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Intel in Providence for Non Sov Residents

Neero Caesar
Amarr Empire
#1 - 2013-03-11 21:39:23 UTC
For Corporation CEO's and Pilots that are NRDS Compliant living in the Providence region NOT yet affiliated with any of the Sov holders, therefore not able to join any 'Intel' channels, I have created such a channel for such Pilots and Corporations.

This channel is NOT meant to interfere in any way with any of the SOV Intel channels for that region. The purpose of the channel is simply to report any pilot(s) that are on the KOS list of the CVA, and therefore warning others of that pilot being in that region.

Simply join in game PROV-INT

Dam-Torsad Honor Guard
#2 - 2013-03-12 21:29:59 UTC
I will make sure to join that channel next time I look for easy target in provi.