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Things you wish you knew before your first POS?

Charles Javeroux
#21 - 2013-05-22 07:40:50 UTC  |  Edited by: Charles Javeroux
Elijah Sokarad wrote:
I'm starting to gather the materials for my first POS. I need to gain appropriate standings while stockpiling fuel, so it will be a while before I actually start the POS. Ultimately, I plan to use the station to provide trade goods for my trading and industry alts.

Given that I have some time before launch, I would like feedback on things that bit individuals in the behind when starting their POS. Essentially, trying to learn from other's mistakes.


POS is just a tool for industry corp to achieve or circumvent operations, what are not possible in regular factional stations.
Setting us POS without a solid profitability plan, will certainly bankrupt you, your corp and eventually there's just another dead tower taking up valuable space estate.

EDIT: Think of the beauty of the wide open space and do not litter it with your dead tower!!!!
Bugsy VanHalen
Society of lost Souls
#22 - 2013-05-23 15:05:43 UTC
Elijah Sokarad wrote:
Thanks for all the replies. In reading my original post, I realize that I was not really clear about my intentions. I had planned to do ME/PE research, and later copying my blueprints for sale. Also, I hoped to centralize my industrial production given a recent shortage of manufacturing slots nearby. My comments about stockpiling fuel relate to making the fuel block parts via PI production, coupled with the ice I have saved. (Gotta keep those alts productive). I would rather have some fuel stockpiled before the Odyssey changes.

I had not realized that manufacturing POS slots were so specialized - the POS planner really helps. I will have to rethink the production part of the plan.

A few additional questions:
-The small ship array description mentions a ship maintenance array. I'm unclear on what role the ship maintenance array plays in building ships, if any.

-I would be planning to take the POS down if wardecced. As far as defenses, filling the weak spots on shield resists, plus maintaining a healthy store of Stront seemed reasonable precautions. In such a case, would ECM or guns really make a difference?

Despite what some say high sec pos bashing is not common. Most POSes bashed are dead POSes just to open the moon. POS bashing is boring, and not done unless you really make someone mad, or your POS loks to be a loot pinata.

Defenses are not really needed but can be a good deterrent to anyone considering bashing you POS, but they do not have to be online, just anchored. However they can not just attack you, they must war dec you and wait 24hrs. This is very rare, even for corps in alliances perpetually at war POSes are very rarely attacked, there is no benifit, or fun in attacking a high sec POS. Even in low and null most POSes are ignored as they are just to boring and a waste of time to attack, unless they are on a good moon or being used as a staging point for invasions.

I have had a small POS up in a busy section of caldari space for over 3 years without a single attack. Even when I was in an alliance under a war dec for 3 months not a single alliance POS was attacked, and we had several.

The only real thing you need to know is put up your POS in a system where you can afford to keep an office at a local station. This way you will not have any BPO's in the POS and it will not be worthwhile for anyone to attack.
Manny Moons
Gallente Federation
#23 - 2013-05-23 16:45:01 UTC
Lord Battlestar wrote:
... a small caldari POS can be useful if you mix it with public slots. As it is the only small tower than can have 3 online labs at once. So if you do your building and invention in station, you may be able to get away with it. However, if you want to do most of all of your jobs at the POS, you will have to do a medium...

This depends on what kind of labs. The only race small control tower that won't support three standard mobile labs is Amarr. A Gallente will support two standard and one advanced lab, which in my experience is a very good and cost effective combination of copy, invention, ME, & PE research slots for one account with three indy characters. This assumes a highsec tower with no defenses, and doing all manufacturing in public station slots. The productivity is good enough that I can't imagine the Odyssey ice changes will put it out of business.

Mara Villoso
Long Jump.
#24 - 2013-05-24 15:58:01 UTC
A couple of things:

1. Every minute you're not actively using the labs (or whatever production mod you'll focus on) is a waste of fuel. Don't ever forget that when you're calculating your costs per blueprint (or whatever) that your calculations are based on the assumption that you're using every slot for every minute of every day. Ice product costs are about to skyrocket, so it will be more important than ever to run your numbers correctly.

2. Despite what some people say, there are plenty of free moons in hisec. Just stay out of about a 7 jump range of Jita. Other than travel time for resupply or market runs, distance from a hub makes no difference to your operations. The further you are off the beaten path, the more secure your POS is from random wardeccers and the like.

3. Don't be afraid to take down your mods and offline the tower if you aren't going to be running jobs or you're going on vacation. I can't emphasize enough the danger of bleeding out ISK for a decorative POS setup.

4. Don't start the POS operation until you have a trading character with good skills and the proper standings (generally Cal Navy for Jita 4-4) to negate taxes/order costs. Many products are selling on thin margins; you need every advantage you can get to compete. Poor skills, order setup costs, taxes, etc. are murder on your bottom line over the long term. If you're also bleeding out ISK with poor POS management, you've basically wasted your time.

5. You'll almost certainly be better off buying researched prints for anything that takes more than a week or two to get to perfect ME. Focus on T2 invention. Don't waste time and ISK researching something that will cost your more in POS upkeep and clicky time than it would to buy it on the market.

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