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New Mod: The Mini-Cyno Jammer

The Scope
Gallente Federation
#1 - 2011-09-08 20:01:13 UTC
I have an idea that will give pause to lazy cap drops on small fleets, and also make the whole hotdrop situation more of a commitment. The mini cyno-jammer.

It would be a mod that could only be fitted to a specific ship, most likely covops ships like the Helios (but not SBs). It would have to be a cloaked ship, because such a ship would be an instant target, and we want the engamenent to last a little while at least.

It would act effectively like a cyno-jammer, but only work on grid. This wouldn't stop ships jumping off-grid, so caps can still get in and out of the system. They would not work on stations (thus preventing people from perma-camping). They can be initiated while cloaked, but they would take up enough power to eventually bleed the cap dry and stop the jam and render the cloaked ship visible. This shouldn't be too quick, as we want people to remain trapped (or repelled) for at least a few minutes, but not for too long, where massive counter-drops can be organised (unless they were already prepared).

This would make people think twice about hotdropping in space, knowing that they could be caught by someone initiating a jam after the caps have arrived and preventing them from jumping out for a short while. They could always warp off, but they would have to commit for a while at least, meaning fleet battles would be more ferocious. The eventual decloaking of the jamming ship will ensure that this does not go on for too long, but will also ensure that there will be a minimum time.

This game is about risk, and that seems a little mitigated when you see people warping caps into belts and gates with abandon. Captial engagement should be a commitment, not something done lazily. I don't want to prevent capital battles, just make it a little harder for people to drop caps on anything and everything (and cap drops on lone frigates are surprisingly common).

If you do point out some weaknesses in my idea, do try and offer a potential solution as well.
#2 - 2011-09-08 21:30:25 UTC
cyno jammers dont prevent people from leaving the effected area, they prevent cynos from going up in the effected area; they jam cynos not jump drives.

I would tweak the module and design just a bit, and put it on a T2 tier 2 battlecruiser, so the T2 drake, myrm, hurricane, harbinger. give them all a tank bonus and a module that acts like the heavy dictor's bubble.

When unscripted, it nerfs MWD speed and disallows remote assistance, but it prevents cynos from going up in an area around it, im thinking like 75km + 20% per level or something like that. cynos that are already up stay up and functional but prevents new ones from going up.

When scripted it would be a targeted module that would prevent anyone from coming through a cyno at which it was directed. It wouldnt shut the cyno down to prevent exploitation and it would have to target the ship launching the cyno so you could counter it by jamming but I think this would add a lot of strategy into the game.

This would have a twofold effect:

1. as the fleet commander on the field, you would have the option to jam the cyno after half the fleet comes through and put up a bubble preventing anyone else from launching a new cyno on grid.
2. it protects small gangs from hot drops by fielding a (albeit expensive) ship.
Nayru Albrem
Red Over Red
#3 - 2011-09-08 22:36:00 UTC
I think there should be a heavy dictor-like ship that has the ability to cyno jam a system temporarily with a mod similar to the bomb launcher, having no auto-repeat and a long re-use timer. This would make subcap fleets much more necessary when attempting to jump caps in, because it would force engagements of fleets in order to destroy these super-hics. It could have the same effects as a bubble on a regular hic, no warp, mwd, massive velocity penalty. The skill/ship bonus for the cyno-jam mod could be along the lines of duration/cap use.