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[Odyssey] Uppsy Daisy's Compendium

Caldari State
#1 - 2013-04-14 15:29:49 UTC  |  Edited by: Uppsy Daisy
So here is the story so far with Odyssey. I'll try to keep it up to date as we go.


Low sec asteroid belts will contain new NPCs Negotiator, Transporter, Recruiter, Trainer. They will have 100% chance to drop 1 new tag. Tags + ISK are redeemable for security status at the CONCORD and DED station Security Office.

NEW DECRYPTORS + RENAMES - Sarmatiko pastebin

Old decryptors renamed. First part of name is the race as usual.

Gallente = Incognito
Minmatar = Cryptic
Caldari = Esoteric
Amarr = Occult

The second part is the decryptor type, first the existing ones: Process, Accelerant, Symmetry, Augmentation, Attainment.

And now some new ones:


Probability Multiplier: +50%
Max. Run Modifier: +3
Mineral Efficiency Modifier: 1
Production Efficiency Modifier: -1

Optimized Augmentation

Probability Multiplier: -10%
Max. Run Modifier: +7
Mineral Efficiency Modifier: +2
Production Efficiency Modifier: 0

Optimized Attainment

Probability Multiplier: +90%
Max. Run Modifier: +2
Mineral Efficiency Modifier: +1
Production Efficiency Modifier: -1

Go to work invention boffins....

ICE CHANGES - Confirmed at Fanfest

- Ice belts will be moved from the current belts-that-never-run-out to anomalies that you need to scan down, that get depleted by mining, and that respawn in the same system. Note that the existing Ice Belts system will be ones with these 'ice anomalies'.
- T2 Ice Harvester Cycle halved from 500 to 250 seconds, presumably they are doubling ice harvesting rates to balance the difficulty of finding an ice field via exploration.
- Hi sec anomalies will only be able to supply 80% of the current needs, thereby forcing some low and null sec production. Or some POSes to close down. Either way prices will go totally ballistic first, get stockpiling!!

OUTPOST BOOSTS - Confirmed at Fanfest

- The aim is to make outposts better than hi-sec stations. They will get more manufacturing, booster manufacturing, blueprint copying, material research, production research, invention, and reverse engineering lines, as well as bonuses. See this for more details

SCANNING CHANGES - Confirmed at Fanfest

New mid-slot modules to boost scanning, there are Tech 2 versions too.

Scan Acquisition Array I - Reduces the scan time by 10%
Scan Pinpointing Array I - Reduces the scan deviation by 20%
Scan Rangefinding Array I - Increases the scan strength by 10%

Also scanning skill changes (still unconfirmed)

Astrometrics - 5% Reduced scan time, 5% reduced scan deviation and 5% increased scan strength per level
Astrometric Acquisition - Changes from 10% reduced scan time per level to 5.0% per level
Astrometric Pinpointing- Changes from 10% reduced scan deviation per level to 5.0% per level
Astrometric Rangefinding- Changes from 10% increased probe strength per level to 5.0% per level

Sites and modules looks to be being renamed:

Magnetometric -> Relic
Ladar -> Gas
Radar -> Data
Gravimetric -> Ore
Codebreaker -> Data Analyzer
Analyzer -> Relic Analyzer

Probe formations are where confirmed too. These will make scanning less of a chore.


New scanner shown at fanfest and demoed by CCP Soundwave in the Eve Keynote. Looks like a new way to find anomalies. best way to describe it is to watch this video:


- Emphasis will be shifted away from Technetium and back to R64s, via new production chains. New R64 moons will be spawned.
- Mining in lower security will be made more viable. We will be adding more of the bulk minerals (primarily Tritanium and Pyerite) to the ores primarily found in lower security space. These changes affect Arkanor, Bistot, Crokite, Dark Ochre, Gneiss and Spodumain, with the latter two receiving the largest improvement to their mineral yields.


Capital Rigs are coming, costing 5 times as much as large rigs. Also rigs that where previously unusable on capital ships will become usable on them e.g. Core Defense Capacitor Safeguard, Auxiliary Nano Pump and Nanobot Accelerator.

Existing rigs that are already fitted to ships will auto-upgrade for free when the patch hits.

Triage Archon with Tanking Rigs anyone?

More to come..
Caldari State
#2 - 2013-04-14 15:31:56 UTC  |  Edited by: Uppsy Daisy
BATTLESHIP TIERICIDE - Amarr, Gallente, Minmatar, Caldari

Prices raised to current Tier 3 costs.. ouch - source

CCP Ytterbium, Fozzie and Rise continue eliminating old 'tiers' and replacing them with 'attack' (i.e. faster and less tanky), 'combat' (i.e. tanky and slow) and 'disruption' (i.e. e-war) variants. There may be more iterations, but currently we have:

Abbadon - Amarr Combat - stays as is, with slight resist nerf.
Armageddon - Amarr Combat - total revamp, changed to neut-range bonused drone boat. Some mourn the passing of the old geddon, but this one will be awesome I think.
Apocalypse - Amarr Attack - keeps range bonus, trades laser capacitor bonus for tracking bonus. Will be as cap hungry as the Abbadon.

Hyperion - Gallente Combat - gains more drones, a utility high, and extra low and 10% damage bonus instead of 5% to compensate for 6 turrets instead of 8. Will be absolutely awesome in small gangs.
Dominix - Gallente Combat - swaps hybrid damage bonus for drone range and tracking. Keeps existing slot layout. CCP hope it will be awesome with sentries for long range and ogres up close.
Megathron - Gallente Attack - looses utility high, gains a low slot.

Maelstrom - Minmatar Combat - stays as is
Tempest - Minmatar Attack - Minmatar get two attack battleships in keeping with their speed doctrine. Keeps existing slots and bonuses, and receives general buffs across the board.
Typhoon - Minmatar Attack - changes into a missile boat, looses a high slot for an extra mid.

Rokh - Caldari Combat - stays as is, with slight resist nerf.
Raven - Caldari Attack - looses a utility high for an extra mid, looses some tank, gains some speed in line with the 'attack' flavour.
Scorpion - Caldari Disruption - trades a high slot for a low slot


Note that all Navy Ships will be getting 400 calibration, up from 350 - source

They will all be very agile, so could all be considered 'attack', but there is a speed oriented and tank oriented ship for each race so I'll stick with that convention.

Cost-wise, cheaper ones will be re-costed upwards to match the expensive ones (source)

Augoror Navy Issue - Amarr Combat - Ends up flying like a modified Maller. The lack of resist bonus hurts for fleets but the HP bonus is better for pure buffer tanking. Quite skill intensive thanks to the 25% bonus, but the flipside is standard Amarr cruiser laser damage with only 3 turrets worth of cap use and the two utility highs.

Bonuses: 25% bonus to Medium Energy Turret damage and 10% bonus to Armor hitpoints
Slot layout: 5 High, 3 Med, 7 Low, 3 turrets

Omen Navy Issue - Amarr Attack - Turning this ship into a much more mobile ship with an optimal bonus, much like a giant Slicer.

Bonuses: 10% bonus to Medium Energy Turret damage and 10% bonus to Medium Energy Turret optimal range
Slot layout: 5 High, 3 Med, 7 Low, 4 turrets

Vexor Navy Issue - Gallente Combat- 5 heavy drones make this a very exciting ship, at the expense of almost all the gun damage. Flies like a modified Ishtar or Gila, sacrificing resists and dronebay for easier damage application.

Bonuses: 5% bonus to drone velocity and tracking and 10% bonus to drone hitpoints, damage and mining yield
Slot layout: 4 High, 4 Med, 6 Low, 2 turrets

Exequror Navy Issue - Gallente Attack - High damage blasterboat with two damage bonuses. Adding an extra highslot and turret increases damage even further. It's fast and hard hitting but the lack of the Thorax's tracking bonus hurts.

Bonuses: 5% bonus to Medium Hybrid Turret damage and 5% bonus to Medium Hybrid Turret rate of fire
Slot layout: 5 High, 4 Med, 6 Low, 5 turrets

Caracal Navy Issue - Caldari Combat - Finds a niche as the heavier version of the Caracal, more suited to brawling than kiting.

Bonuses: 5% bonus Rapid Light, Heavy Assault and Heavy Missile Launcher rate of fire and 5% bonus to Heavy Assault and Heavy Missile explosion radius
Slot layout: 6 High, 5 Med, 4 Low, 6 launchers

Osprey Navy Issue - Caldari Attack - This one flies much like a Caracal with even better speed and agility, and has the most mids of any offensive-minded cruiser, giving options for tank or utility. The comparison with the Hookbill is intentional.

Bonuses: 10% bonus to Kinetic missile damage, 5% to Explosive, Thermal and EM missile damage and 10% bonus to Light, Heavy Assault and Heavy Missile Velocity
Slot layout: 5 High, 6 Mid, 4 Low, 2 turrets, 4 launchers

Stabber Fleet Issue - Minmatar Attack - Stays mostly the same, slight mobility nerf.
Bonuses: 5% bonus to Medium Projectile Turret firing speed and 10% bonus to Medium Projectile Turret tracking speed
Slot layout: 5 High, 4 Med, 6 Low, 5 turrets, 3 launchers

Scythe Fleet Issue - Minmatar Combat - Split weapons! Faster than the stabber fleet issue!

Bonuses: 10% bonus to Medium Projectile Turret rate of fire and 10% bonus to Missile damage
Slot layout: 5 High, 5 Med, 5 Low, 4 Turrets, 4 Launchers

more to come..
Caldari State
#3 - 2013-04-14 15:34:10 UTC  |  Edited by: Uppsy Daisy
4 NEW NAVY BATTLECRUISERS - source, prices lowered 15/04 + comments

These are tankier versions of the normal battlecruisers, with an extra slot.

Note that all Navy Ships will be getting 400 calibration, up from 350 - source

Harbinger Navy Issue

Bonuses: +10% medium energy turret damage and +7.5% to medium energy turret tracking per level
Slot layout: 7 High, 5 Mid, 6 Low, 6 turrets, 0 launchers

Drake Navy Issue

Bonuses: +10% to heavy missile and heavy assault missile velocity and 5% bonus to explosion radius of heavy missile and heavy assault missile per level
Slot layout: 8 High, 6 Mid, 4 Low, 0 turrets, 8 launchers

Brutix Navy Issue

Bonuses: +10% to medium hybrid turret damage and 7.5% bonus to medium hybrid turret tracking per level
Slot layout: 7 H, 4 M, 7 L, 6 turrets, 0 launchers

Hurricane Fleet Issue

Bonuses: +5% to medium projectile damage and 5% bonus to medium projectile rate of fire per level
Slot layout: 8 H, 4 M, 6 L, 6 turrets, 3 launchers


Imperial Navy Slicer - Small upgrades across the board
Caldari Navy Hookbill - Gains HP, but gets a bit heavier
Federation Navy Comet - Small upgrades across the board
Republic Fleet Firetail - The big winner, gets a bigger damage bonus, more HP and better fittings

NAVY BATTLESHIP REBALANCE - unannounced, but expected perhaps in Odyssey 1.1


Look to be free gifts for buying the Fanfest HD Stream or for going to PAX East. Interesting write up by Prometheus Exenthal of Frig-gank fame.


Private Starbase Hangars - 10000-40000m3 for personal use only
Strategic Cruisers - can now swap subsystems at a Ship Maintenance Array
Access Range - Can access arrays from anywhere within POS shields now
POS Setup UI - Made pretty
Capital Ship Maintenance Arrays - will no longer require Sovereignty.


All ships with the '5% resistance to armor/shields per level' get a reduction to 4% per level. The original 5% per level is equivalent to a 33% Effective Hitpoint Buff, along with a 33% buff to both remote and local repairs. This made the 5% per level resist bonus almost as good as a 7.5% per level repair PLUS a 7.5% per level armor hitpoints bonus, with the added bonus of boosting remote reps as well.

On the 'for' side of the argument, a nerf to 4% makes this bonus less overpowered, and should make future balancing more fair.

On the 'against' side, changing this many ships at once, including ones that have already been 'balanced' and therefore have no prospect of being revisited for a while is a bit tough. For example, the Punisher is already struggling to make its mark and will be hit hard by this.

Affected ships are below:

Ibis, Taipan, Merlin, Worm, Harpy, Cambion, Moa, Gila, Eagle, Onyx, Broadsword, Drake, Ferox, Nighthawk, Vulture, Tengu, Loki, Skiff, Mackinaw, Hulk, Rokh, Scorpion Navy Issue, Rattlesnake, Chimera, Wyvern.

Impairor, Punisher, Vengeance, Malice, Malediction, Maller, Sacrilege, Mimir, Vangel, Devoter, Phobos, Prophecy, Absolution, Damnation, Loki, Legion, Proteus, Abaddon, Archon, Aeon.

skip Chribba's post ...!
Otherworld Empire
#4 - 2013-04-14 18:35:31 UTC
Very nice collection of stuff.


★★★ Secure 3rd party service ★★★

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Caldari State
#5 - 2013-04-14 18:41:16 UTC  |  Edited by: Uppsy Daisy
spilling over onto this post now..

MODULE REBALANCING - source 1, source 2

Remote Sensor Booster nerf - The Remote Sensor Booster II module will boost Scan Resolution by 33% instead of 40.5% in an attempt to reduce the number of insta-locking gatecamps.

Tracking Enhancer nerf - this one is a big one, and a nerf to most shield ships. The low slot Tracking Enhancer II module used to boost fall-off by 30% and optimal by 15%. It will now boost fall-off by 20% and optimal by 10%, a nerf of 33%. This will translate to decrease of about 5%-10% damage reduction at 20-30km range to most ships sporting these.

As Tracking Enhancers are the 'counter module' to Tracking Disruption, this is an indirect buff to Tracking Disruption, which is already borderline overpowered in small gang (1-5) scenarios.

Large Energy Turret buff - CCP Rise has been missioning in his new Amarr battleships and has been finding missions difficult for low skillpoint players. They have therefore decided to tweak large laser turrets to make life a little easier for them.

-10% capacitor need for Large Pulse Lasers
-20% capacitor need for Large Beam Lasers
-10% powergrid need for Large Beam Lasers

Cruise Missile buff - source

25% increase in base damage - WOW
5% increased rate of fire
10% increase in signature resolution
200 added power grid need
4700m/sec base missile velocity (up from 3750m/sec)
14 second base flight time (down from 20 seconds)

New Typhoon and Raven are happy..

Torpedo rebalance - potentially in Odyssey 1.1?

CCP Fozzie's post is entitled 'Part One', so expect more module balancing.


T1 Cruisers get another balance pass, with some minor tweaks. T1 logistics have got a reduction in Lock range, scan resolution and sensor strength to make them more vulnerable to electronic warfare and further distinguish them from their tech two counterparts.

Stabber and Omen get some buffs.

Augoror:2.5km Lock Range, -85 Scan Resolution, -1 Sensor Strength
Exequror: -70 Scan Resolution, -1 Sensor Strength
Osprey: -2.5km Lock Range, -70 Scan Resolution, -1 Sensor Strength
Scythe: -85 Scan Resolution, -1 Sensor Strength

Omen: -600,000 Mass
Stabber: Change falloff bonus from the 7.5% per level to the standard 10% per level, +25m3 Dronebay and 25mbit bandwidth


T1 Frigates get another balance pass, with some minor tweaks.

Executioner - +50 Armor
Tormentor - More Armor, Cap, Speed and Agility
Punisher - Slightly smaller capacitor, faster recharge
Kestrel - +50 Hull
Tristan - +15 Speed, less mass, faster align
Rifter - +50 Armor, +1 Power Grid
Breacher - +50 Hull


All - lose some agility and scan resolution, gain some signature radius.
Talos and Tornado - Also gain some mass

NAGLFAR REWORK - now live in Retribution v1.2

Skill Trees and Skill Changes

New GUI for skill trees, and the great skill change of Summer 2013. Train Destroyers V and Battlecruisers V now!


Many changes here went live with Retribution v1.2

A new V3 model for the Apocalypse is confirmed as coming - images

PERFORMANCE UPDATES (currently on Duality)

Performance improvements for unloading objects at warping and jumping - source
Greater D.U.S.K. Coalition
#6 - 2013-04-14 18:43:39 UTC
nice list but I would save more posts you you can add things laterBig smile

If i dont know something about EVE. I check

See you around the universe.

Mercenary Coalition
#7 - 2013-04-14 19:15:19 UTC  |  Edited by: Wacktopia
Man those station interiors look good - and the other ships in the background provide a nice sense of up-scaling.

Kitchen sink? Seriousy, get your ship together -

#8 - 2013-04-15 00:36:42 UTC
I was Impressed wih the Gallente, Caldari and Minny interiors but the Amarr one just is a little bit meh

the V3 drones are out on SiSi now

V3 Faction Heavy Drones

V3 Gallente Navy Drones

very well done and look fantastic

Your about as much use as a condom dispenser in the Vatican.

Minmatar Republic
#9 - 2013-04-15 01:39:26 UTC
Definitely a lot of info, some conjecture and a bit of 'Unknown' all contained within the OP.

Good job on compiling this.

+1 to the OP.

Oberine Noriepa
#10 - 2013-04-15 01:46:09 UTC
Thanks for writing this up. Smile

#11 - 2013-04-15 03:12:06 UTC
thanks for this unofficial tentative list of changes, hope most of it makes it to release.
#12 - 2013-04-15 06:59:09 UTC
I like it how there are three posts of information. It gives me the chance to give the amount of likes you deserve. It will be interesting to see how the gallente battleship line up changes since they are currently (or were) in re-re-re-fit.
#13 - 2013-04-15 11:17:14 UTC
Uppsy Daisy wrote:
Someone read it!! Thx Chribba!

Yes, please someone read it and explain it to me.


Don't anger the forum gods.

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Caldari State
#14 - 2013-04-15 12:58:49 UTC
Jill Xelitras wrote:
Uppsy Daisy wrote:
Someone read it!! Thx Chribba!

Yes, please someone read it and explain it to me.


All the dev blogs in one giant loveable wall of text, source links included. :)

+3 from me, ty OP.

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Sticky: AFK Cloaking Thread It's not pretty, but it's there.

#15 - 2013-04-15 13:38:39 UTC
Great write up, please accept 3 spacebook likes

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Any spelling/grammatical errors come complimentary with my typing on a phone

Caldari State
#16 - 2013-04-15 17:36:09 UTC
great post
Minmatar Republic
#17 - 2013-04-15 18:07:55 UTC
Stan'din wrote:
I was Impressed wih the Gallente, Caldari and Minny interiors but the Amarr one just is a little bit meh

the V3 drones are out on SiSi now

V3 Faction Heavy Drones

V3 Gallente Navy Drones

very well done and look fantastic

Eve has Drone Models?

sorry, it had to be done Big smile
#18 - 2013-04-15 18:09:39 UTC
excellent post!

Go beyond the edge of space... Explore

#19 - 2013-04-15 18:48:51 UTC  |  Edited by: Sarmatiko
Also Rogue Drones V3 (should be on Singularity).
Serpentis skin for Daredevil Blink

New ways to increase personal security status (with possible nerf to traditional ss grinding through ratting).
Modules for scanning.
Scanning skills shakeup.
Signature types and relevant modules renames.

Patch notes gonna be massive for sure.
Caldari State
#20 - 2013-04-15 19:09:50 UTC
Thanks Sarmatiko. You are one of the inspirations for this thread.

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