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Shield RR Domi gang for can do?

Colonial Defense Forces
#21 - 2013-07-01 21:11:09 UTC
Cipher Jones wrote:

Total cost on that? Looks like its about 2/3 as much as an RS.

Lol. 500 mil an hour ninja'ing ladars. I'll be batshit crazy then.

More like half, at least if those reppers tag along. And the ladars is an excellent reason to have a C5-static Bear
Caldari Provisions
Caldari State
#22 - 2013-07-03 23:49:53 UTC
Evangelina Nolen wrote:
1c3crysta1 wrote:
Archdaimon wrote:
tl;dr of thread:

You really want someone in your corp to start training/saving for caps.

Solid advice, but the OP might live in sub-C5 with a C5-static.

No one in there right mind lives in a C4 or C2 that statics into those. Too pour more salt on the wounds, those statics have really really low sig strength.

I wish you would stop telling people how to play the game. "No one in their right mind" what a lot of BS. Depending on what you want out of it, you situate in different systems. People do different things. Not everybody wants the same as you. Deal with it.

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