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CTRL-Q - Minmatar FW - Low Sec PvP - EU Timezone

Major Trant
Brutor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#1 - 2013-08-14 11:57:30 UTC  |  Edited by: Major Trant

*** CTRL-Q - Minmatar FW - Low Sec PvP - New Player Friendly ***

Ctrl Q is an established FW corp which came into existence on January 10th 2009. As of 13th Nov 2014 it is rated 33rd on BattleClinics Eve top corp list. We are new player friendly and are happy to take players who have never experienced low sec PvP or Faction Warfare before. Experienced players are of course more than welcome too and will fit in, right at home with our veterans.

CTRL-Q is part of the Iron Oxide alliance, a long standing, respected member of the Minmatar Militia. This is a European alliance specialising in small gang low sec PvP in Faction Warfare. Our peak time is around 1800-2400 Eve time and we speak English. Whilst we are prepared to take pilots from other time zones, unless you prefer solo play, you are probably better off seeking another corp that operates in your time zone.

We are based in the low sec system of Huola, 5 jumps from Amarr. Jump Freighter services are available from Amarr. Alternatively a well stocked (if somewhat pricy) local market exists in Huola. The nearest Minmatar high sec market hub is 6 jumps away in Rens.

You will be expected to be self sufficient. Fortunately FW generates a lucrative revenue stream and even low skilled Frigate pilots can earn 50-100M Isk per hour running FW plexes.

We operate a NBSI (Not Blue Shoot It) policy and you can expect your security status to suffer while with us.

You will die! You will die a lot while with us and probably get podded a few times to boot. But you will learn an enormous amount about small gang and solo PvP too. We will teach you how to fit your ship properly, along with techniques and tactics to minimise your losses and maximise your kills. Note that we don't formally train new players, you will be expected to be proactive, asking questions and trying new fits. We have great FCs and fleets will be available most nights of the week. We constantly experiment with new fits and fleet comps and it is common to be jumping in and out of different ships to counter different threats as they arise during the course of one evening. In the main you will find yourself in Cruisers and below. But BCs and BSs are quite common too, although not compulsory. Occasionally our fights escalate to involve caps.

Ship replacement program - only logistics ships are replaced by the alliance. All other losses are self funded. However, given the revenue stream available from FW, no pilot struggles with this aspect. It is merely a question of how much 'bling' you can afford to lose.

Our main activities
• Killing the Amarr
• Killing anyone else not blue to us.
• Solo play, usually dessies and frigates
• Small gang play - our pilots will often band together in ad-hoc informal gangs, 3-8 in size and roam or support each other while plexing / hunting WTs
• Small-Medium gang play, frigate, dessies, cruisers, sometime BCs, typical gang size for advertised operations are in the 12-20 size, in a specific fleet comp.
• We take any fight we think we have at least a 50% chance of winning.
• We fight outnumbered where we think we have a good chance of at least taking a fair number of the enemy with us.
• We gank any chance we can, solo WTs and neutrals, miners, freighters in low sec, not blue, dead, good job.
• FW Plexes as a means to find PvP and to earn LP to fund ourselves.

What we do when we are bored, usually with the secondary aim to find PvP
• Ratting
• Low sec anomalies and complexes
• Gate camping
• FW I-Hub and POS bashes
• FW Missions

What we don't generally engage in.
• Wormhole space
• Null Sec roams
• High Sec suicide ganking/can baiting/general griefing
• High Sec wars, although FW engagements occasionally take place there.
• Docking games
• Mining
• Regular carebear missions
• Incursions

Doing PI, manufacture, booster production, T2 Invention and market trading as a sideline is welcome.

Killboard: Iron Oxide Alliance Killboard
Public Channel: FeO Public
Contact in game: ez caper

Major Trant
Brutor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#2 - 2013-08-14 11:58:56 UTC  |  Edited by: Major Trant
What we need from you:

1. EU Timezone
2. Commitment - minimum 2 nights per week. For the first 4 weeks you will be expected to make 10 kills a week. This is not hard in our target rich environment, all it really takes is for you to get online and in fleet. Our FCs will put the targets in front of you. I average around 50 kills a week (at the time of writing) and half the time I'm in a logistics ship.
3. SP - you should be able to fly Frigates, Dessies and Cruisers (at least level IV) in your chosen race with the relevant T2 small weapons and at least level IV medium weapons plus decent support skills to fit them properly.
4. Working microphone and TeamSpeak3


Q. You've sold me, what do I do now?
A. Apply to join the corp stating you have read this advert and comply with the requirements or a good reason why we should consider you if you don't. Supply a limited API key showing Skills, wallet transactions and contracts history. Please make this an Account wide API. We may EMail you with some clarification questions or ask to speak with you ingame. We will accept your app or mail you a response within 48 hours, although in the majority of cases it will likely be within 24.

Be aware that when you accept the invite and join CTRL-Q, you will instantly become KOS (Kill on Sight) to Amarr and Caldari Navies - ie You will be attacked in their high sec. If you have a lot of gear to move from high sec to Huola, move it to Amarr ready to use our JF services BEFORE you join. We can move stuff from Rens too, but if you have the choice go Amarr. Move yourself into Huola in a fast Frigate, travel fit with warp core stabs and nanos. Your choice whether you accept the invite before jumping into low sec. If you do, you become a target to Amarr militia on your journey. If you don't you may be shot by Minmatar militia but will have the protection of the gate guns, unless you have been naughty.

Buy your first couple of ships and fittings off the local Huola market, while finding your feet. Then use an alt to buy your supplies and set up private courier contracts from Amarr. We have several pilots within the alliance, who have Jump Freighter alts and will accept courier contracts with collateral. You might want to set your medical clone to a close high sec station before you accept (Abudban - TLF or Alkabsi - Sarum Family), just in case the worst happens on the way in. Move your medical clone to Huola top station once you arrive.

Q. I do not have any jump clones and my pod is stuffed with implants I can't afford to lose. Will I be able to get Jump Clones once I join CTRL-Q?
A. No. Before joining us, join one of the Jump Clones service corps and get yourself some jump clones. You will need to train a few levels of Infomorph Psychology first. Bung in a few cheap implants that you can afford to lose in one of them and get in that. Remember only two attributes are useful for any one skill. Just bung in the two that you need for your current training skill and train skills in blocks that share the same implants. Most skills fall into two camps - Perception/Willpower and Intellect/Memory. One option is to use two clones, one for each pair of attributes and jump between them as necessary.

Q. Does my character have to be Minmatar to join?
A. No.
Major Trant
Brutor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#3 - 2013-08-14 11:59:08 UTC
Major Trant
Brutor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#4 - 2013-08-14 22:57:22 UTC  |  Edited by: Major Trant
Wednesday 14th August 2013

I'm going to bump this thread by simply summarizing my day's experiences in CTRL-Q.

Today we had an op planned for 1900 hrs (Eve). It was a new fleet concept that we were experimenting with, armor Gnosis. I was late on line, joining at 2000 hrs. Straight away I was asked to get into an Augoror to provide logi support.

The Amarr had a sizable fleet in Kamala, 2 jumps from Huola. We came back to Huola and adjusted our comp ready to fight as scouts reported intel. Next thing a Balex fleet arrived, basically a pirate gang, damn good one too. 5 Guardians, 7 or 8 Sacrileges, with a couple of Legions and a Claymore.

I've got a lot of respect for Balex, they've kicked our asses a few times in a similar comp. But we've improved and grown since them. Next thing we know the Amarr are hitting us up, asking if we want to pair up and go for Balex, yes we reply.

First engagement occurred in Huola on the Kourmonen gate. They jumped into us, then our temporary Amarr allies dashed over and jumped in too. Our reps held, we quickly killed 2 Guards and a Sacrilege, then Balex were deagressing and jumping out. Things got a bit chaotic at that point. A second Amarr gang of Oracles warped in at range and unaware of the truce started shooting at us. Meanwhile a few friendlies out of fleet had joined us on the gate and they started shooting the friendly Amarr gang. The friendly Amarr decided to honour the truce and simple jump out when their aggression was down. Presently they did this, except one lone Augoror that was caught and webbed off gate. He was going down rapidly, so we started repping him as he burned to the gate. Meanwhile we had a lot of damps on our dps, they were damping down the Oracles and burning out to them. Caught and killed a blackbird and the Oracles warped off. We finished repping the Amarr Augoror and he jumped out. Then we looted the field. Hilarious and the comments in local from people who didn't understand what was going on. The killboard doesn't show the scale of the victory. 4 pricey kills, no losses, but speaking as one of the Logi that was a result I was happy with.

We sorted out our stuff and prepared to resume normal anti-Amarr ops again. Then Balex came back, similar comp as before but one extra Guardian, 6 now. 8 Sacrileges, 2 Legion, Loki, Claymore. As I said, respect to them!

Once again we paired up with the Amarr and this time the gate that gives (Kamala gate in Kourmonen) was the battle site. They were set up, we warped from Huola onto them, again I was in an Augoror, warping in at 30. A minute later the Amarr jumped in from Kamala. The opening fight was tense, our reps weren't holding and we lost a Gnosis and a Talos. However, their losses were far more significant, all 6 Guards went down and at least 2 Sacrileges. The survivors deaggressed and jumped out again, one legion jumping in half structure.

Another mad scramble for loot and then we baled back to Huola just as another Blue fleet landed and started shooting our friendly Amarr. Could have got nasty again, but the Amarr simply deaggressed and jumped back to Kam. I went back on an alt to loot and salvage and can confirm that there were definitely at least 8 Balex Elite Cruiser wreaks still on field. Made 25M in salvage.

A great night and a lot of respect given to all concerned. The only issue was that I forgot to launch my drones on the second fight and didn't get on any of the kills. Boo.
Major Trant
Brutor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#5 - 2013-08-16 09:19:49 UTC  |  Edited by: Major Trant
Thursday 15th August.

You missed an epic night. I could fill pages about it. We went out on a planned Shield Cruiser roam, got in several skirmishes and 2 big fights. Reshipped several times, I found myself in an Augoror, Navy Issue Exequror, Tornado, Brutix and finally a Slasher during the course of the night.

My personal tally, 18 kills, namely a BC, 13 Cruisers, an AF, an Intercepter and 2 Frigs. I lost an Augoror. Minor frustration in that I missed out on 3 BCs after falling behind while getting distracted in a private convo. The Augoror loss was a bit disconcerning too, normally our logi wing is solid, but it collapesed this time and all four Augorors went down although we eventually won the fight. Post mortum highlighted the error though and we will endevour to put that right in future. Overall, the fleet managed about 50 kills for 10 losses.

I ended the night going out solo in a slasher to run a couple of defensive plexes down in Huola. A WT kity Condor came in. He wasn't very good, but I fumbled the ball trying to tackle him on the warp in. I let him get to range and had to bale. However, on round two I got it right and killed him easily.
Major Trant
Brutor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#6 - 2013-08-17 17:02:02 UTC  |  Edited by: Major Trant
Friday 16th / Saturday 17th August.

A blingy Armor comp was the advertised fleet for Friday night. I really didn't fancy it and was considering not joining. Instead got in a Slasher and started running down a defensive plex in Huola. However, I was on comms and heard the fleet getting involved with a WT on the Huola/Kourn gate. I warped down to it, jumped through and found a Navy Omen at range. I tried to burn out to it. But even though I only had an AB and kept up some traversal, he engaged and popped me. That did not improve my mood.

I reshipped into a Malediction and this time joined fleet. Presently we engaged a neutral gang on the Kourn gate in Kamala. It was a real kitchen sink fleet which included a Procurer, Cane, Arbitrator, Stabber, Thrasher and Curse against about 11 of us in Cruisers, AFs and my Malediction. Trouble was they were all neutral and non flashy. We had reps, but my malediction was too flimsy to risk the gate guns.

Initially, I was just orbiting the battle waiting for one of them to go flashy. None did. Then I noticed that the Curse had burnt out to range. I burned after him and to my delight he red boxed on me as I approached. I got the tackle on and called point. The rest of the fleet dealt with the close range enemy first, taking them all down without loss before finally burning out to me and finishing off the Curse. I had to weather the storm for a couple of minutes. He set Hammerhead IIs on me which I shot down and he was neuting me throughout, but it was surprisingly ineffective and never shut down my point. Wierdest Curse fit I ever saw. A single Heavy Unstable Power Fluctuator I, which required two PG rigs and 4 RCUs filling out the lows just to get that neut on. While he neuted me flat each cycle, it was taking 24 seconds per cycle, and my cap regen was bringing me back each time to keep everything I needed running.

A few minutes later, I got the tackle on a Caracal kill, but then decided to bin it for the night. The fleet went on and got several more good kills without loss, including 3 BCs, 2 HACs, a Huggin, Oneiros, Omen Navy Issue and some T1 Cruisers.

The next afternoon I logged on and decided to run some defensive plexes in Huola. There was no advertised fleet, just a couple of guys on solo. I got in a novice plex and within a minute a neutral Rifter came in. I used to love Rifters once but have stopped flying them since the frigate changes, everything else is so much better than them nowadays. I was in a Slasher and totally confident in the outcome. I got in close under his guns and slowly took him down. I never felt in any danger of losing until right at the end when he suddenly got a couple of big hits on me and put me in structure. For a few seconds it was in the balance, then he popped and I caught and podded him, a single fitting implant in the pod. I had a good look at his fit, surprising effective against mine, might even give it a try in due course.

I was on and off most of the afternoon, coming back each hour or so just to run the novice plexes as they spawned. In the second plex of the day, the Rifter pilot comes back, only now he was in a Firetail. Didn't fancy that especially as he had a good idea about my fit. I baled and reshipped into a Tristan. Came back to the plex and he baled. So I entered the plex and continued to run it. A neutral Comet comes in. Tense fight, but again I'm victorious, he pops with me in structure and flames coming out. Most satisfying as I loot his wreak.

An hour later I come back to run the third plex of the day. Almost immediately I see in local an Alliance pilot and the Rifter pilot posting GF. I ask in alliance and am told that the neutral is in a Venture now, but he had baled in low armor and nobody had died. I undocked and finished running down a small plex which only had 5 minutes left on the clock, then moved to the Novice. Sure enough the Rifter/Firetail/Venture pilot arrives, still in a Venture. I'm half thinking about baling. I've only got a Scram so I'm risking a ship for no real chance of a kill. But I end up going for it. Initially he hits me quite hard on the approach and puts me into Armor, I tuck in close and start hitting him. I take down his shields as my own damage approaches half armor. I can only guess what happened next. I think he wasn't aligned, but orbiting me, then selected some distant object and tried to warp out. As his ship turned to align out, it came to an almost dead stop took two big hits off me and popped. LOL. Once again I caught and podded him, empty this time.
Major Trant
Brutor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#7 - 2013-08-19 10:35:29 UTC  |  Edited by: Major Trant
Saturday night / Sunday 18th August 2013

Apart from the 5 kills described in the previous post. I made another 26 kills over the remainder of the weekend for 2 Slasher losses. Most of the kills were small gang (less than 7) or solo and included some very shiny kills, 6 Faction Cruisers, a Nemesis and a Harbinger.

The highlight was the Harbinger. I found it sitting on a small plex gate in Huola and tackled it in a Comet while out solo. I felt sure it was a bait and local would spike any second. Nothing spiked, I shot down his drones then got to work on him, shot away his shields and then started on his armor. Clearly armor tanked. Not sure if something would come to his rescue and seeing how slowly his armor was going down, I called for help. Another Comet and Firetail came to assist. Ultimately I ended up doing over 70% of the damage and I would have been able to solo him. However, the KM was contaminated by an NPC that he had engaged earlier, so it wouldn't have counted as a solo kill anyway.

The Nemesis kill was funny. I have a cyno alt on a second account which I use for scouting usually. Normally he is in an NPC corp, but I had temporarily joined the Minmatar militia with him, in order to try and recruit some TLF members to CTRL-Q. Anyway, a medium was up in Huola, he could run it, so I sent him into it. He was in an Executioner with 3 Salvagers and a cloak in the highs. The only offensive module was a Warp Scrambler in the mids. He warped into the plex and immediately decloaked the Nemesis, locked him up and tackled him. But then had nothing to shoot him with. I rushed Trant over in a Slasher and made the kill, then podded the guy to boot.

The other event of note. Was a Maller gank. We killed him easily and then caught the pod. I was still trying to lock the pod and was cycling my guns when the pod popped. So I selected the wreak to approach, instead I targetted the wreak, the lock resolved and my guns fired and popped it. I had the final blow on the Maller and I checked the KM. Shock! It was a 700M Maller and 400M had dropped. Doh!
Major Trant
Brutor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#8 - 2013-08-20 00:36:44 UTC  |  Edited by: Major Trant
Monday 19th

It just keeps getting better and better. Tonight we started with a planned Armor Frigate op which I was FCing. That's one of the strengths of Iron Oxide we have about 7 FCs available and take turns at it. I'm not the best, but I think I'm OK.

Anyway, we had a good turnout around 20 in fleet at the start. Possible because another FC pulled together an ad-hoc cruiser gang a quarter of an hour earlier to engage a R.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N gang in Kamala. We lost 4 T1 Cruisers and a Harbinger in exchange for a Falcon and Harbinger Navy Issue. Won the Isk war but lost the field. I logged on just as the guys were streaming back to Huola.

So we set out in a collections of Firetails, Tristans and Inquisitors to do a wider roam of the battlefield. We killed a Thrasher and Incursus in Oyonata. I tried to feed 4 people into the fight and leave them to it but a couple of others joined the fight without orders (I've just seen the killmails - I'll speak to you lot later). With the Thrasher dead and the Incursus dying the rest of us jumped in intending to warp on to the next system. There on the other side was the Thrasher pod waiting out his aggro. Pop! Half a billion pod. Nice.

We then got a convo from Heretics, they were willing to take on the R.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N fleet in Kamala that we had engaged earlier. So we rushed back to Huola and reshipped. I took over Logi in an Augoror and relinquished FC. Initially we jumped into Kamala and found it relatively empty of neutrals/pirates. Scouts told us that R.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N were on the Kamala gate in Sosala so we warped to that gate with the logi going to range. They warped off, our DPS jumped in trying to snag them, leaving our logi stranded off gate. We burned in and were still approaching when an Amarr BC gang with Guardian support landed on us. We were able to burn to the gate, jump and set up on the other side.

Things get a bit confusing at this point and logi isn't the place to get a good picture of what is going on. Basically, the Amarr did not follow us into Sosala, so we jumped back only to see them vanishing towards the Kourn gate. We followed and landed only to see them warp off to the station and safety. Except a lone Absolution that got tackled. Half the fleet jumped Kourn and reapproached, eventually the Absolution also jumped in half armor. Then the Amarr came back to save him. Those of us still in Kamala deaggressed and jumped to Kourn. The Amarr followed and we kicked their asses. Taking down the Absolution, 2 Guards, 4 BCs and other stuff. Then R.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N hot dropped us. We baled and lost a few at that point then decided we could take that lot. Don't ask me what was there, I have no idea I was just repping like a madman.

So we went back and got stuck in. Iron Oxide dropped a Revelation and the Tics dropped a Moros and an Archon. We took down a Machariel and a Nidhoggur and things were going well. Then "Suddenly Spaceships" hot dropped us all with a couple of Aeons and a load of blingy BS. We stayed until the dreads died, the Archon got out and then we baled. Superb fight, slightly disappointing outcome. Sadly I didn't get my drones out in the Amarr fight and missed a load of kills, but I did get on the Nidhogger and Machariel.

Back in Huola, people were wrapping up for the night. I decided to do a bit of ratting before binning it. I try to keep on top of my sec status and it was approaching -4.0. I decided to try the Abandoned Research Outpost first. A stationary plex, which regularly spawns a faction cruiser. However, just 2 regular NPC Cruisers and an NPC Destroyer were there. I only needed one, but decided to kill them all. Just as I kill the final one I pick up an Incursus on short scan. Now I'm known as a bit of a loot wh*re within the alliance. So the guys will understand when I say, I had to loot the NPC wreaks first. I was in an active armor tanked Comet with half shields. The Incursus (neutral and non flashy) lands at 8000m but initially seems to burn away. I scoop the last wreak then burn at the Incursus, get scram and web on and I'm praying he isn't dual repper fit.

He starts going down fast and then I spot a Firetail coming in on short scan. Then the Incursus' reppers kick in. He'd tried to bait rep me. But he misjudged his timing and was in half structure before the first rep lands. I overwhelm the reps and he pops just as the Firetail lands. I'm in a quarter armor now. But I think I can do this and turn straight onto the Firetail and start my own overheated repper. For the second time Aura tells me in her sweet voice "Your security status has just been lowered." Wasn't even close, the firetail goes down even faster, the KB shows it as dying in the same minute as the Incursus. I examine the KMs expecting nooby T1 fits. Both are proper T2/Meta 4 cookie cutter fits. The Incursus was dual rep, both ships had an Ancillary repper. Really guys you should have killed me.

I end the fight -4.3 [sigh]
Major Trant
Brutor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#9 - 2013-08-21 09:25:23 UTC
Tuesday 20th

Took a day off from Eve yesterday, but plenty of stuff still died. Killboard shows 49 Kills, 24 losses. Almost all, very small gang or solo stuff.
Major Trant
Brutor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#10 - 2013-08-23 12:44:11 UTC
Took another day off Wednesday. Thursday brief appearance, there was an advertise fleet - Kitchen Sink was the comp. We had a few skirmishes, got 6 kills. Now this weekend we have our annual alliance RL meet in Kent, England, so won't be playing again until Monday/Tuesday time.
Major Trant
Brutor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#11 - 2013-08-26 18:52:02 UTC  |  Edited by: Major Trant
Over the weekend the alliance met up in Kent. Great fun, sore heads all rounds. Here's to next year guys.

Sunday night logged on to catch up on some admin. Found Sahtogas was in the process of being pushed heavily by the Minmatar militia. Joined in time to help with the final few plexes and then the I-Hub bash. There were some scrappy battles, I lost 2 Slashers and killed 4. Sahtogas flipped eventually - historic event, but somewhat of an anticlimax to be frank. I don't get any pleasure blobbing the crap out of an inferior enemy force.

Monday 26th (Bank Holiday)

Joined an ad-hoc Iron Oxide fleet but then immediately jumped into a novice plex in Huola and soloed a Slicer in my Slasher, podded the guy to boot. Joined the guys on the Kam / Kourn gate and we got into a cruiser / AF brawl. By this time I was in a Harpy. Some nice kills. Lost the Harpy in a small plex in Lamaa trying to solo a Thrasher and Malediction pair.

Reshipped into a Vexor as we squared up to a Revolution gang in Kam. We killed a Tornado, then tackled a Legion that landed outside a small plex. We sighted the blob undocking and warping towards the plex, but tried to gank down the Legion before warping out. We failed and the Legion tackled me as all other friendlies baled.

So since I got back, 4 losses for 13 kills, need to pull my socks up.

Edit: ...and hardly had I typed that than a neutral Atron entered my plex. Dead Atron. 3 minutes later, a neutral Firetail. Dead Firetail and podded to boot. Sec Status now at -4.4 A war target Incursus + pod followed later, then a Punisher. I do love solo kills.
Major Trant
Brutor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#12 - 2013-08-28 10:47:46 UTC
Tuesday 28th August.

Odd day. People are saying the warzone was dead tonight, but I still got 14 kills for the loss of a Slasher.

I began warping a Tornado into a fight at range off the Otelan gate in Huola. I didn't realise that a friendly gang was there until I landed and then assumed that the 2 Amarr BCs engaging them were the superior force. Only later did I discover that the friendlies were 2 Megathrons, a Falcon and a Vexor. Anyway I set to work, fired several salvos and got both killing blows. Which meant that because I wasn't fleeted with the friendlies I got all the LP, about 9000 LP for the pair. [titter]

Later a couple of us skirmished with a small kity gang of WTs, regulars to Huola and very good at what they do. I lost the Slasher then, helped kill a Maulus and a neutral Stabber, while in a Thrasher. Then had a surprisingly challenging (mildly) solo fight with a T1 fit noob ship flown by a very young pilot, myself in a Slasher.

An advertised fleet formed at 1900 hrs. Huge turn out for it, over 30 in fleet at one time. We went out in Armor Frigates, myself in an Inquisitor. We ganked a few things, but couldn't find a decent fight. Took a tour of the warzone and then came back to Huola for a break.

Quite a few people binned it at that point, leaving about 15 in fleet which gradually faded to about 5-8 active over the next 20 minutes. I reshipped into a Firetail. We spread out over a few local systems and I had a great time. I soloed a Tormentor in a small plex. Baited a small gang to engage me on the Auga gate in Kourmonen, then jumped away in structure just as the friendly blob landed on them. I jumped back and whored on the last 2 kills. Engaged a Slicer in another plex in Kamala and almost got kited to death before friendlies arrived and killed it. Caught a Thrasher in another plex and for the third time was put into structure before friendlies arrived and helped finish it. I would have been able to solo it, except a WT Slicer also arrived at the same time. Both went down, plus podded the slicer pilot.
Major Trant
Brutor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#13 - 2013-08-29 22:13:47 UTC
Wednesday 28th

Took a small T1 Frig gang out on a roam, got a few ganks, then derped the lot of us on a Shadow Cartel gang, really fumbled the ball and not pleased with myself. However, the kill board stats gave us 85% efficiency on account of the pricy ganks and cheap losses.

Thursday 29th

Came on late, advertised roam was cancelled due to sickness on the FC's part. Ran a few plexes in Huola. Soloed a Merlin in my Slasher. Second time in 2 days, same guy in the same types of ships. He left very upbeat, promising to come back tomorrow and determined to take me down.

Later followed a blue Enyo into a small plex going for a neutral Thrasher. I engaged the Thrasher and then the Enyo tried to AWOX me. Fortunately another Iron Oxide pilot arrived in a Griffin and put paid to that game. Killed the Thrasher and the Enyo baled. I did go suspect on the Thrasher, so don't know if he was exercising an anti-pirate policy. However, the Enyo went in first and still didn't feature on the Thrasher killmail, you would have thought the Thrasher would have shot him?

Quiet night, chased a few people out of plexes, did some ratting. Dropped a faction item in the static plex. Sec Status now at -4.2
Major Trant
Brutor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#14 - 2013-09-03 12:44:03 UTC
Warzone is very quiet at the moment. The Minmatar have nearly taken every system. Everyone and his dog is on their Minmatar farming alt. But that has got to end soon with only about 4 systems left to flip. I've had a very flaky few days, couple of days off. When I did solo I lost 2 Slashers and a Comet with very little to show for it.

Minmatar were on Tier 5 yesterday and I ran a TLF mission. That involved running over to Dal (3 jumps) to pick it up. Coming back to Huola (3 jumps). Getting into a Stealth Bomber and going to the mission system which was only next door in Roushzar (1 jump). Warping to the mission, killing 3 Industrial ship, which took 4-5 salvos each and then coming back to Huola and handing in. 89893 LP (enough to buy 2 Stabber Fleet Issues) and 2 Million isk. From start to finish it took about 12 minutes. I really ought to do some more.

We did get into a small T1 Cruiser fight with Shadow Cartel yesterday. They were in a Vexor spider tanking gang, about 8 of them, with a couple of Exequrors in support. We had about 20 in fleet and got early intel on them. We shipped into an Armor cruiser gang with myself in an Augoror. Then formed up on the Kourn gate in Huola and were just about ready to go, when they jumped into Kourn from Auga and warped to the Huola gate. They obligingly aggressed our +1 advance guard of two Cruisers without checking what was on the other side. We jumped in and slaughtered them, killing 6 without loss. But it was over too fast to be entertaining, bit of an anticlimax.

Looking forward to the patch, things usually pick up right after a patch. Fingers crossed.
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#15 - 2013-09-04 02:23:00 UTC  |  Edited by: Major Trant
Tuesday 3rd September

And we're back!

Patch day and local Armor repairs have been buffed. So we headed out in Armor frigates, naturally three quarters of us were in Incursus', myself included. We headed for Siseide, one of the last Amarr systems and one of only two they seem to be trying to hold.

We spread around the plexes and some skirmishing takes place. I miss a couple of fights with the enemy popping just as I land, but got some of the loot (titter). Then I warp to a small plex and meet an Amarr Merlin on the outside. I yell for help, but with hindsight I could have easily soloed the guy and ended with the final blow and 82.44% of the damage. I got the loot too and picked up a Gistii B-Type 1MN MWD, more than 60M Isk worth of loot I drag away.

A blingy R.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N gang is sighted. 2 Guardians, Absolution, Legion, 4 or 5 Faction BCs. We zip back to Huola and reship into Armor BCs with a couple of Armageddons. Pick up a few people from outside the alliance and go back. Scouts tell us they are warping to the Amamake gate in Vard. So we jump into Amamake and rush to the Vard gate.

Now in the rush to catch them our fleet had become a bit strung out. Only about half of our fleet of 24 land on the gate, expecting to jump into them we warp to zero. Instead they immediately jump in to us and engage. The rest of the fleet feed in piecemeal as the fight develops. I'm in an Augoror and am primaried first, but fortunately 3 other Augorors are in our first wave and they keep me up.

The first couple of minutes of the fight is dicey, the sort of fights, Logi pilots live for. Then our weight of numbers overwhelm them. We take down a Legion, 2 Guards, Navy Brutix and a Fleet Cane for no losses. A friendly, out of alliance, Stiletto pilot gets the Legion pod worth 2.5B.

We return to Huola. Half the fleet logs, about 10 of us get back into frigates and return to Siseide. Again we spread around the plexes. I get into a medium on my own. I run the clock down for 8 minutes and then a friendly Stabber comes in. I say friendly, Smile and Wave, the same corp who tried to AWOX me a couple of nights earlier and they're getting a reputation for it. Now I not too worried that he is going to try and AWOX me, but I am irritated that he's come in late expecting to share half the LP. The guy is just a farmer and he clearly sees that I've got this plex under control but he stays. That's just plain rude.

A couple of minutes later a fight kicks off in a small. The guys seem to be handling it alright and the enemy is in very fast kity MWD stuff. I've only got an AB, so I stay in the medium. I'm not going to hand over all the LP to this knob. Then a neutral Cynabal comes into the medium plex. I tackle him at the warp in and get Scram and web on him. The Stabber pilots does exactly what I expected. He bales. I yell for help, half the guys in the small rush over, they arrive just as I go down and finish off the Cynabal. We lose another Tristan in addition to my Incursus, but it's 20M versus 254M. Fair exchange.

While I'm in the area, I pick up a TLF mission in Dal. I get around to running it towards the end of the night. Takes 10 minutes including travelling time and netted 2M Isk and 89800 LP, I'm amazed we're still at Tier 5.
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#16 - 2013-09-05 10:33:02 UTC  |  Edited by: Major Trant
Wednesday 4th September 2013

No advertised fleet today. So, as we were still Tier 5, I decided to grasp the nettle and become a carebear for the night.

Jumped in a Slasher and went on a tour of the 15 TLF stations. Dal was heavily camped so I missed that one out. I picked up 13 missions and then landed on the Eszur station and found that camped. Instead of docking I tried to run and lost the Ship.

Pod ran/noobship back to Huola and got into a Stealth Bomber, then ran the missions. All in all it took about 2 hours, from leaving Huola in the Slasher to handing in the last mission and that netted 1.2M LP. Yes that's right! Conservatively I estimate that's worth 1.2 Billion isk, 600M an hour. But I emphasis that is at Tier 5 which is rare. As I shared the missions hand ins with another guy who was building his rep, he paid me 600M Isk.

Just as I was finishing I was asked to join an Ad-Hoc fleet that had been pulled together to engage an Amarr BC gang. I got into an Augoror and joined fleet. Within a few minutes we were jumping from Kourmonen into the enemy fleet in Kamala. All did not go well initially and we lost one of our 4 Augorors right away. However we stabilized and the remaining 3 Augorors kept the fleet up. The enemy lost 4 BCs (including a Navy Harbinger and a Gnosis), a Blackbird, 2 Augorors, Ishkur and 2 faction frigates. A great exchange for 1 Augoror.

However, while we still celebrating and collecting the loot, we were hot dropped by Suddenly Spaceships in T3s and Guardians, from the killmails there were at least 15 T3s and 5 Guardians. They actually dropped in Kourn I believe and then jumped through to us.

We baled. Our gang consisted of about 16 people in a mixed bag of mostly Armour Cruisers and BCs, but also a Blackbird, Legion and 2 neuting Armageddons. Both Armageddons were caught and killed.

We could use a batphone! You don't even have to be blue to us. Contact me if you can help.
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#17 - 2013-09-06 13:00:58 UTC
Thursday 5th September 2013

I wasn't planning on playing today as I was out living in RL for a change. But I got home at around 2130 and decided to log on just to do some admin. An advertised fleet was up, they were out in Armor frigates, I jumped into a Tristan and headed out to join them. A couple of jumps out, I sight a large neutral gang of AFs, maybe 20 in total. They were too much for what we had in fleet, but I scouted our fleet around them and we got home safely. That ended the roam and I heard that they'd had a big BC fight earlier. It didn't go well, they lost the fight, but took down a load with them and the battle report gave us a 47% isk efficiency. Damn it! Why do I bother with RL it is overrated!

We were still at tier 5. The same pilot as last night encouraged me to run some L4 missions, his TLF standing had gone from 1.8 to 4.6 yesterday after sharing 12 missions hand ins with me. I thought four would be enough to get him over +5.0 and ran over to Dal to pick the first up. Got myself camped in for a bit, but finally got out and picked up 3 more missions from other stations.

We started running the missions, but my friend gets caught by a WT Stilleto in the second mission and loses his Nemesis. I finish the missions off on my own and then find we've dropped to Tier 4. So I wait to hand them in. Run some defensive plexes, do a bit of ratting to help my sec status. Sure enough the farmers put us back into Tier 5 and I hand the missions in, sharing them with my friend and we earn 169K LP and 7M Isk each. I let him off 31M for the Nemesis and he pays me 145M isk for the rewards he got.

Overall it was a slow night, but I was only on for about 2.5 hours, got a load of admin done and ended up approximately 320M Isk up.
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#18 - 2013-09-07 02:30:09 UTC
Friday 6th September 2013

I started the night engaging an ASB rocket fit Heron in a novice plex with a Slasher and I was taken down. Reshiped into a Comet and went looking for Revenge. Trouble was there were 3 of them in Huola working together. The Heron, a Tormentor and an Algos. They were spread around the plexes though and I kept chasing the frigates individually out of the novice plexes, then had to bale when the two of them returned together.

Finally got a wingman (Vik) and we went after the two frigates again only to see them bale and refuse to fight us in a novice where the Algos couldn't get in. We then noticed an independent WT in a Thorax in a medium plex. We debated whether they were on comms together, but eventually decided to ship into cruisers and go for it. I got in an Omen and Vik got into an SFI. We warped to the plex and caught the Thorax inside, even though the plex was complete. The other 3 didn't show and we ganked him down easily, bit of an anticlimax.

Shortly after I was watching another medium plex with a cloaked up cyno alt. A neutral Thorax landed on the gate, then a friendly Vexor. Two more neutrals landed, a Condor and an Arbitrator. They aggressed the Vexor and went flashy. I warped to the plex in my Omen. But before I arrived several more friendlies piled in. We killed all three neutrals, but it was no challenge.

I looked at the tier level again. Tier 4 but at 79.5% is was bound to go back up to tier 5 in short order. Doing another set of missions didn't appeal, but it doesn't get any better than this and the warzone was quite. So I went for it, this time was able to collect up all 15 missions, although I did get camped in one station for a short while.

I got a bad set of missions, no less than 7 Uproot missions which is the slowest, most tedious mission available and 2 Halt the Invasion, which is almost as bad. From start to finish, including the initial collection of the missions, it took 4 hours. Thankfully, just as I was finishing the 14th mission the Tier level went back up to 5 and at hand in I got another 1.38M LP and 57.5M Isk for the effort. It was tedious, but it was worth it, the number of times I've kicked myself for not doing more missions last year under the old system.
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#19 - 2013-09-08 10:44:06 UTC
Saturday 7th September 2013

It is still carebear O'Clock in Minmatar FW. I did 25 missions today, about 2M LP. I can't believe how long this has lasted. I remember grinding out L4s in high sec back in 2009 and thinking 50M Isk an hour was good.

I missed a nice fight in Kamala while I was several jumps out in my SB. Later I took out an ad-hoc gang of 6 armor frigates and we buzzed around, ganked a few things down. Finally, looked like we were going to get a fight in a plex in Tzvi, but the enemy baled when the main group of us arrived. We exchanged an Incursus for a Tormentor.

It was late I ordered best speed for Huola and we got a bit strung out. As I landed on the Huola gate in Kourn, I found a WT Griffin sat at zero. Automatically I engaged, he definitely yellow boxed me at least, then he popped. I gf'd him and he whined that 3 of us had blobbed him. I never saw any other friendlies, but they don't show on my overview. Checked the KM and my Tristan was the only one on it, I count that as a solo kill. He had 3 multispectrum jammers fitted. I knew I trained the ECCM skills for a reason.
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#20 - 2013-09-08 22:33:32 UTC  |  Edited by: Major Trant
Sunday 8th September 2013

I started the day by making a lovely roast dinner for the family. Roast Beef, quality bit of beef too, roast and mashed spuds, brocoli, Yorkshire Pudding, onion sauce and gravy. Not shop bought Yorkshires either, proper home made ones, mine are to die for and today they came out absolutely perfect.

Anyway, finally log on, mid afternoon. I fit up a regular Stabber, for the first time since the nerf bat hit last year. CCP have reined back some of that nerf since and I decided to give, what used to be my favourite ship, another go. Pretty soon I'm sitting in an ASB Stabber and quite pleased with it, you can actually fit a MWD now with a decent amount of cap to run it.

Next I fit up an Osprey. 'Jus' had shown me a fit with 2 medium and a large Remote Repper, the latter could rep out to 92 Kms. Bloody thing didn't fit, short on CPU and worse it could only lock to 78 Kms. But I swapped the DCII for a meta and fitted a Sensor Booster II. This fitted and got the locking range up to 101 Kms, without a script, thus the scan res got a boost too. Very pleased with the result. Immediately posted an Op on the forums for next week using these things. Watch this space.

I looked at the Tier level. Still hovering around T5. I had to do it, go for some more missions. But I only got as far as the undock when I hear on comms that 'someone' is engaging 'something' on a medium plex gate in Kamala. Intel was a bit unclear, so I decided to put to test the Stabber I'd just fitted.

Pretty soon 3 of us meet up at the plex, forming the fleet as we are in warp. The fight is on the outside. There is a WT Scimitar, Eagle and Kestrel, plus a pirate Drake, but the Drake is engaging the WTs. We kill the Scimitar and Kestrel, the Eagle bales and then we turn on the Drake. We are taking him down nicely when his mates arrive. At least 3 of them including a Brutix and possibly more on their way. My two buddies are in a Thorax and a Scythe Fleet Issue. They decide a bale is in order, except of course I'm the one tackled. I've got my ASB running overheated, but chunks of armor are disappearing inbetween each cycle. I resign myself to the loss, align to a celestrial and get ready to spam the 'warp to' button to save my pod. Suddenly I'm no longer tackled, I hit warp and I'm out in low armor.

More people join the fleet, it is a very loose running fleet centred on Kourn/Kam with individuals roaming out 2 or 3 jumps trying to find something to kill. We kill a Stabber in Kourm after chasing him and batting him back and forth across several gates in Kam, Kourn and Auga. We kill a Maller, Rupture and Tormentor in Anka, although I only get on the Tormentor kill. Then we chase a Gnosis from Sosala all the way to Egghelende, but just can't catch him.

As we end up in Siseide, I suggest we pay the Dal TLF station a visit to see if we can catch anyone camping the mission runners. Two WT Thrashers are there but although one is initially tackled by our bait ship, it burns out of range and bales.

The fleet is starting to fold at that point. Best speed for Huola is given and presently everyone drops fleet and logs. However, there are 4 Elite Frigate wreaks on the Dal TLF undock. I decide to bring my scouting alt over to salvage them. I leave Trant circuling the station to provide cover, I try to pick up a bit of loot, but find I've got a full hold on account of earlier looting and the cap boosters for the ASB. So I dock and drop off the loot and come back out to pick up the rest. Eventually everything is done and I dock both characters to swap loot around ready for the trip to Huola.

I undock the scouting alt first and find the two Thrashers are back. I use the insta-out and then come back to a perch bookmark and cloak up. Believing (correctly) that they are arty fit, I load barrage with Trant and prepare to undock, wondering if this is going to be sensible. Meanwhile outside I see a friendly Coercer undock and he is immediately tackled. I undock Trant and find both WT Thrashers within 9000m of the undock. I launch drones and tackle the first and take it down quick. I then go after the second, he burns out to range, but the Coercer keeps him tackled and we take him down. Just as he is dipping into structure a third WT Thrasher lands, but then immediately bales. I was top damage on both kills and final blow on one, but the Coercer was no farmer and featured significantly on both. Most satisfying result, for a completely unplanned collaboration.

I then ran 8 missions. Just had to. Another 750K LP and 30M Isk banked.
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