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Character Bazaar

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FIRESALE - 59m SP Minmatar focused pilot, excellent supports, machariel, t2/3 cruisers etc.

First post
Gwenievere Sui
A Syndicate of Unfortunate Events
#1 - 2013-04-21 16:35:49 UTC
As titled, I want this character sold QUICKLY.
pw: 12321

Character is located in PERIMETER, positive sec, wallet & can go into any empire space, no standing problems.
Character is out of corp at time of posting, ready to transfer NOW.
Excellent PVE & PVP character, suited well for incursions.

Excellent & fleshed out supports for Electronics/Engineering/Gunnery/Mechanics
Perfect Guardian & Scimitar pilot, excellent Logi toon.
Minmatar BS V, Gall BS 4 - Excellent Machariel pilot.
Excellent Loki pilot.
Minmatar & Amarr cruiser V
Cyno V - Covert Cyno capable.
Recon V
Logi V
Hic 4

Can inject capital: Local shield & armor rep, remote shield & armor reps, cap transfer, Siege AND Triage, capital projectile guns.

Please note that I already have a 17.5B bid already withstanding.

B/O - 22B
ISD Tyrozan
ISD Community Communications Liaisons
#2 - 2013-04-21 16:45:23 UTC
Character not in NPC corporation. Topic locked.

ISD Tyrozan


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