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Guitar Players.

Zor Isu
Cajun Fast Mart
#61 - 2013-05-26 15:47:56 UTC
19 years here

here's my rig

1979 reissue Japanese strat (hardtail+v neck) tobacco burst
1991 Gibson Les Paul studio [pearl white)
1990 steinberger GR-1 (midnight blue) fitted with GK-3 pickup

2007 Fender bassman 60 Watts (antique'd)
2 Berihngers 15" loud speakers

Roland VG-99 + FC-300 pedalboard
2 pedal train jumbo size pedal board and case
Pro Co RAT
MXR phase
MXR compressor
Zack Wylde cry baby
Boss fender reverb pedal
Boss RC-20 loop station
danelectro milk shake chorus
Custom EQ boost
Ernie ball volume pedal

That's what I got, I wasn't to add a few more things, like a TC helicon voice live 2 uh..... And a fractal lol.

how to get started tutorial

Zeeman Industries
The Ancients.
#62 - 2013-05-27 13:41:32 UTC  |  Edited by: Astenion
Telegram Sam wrote:
Astenion wrote:
Been playing for about 13 years, been in a few bands, and the band I'm currently in is almost done with our second album. Band's called Skylab, a futuristic orchestral/black metal-ish/avant garde in the vein of Fear Factory meets Emperor. The story is strikingly similar to Eve, but I promise the first album was written before I even played Eve, hehe. It's more like a cross between Eve and Animatrix, where man becomes immortal in the same way we're immortal in Eve. The machines and cyborgs rise up to forge their own destiny after having been persecuted for centuries. Lots of polyrhythms, odd meters, and such...Buried's got a sort of jazzy feel to it with the drums, which are all live:



You can get the album on iTunes if you want it. Album's called Artificial.

After years of not finding anyone to play live with us, we decided to just make albums. The new album will be entitled "The Distance" and is gonna be much more introspective and melodic than Artificial was.

Anyway, I'm mainly a rhythm guitarist but I do like playing leads as well, just not shredding. Alice in Chains and Pink Floyd are more my style for solos rather than, say, Malmsteen. I grew up on thrash metal, so intricate rhythm playing and songwriting are my forte'. I've woodshed for months just like everyone else, studying theory and such, but in the end I enjoy writing songs instead of just practicing scales over and over. I get bored very quickly when there's no song attached to the melody. Scales are good practice, but that's all they are to me: practice.

I'm currently writing music for my own project, a cosmic doom/stoner project. It, like Skylab, will be a concept album...still working out all the details, however. It will be much simpler, more melodic with more groove. It's gonna be like a space western; I want to marry Firefly with The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. It will be heavy, of course, but more melodic and with a spaghetti western soundtrack feel to it, very much inspired by Morricone's work. I want that desperado, loner feel to it with the twangy, reverb-heavy guitar sounds for some instrumental tracks to set the stage and tell the story.

As for guitars, I have 3 Jackson 6-strings (1 Rhoads V, 1 DKMG, and 1 Kelly Pro Star, which is a unique design not available anymore...very strange and "metuhl" looking, but with a huuuuuge bottom end sound), an Ibanez Prestige 6-string, a Washburn 7-string, and a Fender acoustic which I hate. I hate the sound, hate to play it. My friend and lead guitarist in one of my other bands build guitars and has his own guitar line called Sined guitars, and he's building me a custom Les Paul copy. It will be sort of a cross between a standard Gibson Les Paul model with the ESP Les Paul playability. He owes me a favor so he's making it for free. Can't wait to get my hands on it.

Finally managed to give it a listen at home-- fine stuff you guys! Kind of brings to mind Agalloch and Novembre, but more in the spirit of early Tangerine Dream. Spam us with how to download, buy, Like, whatever one more time mate. We consumers have short attention spans you know, we can't be arsed to scroll around. Smile No joke, I'd like to own the mp3s so I can just queue them up in Winamp and do some carefree listening.

Why thank you sir! It's funny you mention those two bands, because I love Agalloch, and Novembre is probably my favorite band along with Alice in Chains. AIC and Novembre encompass much of who I am musically. With Skylab it was a bit of a departure at first, but I jumped in head-first because it was so unique and it just consumed me immediately. It reawakened the sci-fi nerd inside me, and playing with Emanuele is a great experience. If you want the MP3s, you can get the album on iTunes. I'm not trying to whore the album out, but honestly, that's the easiest way to get them. I'd give them to you guys for free if I could, but we don't have a hosting site or anything. If you wanna write a blog about it and host it yourself and give the album away for free, be my guest. It's been 4 years, and we're obviously not doing this for money. The exposure would be much more beneficial than a few cds sold. Thanks again so much for your kind words, mate!

Speaking of AIC, the new album is fantastic...really, really good and heavy. It's very dark and simultaneously very introspective, almost like Jerry's solo stuff. There are sounds reminiscent of Dirt and even Jar of Flies on this album.

Just heard the new stuff for our new album we're working's much more epic than Artificial. There are more "songs", but I think we've found a great balance between ambiance and good songwriting with The Distance. We're currently reworking some lyrics and such, figuring out who will sing which parts, since we both sing and play. It's much more intricate than Artificial, but it's also catchier for some reason. It sounds like Meshuggah meets Fear Factory, if Meshuggah didn't write wacko-crazy riffs and Fear Factory had kept on in the vein of Demanufacture or Soul of a New Machine.
Niyon Miromme
#63 - 2013-05-29 10:48:38 UTC
Just bought a new baby :D

Michael Kelly Patriot Custom. Lovely guitar for a brilliant price.

Might pop back into the store and see if any more acoustics take my fancy :D

Currently trying to expand my music and find a band to join. sadly most are metal bands and im usually in the total different direction in playing. I love to listen to metal but not to play. So trying next best thing. Giving singing a good shot and mabye after year or 2 i can make do some solo gigs. Would be nice to find some fellow folk who enjoy the same music as me

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