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Corporate ads still suck.

Cyprus Black
Goonswarm Federation
#1 - 2013-03-15 19:45:15 UTC
Seriously, these corporate ads that are linked in the Recruitment channel are useless fluff and don't tell me anything I need to know about the corp as a potential member. The CEO's of these corp ads just do down the list selecting every check box in sight.

How does a one man corp live in highsec, lowsec, wormholes AND nullsec?
How does a one man corp operate in ALL timezones, 24 hours a day?
How does a one man corp actively participate in mining, L5 mission running, incursions, PI, wormhole ratting, trading, FW, nullsec ratting, cap warfare, and every other conceivable activity in the game?

The corporation ad is full of fluff and doesn't really show what prospective new members need to know. We still have to click on the Show Info to get the information we need which completely negates the purpose of a corp ad.

The corporation ad tool is garbage and needs a LOT of work.

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