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CISPA 2: The CISPAening

Bane Necran
Appono Astos
#1 - 2013-02-08 15:51:19 UTC
CISPA Coming Back: Cybersecurity Bill May Change Everything

They're determined to get this passed, and hoping if they keep trying we'll get tired of fighting it, so let's show them otherwise.

Here’s how it’s dangerous: The language in the bill is maddeningly imprecise. It limits the shared data to “cyber threats” or “national security” items only, but lacks any specific definitions or examples. “The ambiguities of these terms render these limits completely meaningless,” says Digital Trends, which notes that email or Facebook messages would be up for grabs. “And nothing in the bill requires companies to strip shared information of personally identifiable details.”

Their examples of Email and Facebook are probably the worst ones they could have chosen, since those are already not as private as people would like to believe. But with this they'd be able to compile profiles of people using data from everywhere, on top of any data that is already gathered. With little or no justification, and zero oversight.

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