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EVE New Citizens Q&A

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A question: What do you wish you had known?

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NightCrawler 85
Phoibe Enterprises
#101 - 2013-09-17 20:44:03 UTC
BLUPRNT Kalkoken wrote:

I read that I should contact a GM to be kind enough to reset the mission for me so I may continue.

Now I'm trying to figure out how to do that.

Not ingame at the moment but im pretty sure its f12, and from there just find the appropriate section for the petition.

Think i listed this earlier but the petition system should be covered in the tutorial, even if its just a fast "If you have any problems please go to this location and submit a petition" so new players know.
BLUPRNT Kalkoken
School of Applied Knowledge
Caldari State
#102 - 2013-09-17 21:00:24 UTC
Thank you very much.

Is there a key stroke to cancel anxious frustration.

Or maybe one of those injection things I just started hearing about.

Hope to run into more as helpful as you.
Mr Epeen
It's All About Me
#103 - 2013-09-17 21:16:03 UTC  |  Edited by: Mr Epeen
I'm probably atypical in that I knew absolutely nothing about this game when I started nearly eight years ago. I saw it had spaceships so I decided to download it.

It was three days before I figured out that I should have a skill training. There was literally nothing to be learned in the tutorial other than basic ship controls. I believe things have improved, although I do miss the perpetual motion unit.

Mr Epeen Cool
Blackwater USA Inc.
#104 - 2013-09-18 03:21:02 UTC
How to make a decent mission ship that worked.

When I started, I flew only Caldari. I was pretty fortunate in that the weapon system I chose just because it sounded neat (missiles) worked well with the activity I chose at the beginning of my career (mission running). So I happily worked my way toward the newly-introduced ship known as the Drake because it was supposedly the best for running missions, and I kept wondering why I almost lost it again and again.

Fitting a mission ship isn't very intuitive. In a way it can be very easy to do - follow some guides, listen to advice, mirror a fit people rave about - but it is difficult because the "rules" for ship fitting, in both PvE and PvP, aren't consistent. Small, Medium, Large. Frigate/Destroyer, Cruiser/Battlecruiser, Battleship. Yet you'll be hard pressed to find a battlecruiser fit that uses Medium shield modules and a "workable" Drake fitting is an excellent example. Medium Shield Extenders for frigate fittings. XL Shield Boosters on battleships!

I like taking screenshots as I play. A funny comment, a compliment, a strange/beautiful vision in New Eden - these all went into a large collection, built up over the years, and I flip through every so often. Since missions were a primary activity back then, I see a lot of the fits I used and they make me cringe now.

Ship fitting is a complex science that is easy to dabble in and even easier to get "wrong." When you're a character with years of experience and knowledge, ship fitting ("EFT Warrioring") is a fun distraction, Serious Business, or both. For a new player with five million isk in the wallet and the desire to move up into Level 2 missions, having no idea how to fit a mission ship can mean the loss of a significant portion of a player's isk and possibly their desire to continue.


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Harrison Tato
Yamato Holdings
#105 - 2013-09-18 12:46:06 UTC
It is important to do outside research in order to understand this game. I have been playing games on computers since the early 1980's and until I started this game I held the view that firing up Google (or in the old days, getting a "cheat guide" to learn how to do something or finish a mission in a game meant that you were worthless and weak.
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#106 - 2013-09-18 17:54:44 UTC
I really had to think about this, but actually just one thing stood out for me.

I did not understand how to sell anything, or that I had to move my findings from my cargo to hanger before I could. Smile

I disagree

Flaming Fist Rising
#107 - 2013-09-22 18:08:08 UTC
My first experience in Eve was with Kraxxass, who still has less than 1mill SP today versus Kharaxus's 25mil SP. Playing either character solo, generates similar results. Kraxxass lost quite a few frigates in L1 missions. I was constantly trying to train skills which would allow me to fit modules on a reaper or frigate, so I could get through the mission safely, versus learning to fly a frigate well. I am still learning to fly frigates well.

The key is focus and that focus, when flying solo, is easily manipulated by other more experienced players with a refined focus.

My first experience with a corp was awesome. I learned to communicate with corpmates who were "scary" to say the least. They knew things about me and my activities in my newbie ships and frigates, that I had forgotten. Watching them decloak in their T1 Battleships was unnerving. I was convinced they were Eve Online gods.

Every corp I join is a new experience in eve. Each corp has completely different priorities, regardless of the game mechanics.

I think the concept of a corporation in Eve needs to be re-evaluated very carefully. I could care less about marauders. I am more interested in the T1 Battleships. The power of a corp, or any group of people (buddy program, sidekick program, etc..) is in my opinion THE concept that will always be a new experience for any player.

Buenanova Boirelle
Pandemic Horde Inc.
Pandemic Horde
#108 - 2013-09-23 16:05:43 UTC
Reverse Engineering because I still dunno how to work that sucker.

Hey, My First Post !!
Koki Ottic
Merry dancers in the sky
#109 - 2013-09-27 13:22:26 UTC  |  Edited by: Koki Ottic
That in Low/Null/Worm space the prevalent attitude is that everything must die.

Some modules are active, I flew about with the damage control module for a couple of months before realising that it needs to be turned on. Roll
Rodrik Vikary
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Caldari State
#110 - 2013-09-27 19:12:03 UTC
I don't know if this has been said, or if I was just too nooby, but I didn't know I could place another skill at the top of the queue, or that I could remove a skill from the queue and I wouldn't have wasted the time.

For example, my second skill to train was Caldari Frigates 4, which I think was a day of training, and was suggested on the tutorial. And I wanted to train all those other skills from the tutorials, like mining frigates and all that, but I "had" to wait for the skill to finish...
Endo Saissore
Afterburners of Eve'il Inc.
#111 - 2013-09-30 13:22:54 UTC
I wish I had know that running certain missions for Gallente would affect my standings for Caldari. I was a month old and was hated by the Caldari without knowing why! I think all the missions that cause a standings loss for the other factions (excluding pirate factions) should be removed. It adds nothing to the game and it isn't clear for new pilots. I can't tell you how many times I have to explain to my new recruits that certain missions will make you lose access to Jita.
Salome Musashi
Caldari State
#112 - 2013-10-04 06:28:43 UTC
Another vote for turret mechanics. I trained for Large Railguns as quickly as possible and then found out the hard way that they're useless inside of 70km. (and that hybrids are never going to hold a candle to projectile turrets, anyway)

And a downvote for the people complaining about training for big ships too early...half the fun of being a new player is trying to get into a bigger and shinier ship. Who wants to bum around in a destroyer for 3 months waiting for all your fitting skills to get to level 5?

(and that Tactical Shield Manipulation 5 was going to be made near-useless, Cry
NightCrawler 85
Phoibe Enterprises
#113 - 2013-10-04 07:26:09 UTC  |  Edited by: NightCrawler 85
Salome Musashi wrote:

And a downvote for the people complaining about training for big ships too early...half the fun of being a new player is trying to get into a bigger and shinier ship. Who wants to bum around in a destroyer for 3 months waiting for all your fitting skills to get to level 5?

With big ships im guessing most mean BS and above (like, im going to be in a carrier in 3 months!), and many are convinced that "smaller" ships such as frigs, destroyers and cruisers are "useless".

Something that could help show new players that unlike in other games, the things you "start with" in EVE, are in some cases more useful for certain tasks then say...a titan, would help a lot of people from training directly towards that ship, then die and loose it and then rage quit because they spent all their ISK on said ship (that they did not have the knowledge to fly, the skills to fit properly, or a good enough understanding of the game to know what the ship is meant for).
#114 - 2013-10-08 09:00:23 UTC
I wish I'd known the Tutorial Suggestions sticky is just a flytrap so people don't complain about it on the boards.

Then I wouldn't bother contributing
Marcus Gord
Caldari Provisions
Caldari State
#115 - 2013-10-09 15:09:20 UTC
That fitting different size guns to be flexible doesn't work, it just means you're losing combat effectiveness.

fitting guns all the same size and using drones to hit smaller things is the way to do it. also grouping your guns together to shoot one target at a time.

had to have it explained to me back when i first started, that using one of my 5 guns to shoot one of 5 targets each is not a good thing. focus fire.

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Critical Mass Inc
#116 - 2013-10-10 20:43:34 UTC
My list of most common questions/issue with new players:

-Where can I buy stuff? Finding things on the market is confusing for many new players. Many are used to 'linked auction-house' type environments.

-Why can't I mine ice when I trained the skill? Players too young to understand bought the ice mining skill book only to find they needed a barge/exhumer.

-Autopilot vs Warp-to-zero. I get at least one new player each week that didn't know how to warp to zero.

-The overview. Plain and simple it is a confusing system that hiccups on a regular basis.

-Where can I find a research slot? Good luck finding a public one, look in to finding a POS.

- This tag I found says I can turn it in somewhere? Where is that?

-How do I turn off the tracking camera? This is always followed by a sea of 'hit C' replies.

-How does D-Scan work? Really this is something that needs revision with a bigger slider for the arc size and a change over from KM to AU (preset ranges would be nice). An in-space graphic showing the search cone would also be handy.

-I can't find something in my overview (sansha outpost, container, a certain type of asteroid, etc). I think a default starter tab with 'ALL' should be included with the Overview.

-What are Loyalty Points? A lot of players don't get how the system for Loyalty points works. I've met mission runners with over a year under their belts that didn't know. They thought they were for Faction Warfare or Incursions and they don't do those...

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Arthur Trueshot
Four Pillar Production
Headshot Gaming
#117 - 2013-10-11 12:16:45 UTC
This is a taff one because even after now nearly 1 year of playing eve I haven't done every thing you can do in eve so I am still having those "ah I didn't know that" moments. This is not something bad since actually this complexity makes eve what it is.

So I would not say knowing that, if you have "tracking cam" activated in the dscan window and the dscan window open makes that the tracking cam is actif every time I undock or warp even if I press "C", would have made eve better even if it took me a while to figure this one out.

The main thing I would have liked to know is the empire ship / weapon particularity. If you start playing you pick an empire which sound nice, especially that every one tells you that it doesn't really change since you can train everything. So you start playing, having fun and you "choose your carrier". And then later wen you run sec missions lvl 4 you realize that the hybrid weapon you have been training for 2 month now are **** for the carrier you have chosen.

So i would say a suggestion about the weapon systems according to the "carrier" you want to go for would have been really nice.

Endo Saissore
Afterburners of Eve'il Inc.
#118 - 2013-10-12 04:49:51 UTC
I'm not sure if this is the proper place but here goes.

I created a new character for fun and retried the beginner missions. I started as an Amarr pilot.

Mission 1: Warp to location, pick up newb ship.

Easily done.

Mission 2: Warp to location, blow up fuel depot, kill pirates.

All I have in my inventory is the newb ship. No modules, no offense of any kind. I only have 5,000 isk as a new pilot. How exactly is a new pilot suppose to complete this mission? If I'm new to eve then I have no idea how the market works, I have no idea how to fit ships, AND I HAVE NO ISK OR MODULES TO COMPLETE THE MISSION!

This needs to be fixed asap. I feel bad for anyone joining Eve and getting frustrated at the second tutorial mission.
Arthur Trueshot
Four Pillar Production
Headshot Gaming
#119 - 2013-10-13 10:41:53 UTC
Endo Saissore wrote:

All I have in my inventory is the newb ship. No modules, no offense of any kind. I only have 5,000 isk as a new pilot. How exactly is a new pilot suppose to complete this mission? If I'm new to eve then I have no idea how the market works, I have no idea how to fit ships, AND I HAVE NO ISK OR MODULES TO COMPLETE THE MISSION!

If you do the tutorials like you are supposed as a new player you will receive what you need.
Endo Saissore
Afterburners of Eve'il Inc.
#120 - 2013-10-17 00:38:10 UTC
Thats the thing... Im doing the tutorial missions sent to me from Aurora. Unless I'm missing something