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Asset list importer for google spreadsheet

Northern Coalition.
#1 - 2013-03-15 22:46:46 UTC
I was looking around and couldn't find a post about this, so I wrote my own:

The instructions are (hopefully) explanatory. Follow them to amend your current spreadsheets with dazzling asset lists. If you only want to test it or you're starting fresh, you can clone this spreadsheet instead:

To import assets, type this into A2 in Assets sheet:
=assetList("char", "your keyID","your vCode","your characterID")
or this for corporation assets:
=assetList("corp", "your keyID","your vCode","your characterID")

The data in the stations and items are taken from the retribution 1.1 sde, but you can update it easily. Just follow the format and make a named range for them according to the instructions.

From the asset list, you can easily create a pivot table giving you the total quantities of items in given stations, making writing Jita shopping lists a breeze!

PS: Conquerable stations will currently only show their location IDs, as having stations is monkey business.
PPS: Donations are of course welcome Roll