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49mil sp Toon looking to start playing again

Caldari State
#1 - 2013-08-10 02:36:40 UTC  |  Edited by: Miseryman
I have been out of the game a year and looking for some low key fun I mostly run missions in high sec but have and can do pvp once in a while to do something diffrent. If your a social corp hit me up.

edit I am currently in gallente space as that is were my missions go out of and would like not to have to relocate unless it really is needed.
duglas Luven
Hell Forge Industries
#2 - 2013-08-10 05:59:47 UTC
Confederate Industry and Investments Inc.

High sec mission running.....we do that.
low key fun....we do that
social corp....LOL yea we got you covered.....O we got you covered.
Gallente space.....I run lvl 4 missions there, and a few other corp mates.

Hit me up some times.
Seaon Lucky
Caldari Provisions
Caldari State
#3 - 2013-08-10 06:22:58 UTC

I am the CEO of Tactical Chaos, we are a Highsec going into Lowsec soon PvP/E/Indy Corp. We are very social and have a Teamspeak 3 and Website to compliment it. We are a mature, active 18+ Corporation so you have to be mature in order to properly fit in to the Corp. We do mission running frequently and have members who are old and members who are new the EVE.

If you are interested, hop on our teamspeak 3: password: Alamo or join our public channel: Tactical Chaos Public.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to message me.

Thank you! and I hope to hear from you.

CEO of Tactical Chaos (Join now at our recruitment channel: Tactical Chaos Recruitment)

Rabble Inc.
Northern Coalition.
#4 - 2013-08-11 15:22:55 UTC
Engage people with what they expect; it is what they are able to discern and confirms their projections. It settles them into predictable patterns of response, occupying their minds while you wait for the extraordinary moment — that which they cannot anticipate.

CA3 Recruitment is: Open
Please join chat channel: CA3 Recruitment

Celestial Armag3ddon is a mixed (mostly pvp) corporation that operates out of null sec space with Tribal Band Alliance. We are openly recruiting active and dedicated players of all skill levels who are interested in low sec and 0.0 space.

-Recruitment Requirements-
-FULL API Key. (main and alt accounts)
-7 Million SP preferred.
-Actively participates in fleets.
-30 Day new member trial period.
-Able to use TS3 and Mumble.

-What we offer-
PVE/PVP oppurtunities
Good industrial Potential as of now
A good bunch of people
Safe Places (POS)
Black ops


Dre Cypress


Donny Osmond
Brutor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#5 - 2013-08-11 19:15:47 UTC
Tek Stalker
Rapid Withdrawal
Pen Is Out
#6 - 2013-08-11 21:55:34 UTC
Rapid Withdrawal is a corporation built for veteran players by veteran players. We are looking for mature drama free members. The corporation is based on the word cooperation. If you have been a member of a mega dictator corporation and didn't care for it give us a try. We are looking to build a corporation from the ground up that provides a good gaming atmosphere. A place we can set goals and achieve them together.

Right now we are focused on Faction Warfare, and Missions. Once we build a solid foundation. We will branch out into other aspects of the game.

If you’re a new player! Please don’t read this and think about not applying. We will be accepting new players to the game in limited numbers. We are looking for players that are switched on and able to learn the game at a rapid pace. We look forward to hearing from you!

Tek Stalker
Rapid Withdrawal
We Specialize In Pulling Out
Conius Mar
Amarr Empire
#7 - 2013-08-11 22:55:32 UTC
Hey bro,

Not gonna spam you with info here.

Check us out

Tom Gerard
Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan
#8 - 2013-08-13 23:12:49 UTC
Attract. Entertain. Retain.
We want you to join Dark-Rising.

We want you to enjoy your time in the corporation.

We want you to stay in the corporation.

That is what we want, now lets talk about what you want.

Do you want to PVP without losing your pod every-time you lose your ship? (low-sec PVP)

Do you want to travel across New Eden? (Rotating campaigns!)

Do you want to spend your time in space in a combat ship rather than a hauler? (Free Jump Freighter Logistics)

Do you want to end each month with more ISK in your wallet than the previous month? (Personal Income Generation)

Still Interested?

Register. Submit. Obey. Acknowledge.

Now with 100% less Troll.

DeadEye One
Intrepid Crossing
#9 - 2013-08-14 02:12:28 UTC
u2ng, care bears with teeth are looking for a few good members

Join our public channel: U2NG

Up2-NoGood - Care bears with teeth
Morrin Joe
#10 - 2013-08-14 05:42:46 UTC
We are NOT looking for the following:

1) Non fun pilots (Cause well...that sucks for everyone)

2) Pilots who refuse to use team speak during optional Ops (Because that is lame)

3) Pilots that are meanies (Mean people suck)

4) Pilots that view EVE as a second job ( This should be obvious)

5) Pilots that are NOT fun (did I mention that?)

6) Pilots that are awoxers (I have a list and am willing to share)

7) Pilots who would not enjoy our entertaining local chat ( I DO give out baked goods to the neighbors and I also admit I WILL ask them to kill the strangers)

8) Pilots that do not like baked goods mentioned in the *FUN* aspect! (Did I mention we are not like the rest of the corps?)

9) Pilots that are shy ( How can you have fun if you are shy?)

10) Pilots that insist on a PG13 Corp (That is NOT us)

11) Pilots who are goon friendly (We are NOT goon friendly.....yuk)

That being said....If you do NOT fall into the above list you *might* get into our corp!

What we DO have to offer!

1) We DO like to have fun! ( This is a game afterall and it is SUPPOSED to be fun)

2) We DO have a dedicated Training Coordinator (He know lots of stuff!)

3) We DO accept NEW PILOTS (See above: re: Training Coordinator)

4) We DO have a sweet spot in 0.2 space close to high sec and null. (Newer pilots can be in our office in High Sec while training)

5) We ARE a 2006 Corporation (That means we have secret stuff)

6) We DO send out a weekly Newsletter, have a website and forums (Cause we like to be informed)

7) We DO have an Industry Section that is growing rapidly (Cause we like to have lots of stuff)

8) We DO have a Black Ops Squad ( ----------nothing to say here as this is a secret---------)

9) We DO like to mega mine ( um um yeah..moving on)

10) We DO have MANY OLD Pilots that know and have stuff ( More secret stuff with this....shhhh)

11) We DO have some wonderful friends ( Need to know basis on this one)

12) We DO have scheduled Ops (But that schedule is a secret)

13) We DO like to PvP (This is EVE afterall)

14) We DO like worm holes ( just throwing this in )

14) We DO have more stuff that makes us who we are - however I am not allowed to say in the forums (I do not like to get into trouble)



1) If you are a returning pilot we have a spot for you

2) If you are a Newer Pilot we can train you as long as you have at least 10 million skill points

3) If you are in a boring corp and want fun then we are it

Please feel free to convo me in game (Disclaimer: If you are an older toon I will have you speak to one of our many older pilots as I won't be able to answer your questions...just saying)

Feel free to join our public channel: Infinitech Public (WARNING: I admit some do come for the cookies and pie and general baked dessert of the day)

Morrin Joe (Who IS nice and sweet and WAS innocent until joining this corp, sigh)

DISCLAIMER: Morrin Joe is a male truck driver from Detroit who has a full beard, weighs 369 pounds and has big tits!

PS: Cookies anyone?