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#1 - 2013-05-06 23:17:28 UTC  |  Edited by: Jone Sad
Hello guys. I'm developer of

RU section

At this moment he's in beta mode. Registration closed and some features is disabled.

A lot of features i want to make is only in my thoughts but I need to start from something...

----------------------- Corporation Billing :

So, now i have made billing system for corporations and their members. The point is that eve directors, when collect isks for something from members (no matter for what, new titan, for next CTA, mb for new POS, BPOs ... etc.), they HAVE to create some table files and store them in some kind of google docs or other places. The same with permissions to edit them... In short it's really annoying, someone is offline and cannot do\change values of it.... My system is working with api such way that every director can edit Corporation page and all around it. (Of course corporation billing is only start of a huge portal i want to do Big smile ) So enough to have directors rights to start managing corporation bills (create \ edit \ delete).

After bill creation you just copy link for members and mail it, they can pay.... It's look like this. Members give money for corporation (your) with reason (personal for each).

Unfortunately current code is not using cron for auto updating, it's all about testing and beta... In future it will updates automatically.

So i need guys that can help me to test it and say want they want to change. Every site is creating for people, so let's ask people want they want. Smile

For people that want help in project please contact me by ingame mail to this character, i'll register you for testing. Also i'm searching for russian speaking people (i can speak both).

And will say again, site is only in beta test, so there a lot of buggy views \ actions and others thing i want\will change.

----------------------- Rating \ Marking :

Add new mark system. The point is to mark character \ corporation as "good" \ "bad". System was created for mark thiefs, neutral scouts or for expedition buyers \ sellers... Or just for good pvp people. Main thing that you can mark from each character your standings (not ingame) or from corporation (as director). It looks like this.

In testing:
Rating \ Marking is very raw, so i need to test it, change some views, etc.. But it's already at host. I wanted to add home page for character management.. But from russian section people a little bit scary to use FULL api key. So first i'll make acceptable limited keys...

In progress:
Access for limited API keys. Re-view permissions with limited keys. It can take a time... :(
Gallente Federation
#2 - 2013-05-14 02:36:47 UTC
Rating \ Marking , look in first post.
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