant battle. To see if you can kill fast enough.

If there was a way to screen ***** from fire by absorbing shots for them.

Only way i can think of this by implementing some formation ganglink module, that would give certain formation bonus to those within 10km.

Example: Screen Formation tactics. 10% chance to absorb shots meant for another friendly ship withing 5km.

1 ship is Target you are shoot at and other is Screen, with a screen tactics module active

-Look up screen percentage stat (example 10%), Roll die

(100-10%) FAIL to screen
-Fail to screen resolve shot normally.

(10%-0%) Screen is successful
-determine the largest signature/easiest to hit of Screen and Target, target A
-Calculate to Hit , on largest sig [A], and damage on largest sig[A](Before Resists), resulting in X damage
-Apply X damage to screen

Would be affected by this but in the success, that something screens, case they would apply full damage to both the target and the screen.
Taranis Innovations
#2 - 2011-11-17 05:56:09 UTC
i get the idea but it sounds like something that would happen in WoW.

i think a better alternative to this would be something like a projected shield extender or armor plate. but thats really not much different than what command and logi ships do anyway.