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Inventory / Bulk item sale -- request for input

#1 - 2013-03-20 16:00:41 UTC
I know there is a "How should we fix the inventory UI?" thread, but I would like some more input on this idea, and hope I'm not breaking the rules by not posting it in that thread.

Many people make a metric duckton of ISK by buying low and selling high in other systems and so on -- this is known. But sometimes you're just selling mostly crap loot from missions or rats, and you just want to sell all of it, almost regardless of how far under the average regional price it is. This isn't possible, however. You need to right-click and sell each item on its own which is a tedious progress, though, and it doesn't have to be like that.

I propose a fix that should cater to everyone, as far as I can tell, without risking people selling valuable items that are way under the average regional value.

The fix is as follows:

When you wish to sell a bunch of crap in bulk, you highlight those items, righ-click on them and select "Sell items individually."
When you do this, a window pops up. This window contains inputs for the following:

  • How far you are willing to go under average market value in percent. A default value of, say, 10 % could be appropriate.
  • How much ISK you are willing to lose, by selling an item for less than its average regional price. This will prevent you from selling a 50 million implant for 10 % less than the regional value, making you lose roughly 5 million isk. This could be set to, say, a million ISk by default, or something like that. Maybe a 100k.
  • Possibly a value that determines the maximum value of items you want to sell in bulk, so that you don't sell some expensive implant/item/ship for its base price, when in reality it is worth much more, if you were to sell it on 'the contract market'.

When you've filled out these values, you click sell. The items fitting the criteria are sold, and another window is shown. This window contains the items that weren't sold, the reasons why they weren't sold (ISK loss too high / Price too low / Base price too high), and some statistics such as the items' worth, the items price in the current system/station/whatever, potential ISK loss, difference compared to average regional price in percent. You can then choose the items you want to sell anyway and sell those, like in the event that some items are 99% under regional price but only going for 100 ISK anyway, no real loss.

Another window could pop up after this as well, showing you a complete report of the sold items and how much ISK you 'lost' by selling them under the regional average and so on. Something like that -- you get my drift.

If I'm missing some glaring loophole, then please do tell. I can't really see why this system couldn't be implemented. I know it may not be foolproof, and that they player will till need to take care with filling in the correct values and so on, but that's how EVE is in all aspects. We all know how stupid people can be, selling stuff or 1 mil isk instead of 1bil in some silly contract scam.

What do you guys think?
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