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The Tragedy of Doctor Brokara

Darth Gustav
Sith Interstellar Tech Harvesting
#1 - 2013-06-11 23:34:55 UTC  |  Edited by: Darth Gustav
I wrote this up for a friend. He better thank my post.

Without further adieu, The Tragedy of Doctor Brokara:

The station's power had been out for weeks. The clones had long gone rotten, except for one. Brokara's clone was frozen in a section of the station running on auxilliary solar. It was barely enough to allow the AI to make such an ironic decision.

Doctor Virgil Anaeas, an Intaki wunderkind of Engineering, was prioritized in Dark Blood protocols. His pod signal took priority, and considerable redundant subroutines were dedicated to his preservation. Lucky for him.

The good doctor's Cruor went through the jump tunnel just like any other blue print run. This time was different, though. This time the Thukker Tribe would be waiting, hoping to expand their territory. Unfortunately for the doctor, his medical clone was set to a station where his clone had long since gone bad.

The computer did the only thing it could to preserve Doctor Anaeas. It merged the contents of his consciousness with that of Brokara himself, in Brokara's very own personal clone. Unfortunately, the clone grade was insufficient and some parts of Doctor Anaeas' mind were clipped by necessity. The resulting being is an even more aggressive version of Doctor Anaeas, as cunning and utterly ruthless as Brokara himself.

Since the incident, Doctor Brokara has grown obsessively contemptuous of his collective components. He loathes the body of work performed by Doctor Anaeas for its lack of utter brutality, while also coming to scorn Brokara himself for lacking the technical genius necessary to advance the Dark Blood empire.

To that end, Doctor Brokara has begun plumbing known space and uncharted wormhole territory seeking out the Galaxy's greatest engineers and most brutal commanders. His goal is unseemly by any standards. He intends to use a sufficient clone and repeat the procedure that created himself, but with the Galaxy's deadliest minds all combined.

He then intends to remake the Blood Raiders themselves in his own image. Should he succeed, the Eve cluster can expect some utterly diabolical revisions to the standard lineup of Dark Blood vessels.

It's not much, just meant to be a simple bio. But it's got a quality about it I figured I'd share.

Hope you all enjoyed it.

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Doctor Brokara
Hedion University
Amarr Empire
#2 - 2013-06-11 23:38:11 UTC
Doctor Brokara
Hedion University
Amarr Empire
#3 - 2013-06-12 00:18:28 UTC  |  Edited by: Doctor Brokara
Subject 026012: Marius Venardi
Race: Caldari
Observation log: 00152
Observations: Consulate Vanarius Chamalin with Dcotor Brokara

“Marius, our most valued donor in the collection,” the doctor directed my attention to the human, attached to the support unit. His face, partially covered by the respiratory systems installed into his lungs. His arms, filled with the network of receiving tubes and needles on what seemed to be every vein. His veins were thick, easily visible as if they were overfilled. He was mounted on the support unit as if he was lying on a angle, almost seeming as though if the clamps had disengaged he would slide right off onto the floor. His chest was covered with an array of devices, most likely to monitor his vitals, and receive blood through the major arteries that pass through his chest. Behind both of his clavicles there were what seemed to be large metal spikes inserted towards his heart with hosing leading to the support unit, to pull blood from the most valuable of his arteries.

It seemed rather horrifying at first, to know that the blood was pulled from the body like this, but Marius’ blood was too valuable to deny such procedure.

“How much does he yield per day” I asked.
“The machines currently help his body to produce about half a litre per day,” the doctor responded.
“Marius has been good to the raiders I see, what is his remaining expectancy before removal?”
The doctor scanned his neo-com, “Ah, we have him for another four months.”

I scanned over the machine and body, as to inspect the doctors precision on vein-mapping, a most intricate procedure first introduced so many years ago by the Sani Sabik.

“You have quite a gift doctor . . .” He delivered a half-cocked smile and nodded in approval.
“The Raiders are in your debt for delivering such a good clone. His body recovered quite well in the regeneration system, its a shame we cannot have him for a lifetime.”
The doctor laughed and adjusted his lenses, “I have implemented his clone into our Vat's, he will be a provider for as long as I need him. It seems as though his new clone has no idea his previous one ever made it off his vessel, with my override his current clone still thinks he is alive.”
"How is this?” I asked
“We set up a trap to intercept his signal before the transmission could be made to the new clone, and stored the data while rebuilding his genetic makeup from the corpse. After his clone had matured, we completed the signals process, activating his new clone in our station.”
I stood speechless, almost puzzled as to how such things were even possible, but I dared not question him.
“Well, doctor, I have matters that require my attention, do take care of him will you?” I turned and walked down the corridor. I could hear the support unit retracting into the wall behind me as the sound of my boots echoed through the chambers.