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People subbing/unsubbing ...

Krixtal Icefluxor
#21 - 2013-05-12 14:13:38 UTC
Dalmont Delantee wrote:
GF made me sub back in 2005/6 ...due to a little bit to much early morning playing/skill training alarms/having to log into her account to send me a message to say night night when she went to bed etc :P

Came back a couple of years later when I had more time, and only nearly unsubbed due to incarna. It was just horrible logging into the ******** avatar rather than my wonderful spinning ship

I just logged to the rusted Door instead. For 6 months. Still recovering here.

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Olga Ivanovna
#22 - 2013-05-12 14:13:55 UTC
RL is sometimes difficult to combine with any MMORPG. For me, this was (and still is sometimes) an issue.
Some Rando
University of Caille
Gallente Federation
#23 - 2013-05-12 14:23:56 UTC
I unsubbed my main account when I caught my last forum ban. I'm also a bit burnt out on EVE right now.

CCP has no sense of humour.

Kamden Line
Sovereign Citizen and other Tax Evasion Schemes
#24 - 2013-05-12 16:04:25 UTC
Incarna made bittervets of us all. I remember coming back from a 70 mile backpacking trip, full of hope for the future, and then seeing the magical single-room closests that we were given (there was only one room modeled back then) and being so thoroughly dissappointed and utterly shocked by CCPs "We know what players want" attitude that I instantly morphed into a bittervet.

It's kind of strange, having grey in my beard and not even being 25.

as for OPs question, I've only unsubbed once, after a shockingly stupid Tengu loss. I've since learned to whelp ships like candy, so I don't really worry about it anymore.
Native Freshfood
Minmatar Republic
#25 - 2013-05-12 16:14:47 UTC  |  Edited by: Garresh
Chopper Rollins wrote:
The ceiling on my EvE experience is that i only have one account. So i could be in carriers in a couple weeks, but no cyno alt means no.
Sure i know people who could light cynos but it's not good to be needy if you move much out to places that need jump drive to move again.
So even though i love me EvE bros and have played nearly every day for almost four years now, i've done pretty much everything a single account player can. Looking to wind up the account some time this year.

Now if i could log a cyno toon in dual boxing from one account, that would open possibilities up for me, but as it is i've kinda finished the game.

No offense, but you are wrong. Every time I've thought I've reached the end a new curtain was pulled back and I discovered another side of eve. I'm still learning things to this day. And I will still be learning 10 years from now.

Also I don't understand bittervets. I've been playing four years and kicking ass the whole time but I can't get bitter. Games too good.

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Sishen Gzi
Hellion Support Services
#26 - 2013-05-12 16:22:04 UTC
I plan on unsubbing right after I finish my training plan, its at 10 years per toon right now....
Tom Gerard
Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan
#27 - 2013-05-12 16:26:38 UTC
I am unsubbing... no wait I just bought the collector's edition... and I am paid up for almost 2 years....


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Gensou Amatin
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#28 - 2013-05-12 16:42:40 UTC
As a new player I can see some new players unsubbing because of how knowledge intensive eve can be. Im the kind of person who does a lot of research before trying to do things so I know what to expect, but when Im reading about a ship fitting on here or on battle clinic or reading a guide on the wiki sometimes I feel like im reading another language and just want to yell "speak english!!" at my screen lol. Long story short eve is a complex game that takes a lot of time/dedication to learn and I think a lot of people are intimidated by that or are too lazy to put the effort into learning so they leave.
Nylith Empyreal
Blood Marauders
#29 - 2013-05-12 16:42:56 UTC
It was sub-unsub for me, in repeated attempts, eve online was more of a romantic notion until I finally 'got it'... at around the 5th try or so.

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Kult Altol
The Safe Space
#30 - 2013-05-12 20:01:53 UTC
My main stays subbed for skill que, cause ill always come back.

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Mirr Aurilen
#31 - 2013-05-12 20:54:53 UTC
Nylith Empyreal wrote:
It was sub-unsub for me, in repeated attempts, eve online was more of a romantic notion until I finally 'got it'... at around the 5th try or so.

Currently at my third try. Hoping that I'll share your epiphany.
Daimon Kaiera
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Caldari State
#32 - 2013-05-12 20:59:01 UTC
Why would you unsub from the game? Just log in to do your skillqueue for a few months and come back with unbridled zeal like I did.

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Jame Jarl Retief
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Caldari State
#33 - 2013-05-12 22:29:57 UTC
In my experience, most people who try EVE do so with a 2-week free trial, and quit within the first 30 mins. I can tell you literally dozens of stories of me trying to get people to play EVE, and their responses. The reasons for quitting range wildly .

Sometimes it is something simple like person being unable to enjoy the game due to limited font size and style. As gamers get older, this will be more of a problem with EVE. For a game celebrating a 10-year anniversary in 2013, to have restricted fonts and severely restricted (to just four?) font sizes is a major no-no. I have personally seen a guy try EVE and quit in under 5 mins due to the font and the tutorial having no voiceover. He simply couldn't handle it, too stressful for his eyesight.

Some quit due to real-time training EVE offers. This got especially bad after CCP added "time to train" line to the ship skill requirements info sheet. I had a guy browse the ships (and he liked them a lot), then find the one he liked, and he asked me how long it would take to fly one. I told him to open the skill requirements, and there it said something like 180 days (though I probably remember it wrong, it's been a while). At which point he just laughed and walked away. Another similar case also happened recently, it was only about 64 days of training, but still too long. This fellow asked me if there was a way to speed this up, and when I told him no, short of buying a new character from the Bazaar with existing skills, he also quit.

As a sidenote, after they informed me that they weren't interested, I pointed out that the training time requirement was merely to get into the hull. I guesstimated how long it would take to train drones, turrets/missiles/navigation/core skills, etc., to where they could actually make decent use of the hull, and all of them without exception almost died laughing. Something for CCP to ponder, as I keep saying for what seems like years because...well..,it's been years.

Several I know never tried it simply because of the item-loss-on-death. Which I understand and sympathize with, I too have several dealbreakers that immediately disqualify a game. In short, they're philosophically opposed to the idea, and will not support financially any game that does it. Also, historically, all games with this mechanic have been niche games, by adding this mechanic a developer virtually signs a contract form that guarantees the game will never get the subs it deserves. Although I personally find this is actually the LEAST important factor, because as we all know the first rule of EVE is - don't fly anything you can't afford to lose. As such, as long as you play by the rules, all loss is affordable and therefore utterly meaningless. Which just goes to show how wrong CCP was in making this decision - all it does is preemptively cost the game subs based on outside perception.

Then there's people who genuinely gave the game a fair shot and quit. This is what I like to call a "life is too short to play a bad game" crowd. For the most part, the chief complaint is the non-event gameplay of EVE. As in, having to fly for 40-50 mins to get somewhere, this is a killer for many folks. I actually had someone say that, something along the lines of "I'm not playing a game where I have to fly for an hour to get to a capital", this was back in the day before warp-to-zero change and using an autopilot, but the general objection still stands.

Several discounted the game on the basis of stories those of us still playing told them. Like last year I was asked what I did the night before, and I said I spent it on a roam in low-sec in EVE. When asked for details of what happened, I basically told it like it was - chasing a few hapless fools, running away from large groups, and together as a group scoring a measly five kills (all of which were incredibly one-sided 10-second battles) in 90 mins of roaming. This was a turnoff for many folks as well - many gamers in my experience prefer a clear-cut contest of skill, on a relatively level playing field, to a one-sided roflstomp (even if you are the one doing the stomping). Simplest comparison would be Battlefield series of Armed Assault/Operation Flashpoint series. In the former, you are dropped into the action fast, and it's mostly even, and very active with plenty of targets. In the latter, it is not uncommon to run/crouch/crawl through the woodlands for 15 minutes before getting your brains blown out by someone you never even saw.

Doesn't make ARMA a bad game, as far as military sims go, it is superb, but it will NEVER get the sales that games like Battlefield series or COD do. Too many people find 15-minute-jog-to-target gameplay too slow for their limited play time. I know this feeling all too well. Just 5-7 years ago, it was no biggie for me to play from 6pm to 1am. I was younger then. Now, if I don't get at least 7 hrs sleep I'm dead on my feet the next day, and doing this two days in a row is out of the question. So games that require HUGE amounts of time to get anywhere that move at a glacial pace (like EVE) is simply out of the question at the moment. Though I usually return in summers - nothing good on TV and too hot to move.

Bottom line - there's tons of reasons why people quit. And the VAST majority, in my experience, quits almost immediately (minutes, hours). Very few stay for days or weeks. Out of those who stay, most quit around the 10-day mark. If memory serves, that's what I did first time I tried EVE too. For me, the key was to get myself past the 2-month mark where character skills get past rudimentary basic level and I started to be able to throw my weight around a little bit. Those first 1-3 months in EVE are so incredibly painful. It's just for most folks here this day is so far in the past that they don't remember.
Cyprus Black
Goonswarm Federation
#34 - 2013-05-12 23:58:44 UTC
I unsubbed because I'm so very bored. The game hasn't received new gameplay content since June of 2011. It's all been background number changes, ship rebalances, and cosmetic improvements.

See sig.

Summary of EvEs last four expansions:

Jack Miton
Caldari State
#35 - 2013-05-12 23:59:34 UTC  |  Edited by: Jack Miton
Garresh wrote:
Eve is a game driven by players. When I unsubbed was because I lacked a goal to motivate me. In short, I unsubbed because of my own failings. When I returned it was usually with fresh inspiration to drive me forward. I think this is why most eve players unsub and return. Need time to find a new goal.

^this is well put and very true.

Cyprus Black wrote:
I unsubbed because I'm so very bored. The game hasn't received new gameplay content since June of 2011. It's all been background number changes, ship rebalances, and cosmetic improvements.

^and this is someone who doesnt get it ;)

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James Amril-Kesh
Amarr Empire
#36 - 2013-05-13 00:09:25 UTC
Cyprus Black wrote:
I unsubbed because I'm so very bored. The game hasn't received new gameplay content since June of 2011. It's all been background number changes, ship rebalances, and cosmetic improvements.

See sig.

Implying Incarna had worthwhile content.
All four of those expansions contributed more to the gameplay of EVE Online than Incarna did.

Enjoying the rain today? ;)

Large Collidable Object
#37 - 2013-05-13 00:24:35 UTC  |  Edited by: Large Collidable Object
Last time I unsubbed was in 2005 I think - since then I either had enough isk to keep training (switched all my accounts to plex when the incarnage accident happened), or I had enough money to not care about it

Hell - the Steak, bottle of wine, glass of whisky and cigar I had tonight cost more than 3 months of eve sub where I live.
You know... [morons.](
Zhade Lezte
#38 - 2013-05-13 00:37:41 UTC  |  Edited by: Zhade Lezte
DSpite Culhach wrote:
I would predict that I would stil stay andl log in and queue skills even if something came up to interrupt actual gameplay, as to me the montly fee is not a problem. At least in this game, skilling up does not require massive grindfest sessions.

I had this attitude when I was younger, but as I've gotten old in-game (it hit me when I received the latest gifts and still had my apotheosises that I've been here for over half a decade...) I've felt less urgency in gaining skills, since I can do several things quite well, and certainly everything I feel like I *need* to be capable of to participate in my core activities. Of course there are still goals I want to meet in-game skillwise and I'm running several accounts to meet these goals, but on the flipside when my interest wanes or RL calls I don't really feel like I'm losing out by having my accounts unsubbed.
Bad Girl Posse
Somethin Awfull Forums
#39 - 2013-05-13 00:39:54 UTC
I used to carry my subscriptions based on the idea I needed to be injecting skill points. Once I figured out skill points had little impact on my ability to survive in EVE I stopped doing that.

I play EVE with four accounts and while I can manage a $60 a month hobby, I can't really do it as a passive hobby and go play another game so I am now down to around three months of the year in catching up on EVE subscriptions. The other nine I spend the money on other games.

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floating in space
#40 - 2013-05-13 00:57:04 UTC
Cyprus Black wrote:
I unsubbed because I'm so very bored. The game hasn't received new gameplay content since June of 2011. It's all been background number changes, ship rebalances, and cosmetic improvements.

See sig.

Part of the allure of space is the unknown and the propensity for rapid change. If everything stays the same things become predictable and less exciting. People have different opinions on WiS but for me a few years ago even the notion of that being added to the game (Soon™) was really exhilarating.

EVE's development seems to have gone down a more passive/safe route. I know people who left because of that to.
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