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WTS 2005, 143+Mill. Pilot.

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Destination Fncked
#1 - 2013-10-09 16:39:47 UTC  |  Edited by: MMXMMX

I am stopping eve almost. just keeping my main.
I Will be in npc corp upon agreement on Trade.
I Got 5 Clones WTO empty, rest pave and fleetboost orientated.
Two resculpturing also/remapping.
Positive Wallet.
Positive status.
An acceptable skill board.
Useful as an alt.

Bid start at 45, increesement at 500mill.
B/O is 60. Bill


thread locked by self.
Forum Puppet
Black Wormholes of Apocrypha
#2 - 2013-10-09 17:03:02 UTC  |  Edited by: Forum Puppet
MMXMMX wrote:


I am stopping eve almost and retiring to casual play. For that I need ISK.
I will therefore sell my chars but my main and live from the retirement they pay me and use it all
On drugs, boosters and silly useless stuff and try stuff I haven't had time for in the game yet.

I will setup the others shortly, and I will have them all linked to board asap.

This one, is starting at 45. Bill. And B/O at 60.
Go nuts people.


1. you need to be in NPC
2. i suppose this is the link for your skills, right ?
That shows your char is 3-4 months from being "150+ Mill." SP. You're only 143.7 now.
3. finally, it shows the char is born in 2005 not 2003.

Maybe you posted with the wrong char ?
Destination Fncked
#3 - 2013-10-09 17:12:38 UTC  |  Edited by: MMXMMX
Destination Fncked
#4 - 2013-10-09 20:24:44 UTC  |  Edited by: MMXMMX
ISD Ezwal
ISD Community Communications Liaisons
#5 - 2013-10-09 22:04:52 UTC
Please only bump once per day. Topic locked for 24 hours to compensate.

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Destination Fncked
#6 - 2013-10-10 23:04:30 UTC  |  Edited by: MMXMMX
Destination Fncked
#7 - 2013-10-11 11:54:42 UTC

Ending sale.
If interested and up for an offer i cannot refuse, i negotiate it. Send mail ingame, i will NOT be watching here.

Thread locked-