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#21 - 2011-10-31 11:11:06 UTC  |  Edited by: Grimpak
AlleyKat wrote:
Grimpak wrote:

wage in some countries is paid monthly.

in greece and my country, portugal, the 14 wages per year means that you get paid once per month (12) + vacation bonus (1) + christmas bonus (1), thus the 14 wages per year.

and before you throw Portugal to the mix, keep in mind that minimum wage here is 485€, and nearly half of the active population gets a wage that is in the 485-700€ range.

Was not aware of that...sounds weird that people get a bonus when they take vacation.

So, €485 x 14 = the minimum annual salary? Then you got taxes to take off that?

add food compensations to that and then remove taxes yes.

"clean" minimum monthly salary here is about 550€, but in some places you don't get food compensation, so it can actually be lower than 485€. many people have to live with this salary, and if you have kids on school, considering today's school manuals price, you pretty much need half a month to pay for your kid's manuals alone. Add this to your car's downpayment (public transportation sucks here outside of Lisbon, so personal car is pretty much mandatory to go to work), home, and even I am surprised on how people can stretch their monthly budget here.

thing is, Greece is a country that has (or at least had a few years ago) a similar PIB to Portugal, but I think the minimum wage there is actually higher.


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Geormike Deninard
The Scope
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#22 - 2011-10-31 16:24:19 UTC
I like your replies guys. ATM however online stores are closed due to riots in the center of Athens, i know it because i was there as well too. Pirate

If they remain closed i will call it till spring. It is a lot of budget anyways, better not waste it now, because who knows what tomorrow will bring in our doorstep. If they however get back to service in the next week or so, i will go ahead and follow either Holy One;s plan. Either way, lots of great suggestions and replies, thanks a lot guys!
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