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Financial Engines...?

State War Academy
Caldari State
#1 - 2013-08-16 18:45:22 UTC
My employer is offering a three month free trial through Financial Engines to allow them to adjust my 401K / stock option portfolio towards a better retirement. While Google searches revealed a mixed variety of answers to Financial Engine's dealings, I was wondering if anyone had any personal experience they wish to share.

Overall, I am not any stock market expert, much less a novice, so I am unsure what their angle in all of this will be.

Thanks in advance!
Inokuma Yawara
University of Caille
Gallente Federation
#2 - 2013-08-30 06:01:33 UTC
Wait. Is that some kind of new module? What's the warp core strength of those engines?

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Surfin's PlunderBunny
Sebiestor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#3 - 2013-08-30 16:56:03 UTC
Inokuma Yawara wrote:
Wait. Is that some kind of new module? What's the warp core strength of those engines?

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1kB Realty
#4 - 2013-09-01 04:54:59 UTC  |  Edited by: Graygor
As a former investment banker who worked in risk. I'll give you a little bit of advice, though a stokebroker could probably give you more info.

Financial services use your money to enrich themselves, you are a secondary consideration. And now thanks to brain drain / cuts / cronyism theyre mostly inept at making money for themselves.

If you want to make maximum bang for your buck, do it yourself and learn the ropes. Start small and figure it out.

Even the best guys are just spinning the roulette wheel in any case. The algorithms they use are kind of like a % to hit chance on a game such as XCOM or Fallout 3. In a nutshell they give you a safe or risk. Sometimes that 97% chance to hit will miss.

The "big" money now is mostly in investments from the far east helping newly enriched asians spend their money wisely and cream off it. But a lot of banks have been caught on the back foot and left out of much of this as the young asians are about as trusting as those in the west of the big banks. So since these deals arent played by market entities the money is often off the board as it were.

Financial Engines arent a bad outfit. But if they make you cash, you love em, if they lose you hate em.

Thats how they all work.

End of the day its a spin of the wheel. But doing it for yourself is what i recommend. Larger profit, greater risk but it opens you to opportunities that they might miss.

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