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New Idea: The Mobile Command Center Class Ship ( Tech II Orca )

Christopher Mabata
Cynosural Edge
Curatores Veritatis Alliance
#1 - 2013-04-30 04:09:29 UTC
So I was fitting my new Orca fresh off the line earlier and as I was considering how i wanted to fit it to tailor it to my needs. I wanted it to be durable but multipurpose so i could do more than just mining Operations or hauling, like what if i wanted a mobile staging point for my own personal operations. And then I had an idea why not create a Tech II Orca; A mobile Command center that would sacrifice the ore bay and some of the cargo space for a more extensive ship maintenance bay and a more sizable drone hold. My rationale behind this idea would be to provide a ship that works well for Wormhole players who either cannot coordinate the efforts of constantly refueling and the logistics / Up-keep of a POS in W-Space or It would also tend well to the needs of PVE Players who, for example, use ships like the orca to carry around their T3 cruisers and a salvage ship, well what if they dont have a T3 and might need a few other ships well this would allow them to take their ship of choice as well as supporting ships wherever they needed to go, fully assembled and ready to go. I toyed with the idea for a while before i came up with this design:

High Slots 4-5
Medium Slots 5
Low Slots 3
3 Rig Hard-points, but slightly less calibration available
Double the Size of the current Ship maintenance Bay
Remove the Ore bay reduce cargo by 25%, as well as the fleet hanger by 50%
Keep the ability to Fit allied ships in space on the go
Give the Command Center Enough Drone Space to hold a full rack of heavies / Sentries and 2 racks of light drones + Bandwidth to operate the heavies

The Bonuses for the ship as i came up with them would be as follows:
Role Bonus:
Able to fit 3 warfare link modules simultaneously
200% Bonus to range of Energy and Shield Emission Modules
200% bonus to the range of Remote Armor and Hull repair modules
300% Bonus to tractor beam range / velocity

Mobile Command Center Bonus per level:
5% bonus to Shield Resistances
3% bonus to effectiveness of warfare link Modules
5% Bonus to Drone Damage and hit points

I think this fit could obviously use some tweeking but I believe it would be a great addition to the game. It fits the needs of Wormhole players, High Sec players, Even Low Or Null Sec characters who don't have a carrier / jump freighter and a cyno alt to move all their goods around quickly. And the way I have it drawn up now allows for a great deal of versatility: For example if i wanted i could fit 2 warfare links a cloak and a probe launcher to go into a wormhole, but the same character could then refit it to carry remote reps to keep their corp mate's ships alive if they got scratched up in a fight away from a repair station.

The Orca plays this role to a part as it stands now, but a specialized ship could really be of more use in some areas especially in the sense of what else you could bring with you to be prepared for more outcomes both in ships and in drones. I Believe the command center class ship could prove an invaluable asset to many players throughout Eve. And yes while it may seem like my Idea is to get a more expensive buffed Orca out you have to remember this ships is designed to support more for combat operations than mining operations like the Orca is intended to do.

Now lets see what everyone else thinks....

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Galaxies Fall
#2 - 2013-04-30 05:09:17 UTC
So you want a gimped MoM? I'm all for ships that fill greater roles but what you describe is basically a crappy version of the Mothership.

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Christopher Mabata
Cynosural Edge
Curatores Veritatis Alliance
#3 - 2013-04-30 05:22:43 UTC
Mother ships are designed to be capital killers as well as fleet support ships in the sense of using the ECM burst allow ships to breath and escape, this is designed for players and corporations to support combat operations in worm hole space, high sec, low sec, maybe even Null sec and on a different scale than a fleet command ship as they cant carry additional vessels to the fight and won't posses rep abilities such as this. MoM's cant enter high sec or W-Space and not everyone is part of a sov holding alliance capable of building or deploying MoM's for smaller operations ( not that alot of the Big ones would for fear of escalation ). this provides the smaller corps with an alternate avenue to invest in as well as the larger ones. Deploying this compared to a MoM is much more cost effective and clandestine ( also this isn't a front of the line combat ship its a support ship )

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