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Sala Cameron for CSM 8

First post
Sala Cameron
#1 - 2013-03-20 04:40:52 UTC  |  Edited by: CCP Dolan
Hallo to everyone,

I am Sala Cameron, another 0.0/PvP nerd that intends to run for the next CSM term.

My career
First of all I want to write some :words: about my EVE career and characteristics.
My career in EVE started a little over 6 years ago in early 2007. It only took me 2 months to make the decision to move into 0.0 when I joined the Free-Space-Ranger - a pure German corp in the Morsus Mihi alliance. During my stay for 4 ½ years in RAWR/Northern Coalition I’ve been the leader of the NC supercapital group, bloc-level FC, director of a big corp/alliance and most important – a full blood PvPer. Currently I am ranked as #1 titan pilot by kills, the reward for my high, steady activity and reckless maneuvers for which I am probably best known for.

After the fall of the NC I’ve joined the ranks of the Pandemic Legion alliance where I am a FC and director slave under the infamous Shadoo. Recently I’ve also been one of the initiators of the Asakai battle.

Where do I stand?
Most of the issues I want to address are not new for you. They all are hot topics for almost everyone of you and you find a lot of columns/articles about them especially after the “non-happening” of the HBC vs. CFC war and the proposal of Wargames. Quite a few people blame scared coalition leaders, tech moons or even super secret big style RMT operations for the current 0.0 situation. While the first two may or may not apply, I am going to tell you how I feel about that.

Leading a blocwar is more time consuming than a full-time job. It requires 24/7 commitment from various FCs, usually from the best the coalition has. Unfortunately most of the time you spend does not go into the fights that everyone wants, instead it is wasted for structure grinds especially if one side collapses early. Imagine a HBC/CFC war with the goal of taking the entire sov from the hostile side. Even if one side decides not to fight or collapse early – it would take half a year just to grind everything down. However you probably couldn’t even finish that, half your members jumped off the cliff already. Right now I don’t know anyone who is willing to take the task and as long as this is the case, the war isn’t likely to happen. The people screaming for this war are usually those that pretend to know f*** all about 0.0 and its politics with their daily blog entries and comments on media sites. In reality they’ve never touched a station/IHUB. So what do we do instead? We cut the boring part and the result is Wargames. Of course I would prefer an exciting sov war full of chestbeating and fights like everyone else but that’s not possible with the current sov mechanics. And if that’s not bad enough, Time Dilation starts to prevent the real big fights. The funkadelic crazy night of Asakai and the recent fight between the HBC and Darkness of Despair in JAUD-V showed that IF you commit everything into a fight, you have to count with everyone. This will heavily decrease the chance of very big fights in the future – with supercapitals atleast.

However, I agree that the arguments “sov grinds” and “TiDi” don’t stand alone. Most of 0.0 is full with bittervets that know how the things work. Because of that sov grinds get more and more annoying for the general public than they did at the beginning of Dominion. That is also the main reason why PL for example helped TEST to build the HBC – TEST as an alliance is good for the game because of the “not giving a f***” mentality the new players have. Bringing new players to 0.0 is something everyone has to focus on. Unfortunately it is close to impossible to form a new alliance in 0.0 space unless it is allowed to do so. There are various reasons for this: the sov mechanics make it hard/boring to grind through structures with medium sized gangs or smaller, the alliance income is low when you don’t hold any valuable moons, all other income sources are hard to centralize with the non-existence of alliance wallets/tax. Therefore I want to push the creation of an alliance structure that is able to centralize active sources of income like bounties, broker fees, poco taxes etc. In addition to this I want lowsec to be more rewarding, especially regarding active income. That means an increase of ISK payouts for missions, complexes, lowsec incursions in order to help new alliances to cover the high sov entry costs.

We’ve talked about sov wars, let’s move on to sov holding. We want small/medium sovholders that can grow on their own. Obviously with the current system you can’t hold sov alone as you will just get steamrolled by your neighbor alliance that fields bigger fleets than you. However an attacker should only be able to succeed if he actually plans to actively use the sov he’s attacking. As proposed by many others already – tie sov to all activities that can occur in 0.0 space. This includes traditional timers like IHUB & station timers (with much less EHP though), PvP and PvE activities. If you want to break sov in space that is actively used, you have to actively attack it. This could also be a chance for 0.0 industry tied together with new POS mechanics that are supposed to come too. However I don’t want to go too detailed on 0.0 industry here as I haven’t thought much about it yet, but it could be another source of income (with more than just supercapitals).
Sala Cameron
#2 - 2013-03-20 04:41:31 UTC
So, supercaps. While I am mostly satisfied with the current balancing that is being done by the game designers, I feel left alone regarding supercap balancing. Supercaps are just tools for structure grinding right now, nothing more. Personally I think it IS possible to balance supercapitals in a way everyone is satisfied with and that is something I want to push. Additionally I am looking forward to the bonus and Battleship changes in the near future with a lot of excitement.
But whatever CCP will decide to do about the issues mentioned above – I want to use all my knowledge and experience I’ve gained to make sure that the stuff that will come in doesn’t need a rework again afterwards. We’ve had this already: FW, now Sov again that was supposed to be “fixed” in Dominion already.

If you are looking for a solid 0.0/PvP candidate that has a lot of knowledge, experience, activity and the willingness to get the work done that comes with the position as CSM delegate, you should vote for me. I will treat all issues put forward with common sense.

And now let us hope that my submission goes through, otherwise this will be a very short intermezzo :D
Sala Cameron
#3 - 2013-03-20 04:41:44 UTC  |  Edited by: Sala Cameron

#4 - 2013-03-20 04:49:48 UTC

0/10 Would not vote for
Amarr Empire
#5 - 2013-03-20 04:49:56 UTC
What can you offer me that my lord and savior BlueMajere does not already offer?
Richter Enderas
Kaesong Kosmonauts
#6 - 2013-03-20 04:54:15 UTC
hard to argue with raw facts here

sala cameron has been in 0.0 slaying supercapital fleets, evicting powerblocs (and being kicked out himself!) and stacking bodies while most other people have been beating their dongs in Hek to rifter kills or learning how to spell "cynosural field"

great communicator, is sharp as a tack and actually logs in to play this awful game ))))
Amarr Empire
#7 - 2013-03-20 04:59:35 UTC
BobFromMarketing wrote:
What can you offer me that my lord and savior BlueMajere does not already offer?

I retract my previous statement as BlueMajere has stepped down and fully endorsed Sala Cameron. While I do not agree with this decision I have no choice but to support it.
Makalu Zarya
The Maverick Navy
#8 - 2013-03-20 05:03:45 UTC
I'm putting my full support behind Sala for CSM 8.
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Caldari State
#9 - 2013-03-20 05:08:30 UTC
anyone who was thinking of supporting me should vote for sala instead. I'm not running !
Brutor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#10 - 2013-03-20 05:15:53 UTC
This is the hero eve needs right now.

The nerd has done all the terrible **** involving sov in 0.0 on all levels, corp, alliance and massive coaltiion aswell as done the same level of pvp.

Asakai was the largest supercap fight in eve, guess who started it?
Sala ******* cameron.

Top pvper, top paper pusher, top all round dude.
Brutor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#11 - 2013-03-20 05:17:38 UTC  |  Edited by: Jogyn
Oh and guess what, he is mad active in eve which i guess makes him top candidate instantly v0v
Kila K
Caldari Provisions
Caldari State
#12 - 2013-03-20 13:46:06 UTC
Who is your favourite CSM 8 candidate? Personally, I like Sala Cameron.
Madlof Chev
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Caldari State
#13 - 2013-03-20 13:48:06 UTC
In light of not being able to vote for Taeyeon I will vote for Sala.
Luke Simstantinou
Dromedaworks inc
Test Alliance Please Ignore
#14 - 2013-03-20 13:53:25 UTC
Sala Cameron has my vote Bear
Kat Sheen
Sebiestor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#15 - 2013-03-20 13:55:53 UTC
Madlof Chev wrote:
In light of not being able to vote for Taeyeon I will vote for Sala.

North Eastern Swat
#16 - 2013-03-20 14:38:04 UTC  |  Edited by: Farasoloni
CSM8 will need active and experienced 0.0 representatives to help shape the upcoming 0.0 revamp, preferably one that knows all the big players and is involved in the infamous "behind-closed-doors" chats between alliances&coalitions.

Vote for a guy that is actively involved in 0.0 politics/decision-making since many years and not some would-be armchair general/blogger or has-been bittervet.
Vote for Sala Cameron.

Here's another endorsement ;)
Jack bubu
Caldari Provisions
Caldari State
#17 - 2013-03-20 16:46:39 UTC
got my vote m8
#18 - 2013-03-20 19:39:36 UTC
Sala Cameron, best Cameron!
Akirad Deshin
Amarr Empire
#19 - 2013-03-20 19:53:48 UTC
I want pictures!!!!!!!!
Nathan Yates
#20 - 2013-03-20 20:26:02 UTC
go sala :D
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