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Giggly teen angers Judge ...

Surfin's PlunderBunny
Sebiestor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#41 - 2013-02-09 05:04:53 UTC
Bane Necran wrote:
Surfin's PlunderBunny wrote:
Roman times, that would be witchcraft wouldn't it?

Nah, i think they were ok with that. Christians, not so much.

Roman Catholics P

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Bane Necran
Appono Astos
#42 - 2013-02-09 05:38:24 UTC  |  Edited by: Bane Necran
Surfin's PlunderBunny wrote:
Roman Catholics P

They used to throw Christians to the lions, and all kinds of awful things. I know the story is they eventually gave in and accepted Christianity, but if you want to know the truth that's actually their replacement. They erased whatever beliefs those original Christians had by replacing it with their own beliefs.

The Romans Worshiped the sun and the stars, and the alleged life of Christ in the bible is an allegory for the sun traveling through the different astrological signs, until it dies on the Southern Cross, then is reborn for the next year. All the important dates of modern Christianity line up perfectly with different sun related astronomical events which the biblical life of Jesus is supposed to symbolize.

But i've said too much. Oops

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Gallente Federation
#43 - 2013-02-09 05:53:34 UTC
you just got judged *****
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