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PC on rare item - 'Signed Copy of Pax Amarria'

Imperial Dreams
Curatores Veritatis Alliance
#1 - 2013-06-06 08:26:12 UTC
In 2004, members of PIE Corporation and Ionstar Corporation where rewarded for their involvement in a CCP storyline event where they escorted a threatened Imperial Navy Apoc from low-sec space back to Empire in the face of Minmatar (and others) attempts to destroy the ship.

20 copies of the Pax Amarria where signed by the then Emperor Heideran and distributed to PIE and Ionstar as a reward.

I still have one of these items in my hanger.

I have no real reason to sell - as I am not playing actively at the moment and it is an item with some sentiment attached to it - but am curious as to what collectors may be interested in offering?

I know that 20 of these were original created back in 2004 and there are still a few PIE old timers knocking around who may have copies in their vaults - but many others have gone inactive - probably permanently. As such I have no idea how many of the original 20 are still accessible.

Amarr Victor