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LOST : Mini-Professions Expansion Oddessy Update, possible Cancel

First post
Nova Fox
Novafox Shipyards
#1 - 2011-09-06 16:42:23 UTC  |  Edited by: Nova Fox
Well quick update guys, I know it seems to have been a very good long run but it seems Oddessy is going to be putting this idea on the rocks as most of the features planned for it are in this idea and well... why compete? With CPM on my table of things to do and everything else I have plenty of energy but even I know my limits. Unless you guys really want to I am going to stop updating this thread.

Sisterhood of ≡v≡
The Ascension of Knowledge

Modus Legion
The Digital Castle

Thukker Tribe
Let Nothing go to Waste

Outer Ring Extraction
Those rocks are not going to mine themselves



This post is extremely massive, numbering well over 35 posts or 20 printed pages.
Extensive efforts and formatting were made to be easier on the eyes but not on your patience.
You have been warned. I apologize for any formatting errors or missing links,

Hard Hats required past this point. Thread is under constant heavy construction entire posts may even get deleted as times change.

The goal is to redefine what it means to be a hacker, salvager*, miner and archaeologist.

*Salvager - person who of profession reclaims abandoned ships and materials. While not a real word yet, the real words of to be used are scrapper, wrecker, forager, and scavenger are on the list of proper words they're all annotated to be less prestigious many of which have criminal implications.

Summary a.k.a. TL:DR
  • Expand the mini-professions of Archaeologist/Explorer, Hacker, and salvager to full scale Professions able to rival Industrialist/Miners.
  • Do not leave mining behind in this slew of updates.
  • Engineer various ships, tools, and skills to help fulfill the goals.
  • Retool as many existing mechanics, tools, and items as possible to cut down on coding time.
  • Create a product of inexhaustible needed demand to ensure that these full professions are always employed.
  • Create new UI or interfaces between pilot and client to deal with the new jobs.
  • Create content that can be enjoyed anywhere in Eve and fits into the Eve universe and culture.

Difficulty of Implementation
From new systems, ship models, QA of mechanics, QA balance of ships, market balance, the requirement of needing new UI, implementation of new skills and products which may or may not have any conceivable demands and most extensively, the market balancing generates this content into multiple expansions to allow for gauging of effect and adjustment between each expansion.

Impact of Changes
Allowing pilots more options other than twiddling their thumbs in stations and take a more active role in their environment and giving them a more quasi-'make your own adventure' experience is one thing pod pilots in Eve always clamor for. These additions do nothing more than to embrace that as much as possible increasing options in play style and effective others outside the play style in more ways not considered before.

Lastest Praises
This long thread is worth the thread, dont belive me? Here is the latest praises
Tarn Kugisa wrote:
You sir have came up with an amazing career, one that I believe would be awesome.
(Also it was something to read while I make 30 Jumps)

Tharandor Kelmora wrote:
There arent enough time in the entire universe to give this thread the amount of +1 it deservs.
So +1

Hikaru Kuroda wrote:
You're God, man.
You're about to become what all CCP devs should have done...

Andrea Griffin wrote:
Bump for some excellent content.
It really would be nice to know if CCP has ever peeked into this thread and if they have found anything they like inside.

Daedelus Xintari wrote:
Sir, This is complete and utter win. Honestly this is what I hoped Hacking, Archaeology, and the other mini professions would be. Props to you sir!(Once Again)

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Nova Fox
Novafox Shipyards
#2 - 2011-09-06 16:42:38 UTC  |  Edited by: Nova Fox
Before We Begin,
Introductions are in Order

Dear Readers,

As a simple formality, if you have not concluded from the table of contents, the warning message, or the caution message, that this is an extremely large and long idea taking up at least two whole forum pages. According to most posters its worth the read. I apologize if i offender your impatience but as this idea is almost 3 expansions worth of content initially further adjustments and so forth will be many expansions beyond. Each step having to be measured for effect in Eve Online content even in the high tempo pace they've introduced since Crucible.

Ongoing efforts have been made in editing the idea to be in the most presentable manner without sacrificing reasoning behind design decisions. I have recently dropped the lore angle entirely. The introduction reason for each faction would cover that. To that end I have added a table of contents and broken down subjects based on the topics they'll cover.

As to why I started this project. Over the years of playing Eve Online, I have found the scientific field rather disturbingly how shallow the pool really is. Though the pool is extremely large there is really no deep end to it. The shallow end of the pool does not really exist either. This discourages newer pilots and makes older pilots less appreciated. So the idea to alleviate that was born. It wasn't long before I was struck with the idea that not only archaeology should receive a face lift. Much longer ignored hackers and even salvagers started to find themselves left out of the attention, and to be fair I gave them some attention as well. In light of Eve Online goals.

I present this idea to the community in its current state to gather the much needed feedback as well as continuously adjust for the ever growing universe of Eve Online. This idea thrives on feedback given regardless of favor or disfavor. So I encourage leaving feed back when you can.

So without further ado I present you the rest of the story.

Very Respectfully,
Nova Fox <^-^>
CEO Nova Fox Shipyards

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Nova Fox
Novafox Shipyards
#3 - 2011-09-06 16:42:46 UTC  |  Edited by: Nova Fox
Table of Contents

Sisters, Tribesment and Legionnairs, Oh My?

Archeaology Section
Sow the Seeds
Diving into the Past
Fueling the Future
Authoring Destiny

Hacking Section
Welcome to the Hypernet
Two Byte Son of a Four
Bandwidth Hero

Salvaging Section
What was breifly yours is now mine
Reuse, Abuse, and Duct Tape

Mining Section

Other Notes
The Bitter Pill

Sisters of Eve Ships
Tech 1 Exploration Ships
Tech 2 Voyager Ships
Tech 3 Discovery Ship and Subsystems
Sisters of Eve Capital Ships

Change Log
Change is constant

Update 12.12.114

    Retribution Expansion
  • Removed Lore from many posts and reshuffled them into one post.
  • Committing Teiricide
  • Page Updates

Retribution Expansion Road Map
  • Update to Retribution Changes
  • Add Graphical Representation of Hacker Ships, introduce stats.
  • Add Graphical Representation of Salvager Ships, introduce stats.
  • Refine Hacking to be less click more and more workable in defense of players.
  • Add RP Store
  • Expand further on ideas and increase integration of each other.
  • Add Thukker Capital Ships
  • Add Legion Capital Ships
  • Add SOE ulititarian ship (off spec)
  • Add Thukker utilitarin ship (off spec)
  • Add Mordus utilitarian ship (off spec)
  • Add various new tools.
  • Add out of pod exploration

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Nova Fox
Novafox Shipyards
#4 - 2011-09-06 16:42:53 UTC  |  Edited by: Nova Fox
Sisters, Tribesmen and Legionnaires, Oh My?
Why Not?

There are currently twenty factions currently contesting for power in Eve Online.

  • Gallente, Amarr, Caldari, Minmatar, Jove - These empires are more in line to be making warships in light of recent changes of interstellar warfare. Retribution even re-purposed mining frigates into logistical boats
  • CONCORD - A faction who'd rather not give pod pilots more tools to kill each other with let alone use against them.
  • Interbus- A faction best suited for automated transportation of goods and are currently the Plantarty Interaction corp.
  • Sansha, Serpentis, Guristas, Angels, and Bloods - All whom which rather do their business at gunpoint.
  • Ammatar and Kanhid - Are more interested in protecting their boarders to justify their existence.
  • Intaki - Are political shady business dealers that deal though proxies to get what they want, such as the Sisters or Serpentis.
  • Society of Conscious Thought - An organization more interested in controlling it all.

Many of the above factions are disqualified by their own actions, relations goals and ethics. For example Concord would be willing to provide tools to pilots to specifically assail pirates but not give them the means to cause undo harm unto others. This leaves us with the following remaining factions.

  • Thukker Tribe - A nomad organization who have to make do with what little they already have.
  • Modus Legion - A mercenary group who have heavily adopted in intel to help survive the new era of interstellar warfare.
  • Outer Ring Extractions - This is the largest mining corporation in New Eden.
  • Sisterhood of Eve - A charity group whose curiosity about the Eve Gate and universe is unquenchable.

This selection fill various roles, lore, balance and design goals. With ORE being Gallente, to racially balance out the rest of the civilian factions would require an Amarr, Caldari and a Minmatar faction. These remaining factions, Sisters, Thukker and Legion fit nicely into the shoes. Their natures already implies that they are already making tools and are or always been working those goals. Like the high-tech Caldari would almost is logical to be good at hacking. While Thukker Tribes nomadic nature along with Minmatar sensibilities to ship designs falls directly into the salvaging profession. Finally Sisters are already being shaped up to be the exploration outlet as they are the sole providers of factional probe launchers and implants currently.

It should also be known that Dust 514's influences does not change my position on the factions I've chosen.

In short
The four factions I have picked makes the most sense without creating a new unneeded mess of things.

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Nova Fox
Novafox Shipyards
#5 - 2011-09-06 16:43:13 UTC  |  Edited by: Nova Fox
Sow the Seeds,
We Begin Here

Science, Archaeology Salvaging, Hacking, Mining... what are they really? Are they truly professions? Or are they just over glorified push button jobs? Players of Eve are very well dissatisfied with mining as it is. Lock click and repeat. Why must we settle for this when there is so much more to do? A salvager wouldn't just take a single circuit board out of a wreck; he'd haul the whole wreck home. A scientist wouldn't let computers do his work; he'd go out and find the answers to the universe. A hacker of course would not just open locks, he would bring entire networks down. An archaeologist digging up the past would not just put those artifacts a millionaire’s collection shelf. So I ask you why are they all currently push button jobs? They don't have to be and they yearn to be so much more.

The bottom line with these professions they're too shallow and far to easy to master. Verses every other profession in new Eden there isn't any reward for going deeper into the field. Skill is arbitrarily set to how well one uses an excel sheet and how high the skills are on the character sheet and much less on the actual person.

To start we need to create a feeling of doing the job. This requires most of the work to make salvaging feel like salvaging and to have it entirely different form mining would be one thing. This requires us to make all of our professions that there are useful rewards, appreciation of skills, integration into New Eden, meaningful depth, welcoming shallowness, appeal to be envied, and products that can be used in and out of their communities. Obstacles, failure, competition, and actually needing more knowledge than the same is willing to lend must must be ever present in all of these careers. Once the careful balance must be struck between failure and success you create a very rewarding career.

In meeting all of our goals we will create a new breed of New Eden pilots, true professionals, people you can look up in awe, wonder, and a sum of isk for their services because you can't do the same things they do. This unique challenge that is too massive to be easily solved with one simple idea which is why I have gone out and explained it all.

  • Revamp Archaeology, Hacking, Salvaging, Mining, science and industry.
  • Make profession more on player skill less on character sheet skill.
  • Increase Depth of the pool to entice older players to stay in the profession.
  • Decrease shallow end of the pool to invite newer players into the profession.
  • Slope the pool better to give new people in the field a roadmap to being a professional.
  • Create new markets

  • <- Go Back to Table of Contents.

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    Nova Fox
    Novafox Shipyards
    #6 - 2011-09-06 16:43:19 UTC  |  Edited by: Nova Fox
    Diving into the Past
    Unearthing Archeology

    By now we all know that past civilizations in New Eden make us look amoebic in technological powers. To have an inkling of an idea of how far behind we are, the Amarrians used a Terran weapon against the Mminmatar and wiped out an entire fleet including its capital fleet compliment.

    Yet why in archaeology we just waddle around with some tinker toy stuff and never go forth and fully understand the technology we dig up? That the best we can do is make tech 2 blueprints. We learn so little of the culture as well.

    So a revamp is in order. To start we will need to rebuild the tools for the job, the Analyzer and upgrade her to a high powered slot to have more functionality, we're going to need it.

    A new short range transmitter, a beacon if you will, is capable of waking up and pinging nearby old sites to be analyzed. Along with the optional and mostly untouched probe launcher for the daring.

    To entertain the notion that this sounds like mining. I'll explain why its different.
    The process of finding archaeological targets is simply not the same. You simply cannot warp to a belt and find these sites, nor find them in any exploration site normally. That is what the beacon is for.

    These sites similarly to mine-able asteroids could be found anywhere though. As with mining the more dangerous the place is the better the rewards.

    Another major difference between surveying and mining is how the target depletes. Targeted sites have limited lifespans based on their generator. Various kinds of generator alters how its harvested so an unstable generator may not respond well when stressed by too many analyzers. Over extract it and the site blows up. So unlike mining where they have to munch a rock as fast as possible for profits. A surveyor has to preserve the site for as long as possible to get all the information he could before it dies.

    Then when a site expires, the power supply loses containment and destroys anything it’s attached to. So if a site was found attached to a mine-able asteroid they will share the same fate when the reactor fades. The possibility of drawing ire from a miner viewing the same rock for profit will definitely be there. Other notable items the site can attach to could be particle smashers or reactors which explode rather violently.

    Despite the dangers and risks New Eden will favor the bold.

    To summarize:
    • Archaeology is a new harvest profession
    • Archaeologist finds sites by pinging with beacon in any location with objects
    • Archaeologist harvest these interactive 'time bomb' sites by reading how the site is reacting to the player and harvest smartly for max effeciency.

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    Nova Fox
    Novafox Shipyards
    #7 - 2011-09-06 16:43:27 UTC  |  Edited by: Nova Fox
    Fueling the Future
    Burning though the shroud of the unknown.

    Similar to ore mined, archaeologist will be harvesting a new very basic resource that will be pieced together into larger and grander purpose.

    They will have a new tool called the Analyzer to do this. It will be a high slot item this time around and all the old things the analyzer we currently love and know will still be doing its job. However the new aspect of this is it now collects items and data from archaeology sites found throughout New Eden. The less traveled that area of space is the more likely that site is valuable. Every cycle of the analyzer also drains the site's power. Thus harvesters have to pay attention to how fast they're killing sites in order to adjust and get the most out of it. Unlike mining the archaeologist is high mobility and constantly on the hunt for new sites.

    When the sites are harvested the materials taken from sites will be raw data known as packets. This data contains knowledge of the previous owners on their techniques, their ways, and their technologies. With sufficient number of packets you can then have a batch processed and filtered down into usable information. This cleans up missing information and data corruption This process is known as recompiling, Similar to refining with the exception of varying imprecise outputs caused by data fluctuation which can be reduced by skill and increases left over packet survival for future batches.When all said and done this results in fragments which are then pieced together to make executable software.

    Rarely there will also be artifacts on board sites and they get tractor beamed into the cargo hold and these can be turned in for research points.

    Sites are by default hidden though. So an archaeologist must use a beacon to reactivate the site in order to be able to target and uncloak them.

    Finally probe launchers will allow archaeologist to find new sites in higher concentrations away from the asteroid belts or mission sites.

    So in a nutshell its:
    Archaeologist Surveys Site -> Receives Packets -> Recompile Packets into Fragments -> Fragments Create Programs.

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    Nova Fox
    Novafox Shipyards
    #8 - 2011-09-06 16:43:35 UTC  |  Edited by: Nova Fox
    Authoring Destiny
    Going where no scientist has gone before!

    Where industry makes hardware, science will make software. Software varies greatly from hardware as they are installed to enhance hardware functions. Hacking will assist in this as well as their own variety of software will be used to do nefarious things and of course creating more software based devices.

    Software will have many possible applications the possibilities are endless. From altering your ship's AI, to changing out factory job orders are carried out. Even going into tinkering with blueprint properties in altering the module's performance entirely allowing the way for customized modules. Even eventually create implants and software defense against hackers. Along with a route to manufacture skill books, instructions, science tools, data cores and blueprints without NPC intervention removing the very last bastion of NPC provided items and replacing them with player provided services.

    In the purposed planned future of changes to science and industry interfaces by CCP. A player could place an item on this 'table' and the entire job process from start to finish on an easily to view format. From here we can inject the software and see how it effects the entire chain and go from there.

    One example of mutating this process would be speeding up a job significantly but being haphazard would result in higher fees or resources when applicable. We should see these results simulated in real time on this table. Countering would be lowering the material needs but this would also slow the job down.

    It does not stop there, as we expand our software possibilities so does their applications of such. Another example is altering research jobs even doing things not possible or sanctioned by normal labs. Other potentials would be creating and altering AI for your ships, and even begin a new front in warfare, Cyberspace.

    As you can see software has a massive enough current existing market to take over for. To infrastructural for it would not be that hard but adjusting demand, supply and outcomes will be the tricky part.

    In short:
  • Create a new software industry that handles science aspect of things.
  • Software helps enhance hardware capabilities. From industry, manufacturing, combat, hacking, and research.
  • Science based tools and applications will be built with software as opposed to standard industrial minerals.

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    Nova Fox
    Novafox Shipyards
    #9 - 2011-09-06 16:43:43 UTC  |  Edited by: Nova Fox
    Welcome to the Hypernet
    Take the red pill

    The Hypernet is the network of New Eden it’s a network of quantum entangled helium-4 routers which its batches is further entangled into individual hosts or end devices such as ships, Star gates, and Stations. The routers are then linked to each creating the massive Hypernet it is today.

    Following the Yulai convention at the end of the four empire's wars, Concord developed a subcommittee, the Communication Relay Committee to oversee the FTL communication technologies. For 113 years, that security was thought to be impervious to attacks to anyone outside of Concords halls. In recent events, challenges have been issued to Concord's security authority over the Hypernet. Those walls of the Hypernet had finally been broken down.

    Enter the Mordus Legion, a Caldari sub faction, is a group of militants that was a major factor in the Gallente civil war. In the modern warfare era of hundreds of capital ships being flung about with reckless abandon, the Legion's own fleet funds cannot compete against the empires or the capsuleer. Thus in order to survive today’s combat environment they've evolved something they were always notorious for, Information. Even during the Gallente civil war, the Legion access to Gallente citizenry amongst its loyalist where able to penetrate further than any Caldari citizen ever could.

    So when the Concord HQ was destroyed, the Legion was watching when they swapped over to emergency mode. When Sansha violated the Hypernet with their foreign methods, the Legion was watching. When Concord issued out the Echelon it was the golden goose Mordus was looking for.

    Year of toiling away and researching hypernet and immortal soldiers. Mordus Legion is now poised to place itself in a dangerous but guarded position. With information that can bring down empires & destroy civilization at their finger tips it became quickly apparent that anyone going after the Legion directly would not bode politically well with anyone, Including Concord.

    However Concord did managed to force Mordus into an agreement at the threat of mutual destruction. The resulting agreement detailed that the Legion must divulge how the technology and methods to everyone that sought it at fair rate of compensation for their time and materials. Mordus must also help pioneer the defenses against the breeches and source their findings to others. While the Legion holds superior high ground when it comes to Hypernet infiltration and protection, other companies quickly sought to create their own protections not being able to trust the Legion's own solutions. Empires threw entire treasuries to protect their data against intrusions after the insult that the Legion levied against them and soon capsuleer will be not be able to escape the attention of a Hypernet specialist and must learn to use, defend or suffer from the new generation of information warfare.

    When with Mordus, do as the Legion does, adapt or die.

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    Nova Fox
    Novafox Shipyards
    #10 - 2011-09-06 16:43:51 UTC  |  Edited by: Nova Fox
    Two Byte Son of a Four!
    Just when you thought it was safe.

    Hypernet Specialist is a fairly new profession that assimilates the old 'hacker' profession entirely. These specialist are armed with a new heavily modified Legion code breaker, the higher power requirements demanded from computers in order to violate guardian walls has forced the module fitting to a high slot for cooling and housing. This will replace the classic code breakers and retain the original function as well.
    These code breakers gather data which are quite similar to the gathered data from an analyzer the archeologist will use. The major difference in respect that code breakers gather information from today's technologies verses the analyzers past technologies.

    Another matter that changes is the source of the data. Where best to safely crack open security codes to ones heart’s content than a wrecked ship? Violating wrecks for security information however disintegrates the wrecks as all vulnerabilities are abused to the point of destruction such as door locks and power circuits. Similar to salvaging, using a code breaker on a wreck leaves behind the intact cargo bay.

    Unlike salvaging however destroying the wreck is NOT the goal, every cycle successfully completed will yield software bits to be encoded into software later. Advanced skills help control rate of wreck destruction.
    Once the codes are gathered an encoder can piece together the information at any recompiling service similar to the archeologist. This refined information when combined with data gathered from archeologist as a means of outsmarting the current technology. This creates the vulnerabilities needed to gain access to certain routers and Hypernet portals.
    Thus the digital arms race has begun; software must be constantly updated on both attacking and defending fonts to prevent vulnerabilities and ensuring success.

    To assist pilots that have no intentions of getting into computer security comes some new pieces of software for them to have issued to them by default. Though this will not be enough to total ensure protection, they can easily afford better software to ward off hackers for much less than the attack could cost.

    The first tool in the defensive arsenal is the Operating System or the OS. The default OS provides the natural protection the ship has. Purchasing better OS's allows for loading of defense software as well as provide a boost to natural protection and possibly improve a ships performance or link up to other operating systems creating a defense network which increases protection even further. If an intrusion is detected the OS goes into reinforced mode disconnecting any users. Those who train in Hypernet tools can get further effectiveness of their defenses.

    Additional software that pod pilots can use for their defense is an Avenger Screen. These are some of the most physically damaging software used to counter act hacking activates and behaves as an electric fence would. If triggered, the avenger screen automatically assails the hostile systems as the hostiles own protections are down during the hack.

    The large variety of avenger screens provides different effects and will definitely suggest to the hacker that he just messed up big time and the hurt is inbound. Concord ruling's also declare hacking attempts serious enough to warrant hostile retaliation of the victim to be legal as though he was stolen from but does not rule that avenger screen triggering a retaliate able offense. One such avenger screens can cause several things such as off lining modules for those who are baiting a hacker waiting for the ripe moment to strike. An avenger screens are like any other security breeching software in that when it activates their attack profile is no longer valid and thus destroyed.

    Guardian Walls are for everything else that isn’t a ship and are installed in places such as your neocom as a whole or your outpost and star base. Like the OS, default versions are readily available that can be upgraded with purchases. Like avenger screens they provide additional protection and alert owners something is amiss. However they cannot attack the hacker. Instead they can reinforce the system and prevent entry. The guardian walls can be activated by the owners when they are suspect one is being digitally attacked and successfully dodging the defenses. This in effect wipes out any unwanted software and automatically reinforces the computer node. Activating the wall however destroys it in the process but guarantees all software not indented in system is removed. This however does not reverse any damage made by the software up to that point and may require antivirus software to undo the other kinds of harm.

    The most expensive types of Guardian Walls one can afford are impenetrable for their month of installment then degrading afterwards. Yet only such software routines can only be extracted from wrecks that hosted similar capabilities when the ship was alive, namely super carriers and titan.

    There are other ways to prevent a hack but that will be explained in the hacking process itself.

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    Nova Fox
    Novafox Shipyards
    #11 - 2011-09-06 16:43:59 UTC  |  Edited by: Nova Fox
    Bandwidth Hero
    He's got dots in his π.

    In order to attempt a hack, a Hypernet specialist must use a new electronic warfare system known as Transposer.
    Transposers perform the simple task of orchestrating attack software onto the target. Targets however will as previously discussed will all be armed with defense software of various degrees and regardless of the pilots own skill the chance of failure is always present. Wetware failures also have a very harsh penalty for failing that when combined with the attempted victim can turn quite disastrous for the hacker that gets caught.

    What is our hacker going to gain for his efforts? In essence almost any bit of information the victim can see is available to a capable hacker's hands, with the exception of personal eve-mails and web browsing history are off limits. Some pilots use these tools to pass on information that is too sensitive for public consumption of any rate, and will forever remain off limits. Everything else however isn’t going to be a walk in the park to access.

    Some are confused what hackers can be capable of, let it be known that if its left better in the hands of a spy or sleeper agent for causing mayhem should remain in the agent's hands. This may help agents though should they choose to use their Hypernet specialization skills against his victims there is nothing stopping him from doing so. It would even be more nefarious if he was in charge of their own data security and purposely offline the data defenses to hack his own quarry. The few exceptions to this rule are that secure cans could be stolen from and eventually stolen all together if its empty and flipping control of an offline star base tower.

    Hackers have an uphill battle when it comes to accessing pod pilot’s information. While a pilot could easily hack a non-pilot capsuleer ship and screw with their IFF making them temporarily non-hostile or even hostile against their own fellows quite easily. Pod pilots are an entirely different story if trying to reset their standings.

    In revision to previous version it was found to be much easier to provide this by port methods. A connection to the target must be made first. This can either be accomplished directly by targeting the victim and harassing their computes or by proximity means such as accessing and hacking the star gate's router in the same system. Proximity means provides more safety and secrecy safety from the victim, however most of those places which own hardware in question they frown upon having their computers barrowed and will make it abundantly clear with some very large guns. In either case a connection node must be established on every hop to the final target consuming a data anchor at every attempt to install one.

    Once an anchor is on the final target the transposer can then upload a virus which comes in many different flavors and varieties. The most common and easiest to install are indeed observational viruses which relay information back to the transposer, the multiple port access type is generates random results with incomplete data while specific and slightly harder to install ports are more likely to bring back all of the information in that one page. Once a page is found a hacker and try to upload a connection node anchor to then upload a final payload a virus. The basic rule of viruses is that the more dangerous and damaging the virus is the much more difficult it will be to get it to install especially without notice. Either way the damage they can cause will be more felt than losing data to someone else's eyes.

    Victims however can protect themselves in other ways. For example the above if the victim noticed that it was one of his jobs is infected and hasn’t even started yet he could cancel the job which effectively removes the hack, and then restart it. He can also interrupt an ongoing attack by simply logging off and disconnecting with local navigation in star gates. However this will not protect the pilot should a virus be uploaded and activating the OS or avenger screen must be performed to purge the virus.

    So this leads to our basic rules of disconnecting from attackers, is to remove the object of desire from the equation. As simply put a hacker cannot hack something that is no longer there. While this may work well with pilots, corporations are subject to hacking and off lining is not an option most of the time may have to go on the offensive which they'll definitely have the money for instead of cowering behind the above methods. Either way hacking a corporation requires accessing a member of the corporation first thus adding additional layers and nodes to risk getting caught though.

    The hackers however can broaden their attack range but at increased risks such as using a regional gates in the constellation where any failure in the hack would result in the gates or station aggressing the hacker but the victim must leave the region to cause a disconnect. Thus is safe to say that hacking in hi-sec is much more dangerous for the hacker.

    Another sigh of relief in the battle against the system, once a hacker has gained access he doesn’t need to re-hack the previous breeched areas until caught or target is no longer valid, however if part of the connection breaks he will lose all progress up to that point. Also the closer the hacker is to the target the fewer walls he has to breech. For example when stations interiors are implemented the hacker may find the pilot personally and hack his neo-com without having to go through his ship anymore and go directly to the victim's PDA. Though it would be awkward for the hacker when the victim notices and confronts the hacker in question.

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    Nova Fox
    Novafox Shipyards
    #12 - 2011-09-06 16:44:08 UTC  |  Edited by: Nova Fox
    What was breifly yours is now mine.
    Your Trash My treasure

    Thukker Tribes refusal of Minmatar membership has stranded them to the stars with no place to call home. This has forced thier embraced lifestyle of nomads. As any good nomad, they'll let nothing go to waste and that hasnt changed in the space faring era.

    Initially the Thukker has developed salvaging technologies which functioned as some of the first hull and armor repair devices in space that mordern higher tech concepts decended from. However Thukker Tribe ships remain in space for much longer than intended service life of any other ship, and with so many peicemealed ships together and segregated from alot of the other empires so new updates and hardware rollouts dont reach them as easily.

    So things begin to break on thier ships that even current repair modules cannot repair completely. This is where Thukker Tribe excels as they can replace entire parts on the fly with minimal impact to ships systems. They are able to take apart other ships entirely and use every bit of usable scrap to thier advantage. Taking ships and making them servicable as is or taking them apart to make others remain servicable.

    However in recent times the technology that was so crucial to thier survival was haparzardly partially stolen from them and put into the hands of the public including the capsullers. With capsullers growing interests in thier attempts at salvage which only takes a few small bits and scraps and discards the rest the Tribesmen are beginning to find themselves at odds of lower supplies of what they have been so dependent on. Even worse the rigs are misue of the use of the parts the Thukker normally salvage.

    With fewer options being made avaialble to them the Thukker Tribesmen, and salvage in thier own backwater areas dwindeling. The Tribe decided it was time to profit off what was paid insult to them. With the Tribesmen offering thier own insult-free reclimation technology the intellecual property owners of the salvagers as we currenlty know them are soon to find themselves out of business against the vices what a real thukker made salvager can do.

    Thukker's application for technology distribution has allowed them to sell the technologies. Tribesmen have since then profited from the trade espeically after they prooved that the theives of the salvager was in voilation of thier technology rights. Along with fact Thukker had the original software, they comprimised with sensor companies which updated all of New Eden's scan basic profiler allows for the ships to finally see space garbage the tribe has been seeing for years, treasure.

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    Nova Fox
    Novafox Shipyards
    #13 - 2011-09-06 16:44:21 UTC  |  Edited by: Nova Fox

    Space garbage is more common than one can care to think for until it gets in thier way. With this update garbage will become a significant problem if not adressed. Normal activites will contribute to its slow growth of garbage levels. As the garbage levels increase in a system the more cluttered it may become in local gravity sources. Things that accerate it would be destroying wrecks, letting items expire into the depths of space, even trashing items in your hanger all contribute to the garbage issues. Levels are cacluated on a regular basis and its used to base spawn mechanics within the system.

    What issues you ask garbage can cause? For one garbage itself is dangerous. Posing not only as a navigational hazard like blocking your undock chute but debris and radioactive hazards even explosive hazards from undetonated dreadnaught magazines can pose a significant obstale in every day operations in travel mining and patrols. Even pirate factions begin to take notice and would rather abandon entire operations if the garbage becomes too much of a problem for them to safely circumvent. Garabge can also be undesirable once they start mimicing exploration sites with thier false signals and over densify a normally populated asteriod and ice belt with trash instead of precious ores. While it may hold advantage to anyone trying to hide in a fiflthy system it does nothing else for anyone else really. Sometimes even merging with minables in creating a dirty ore quality which is up to bad as half of the original ore yield with scraps to the side.

    High sec space will curb this slightly by having concentrated garbage belts but it will not be thier solve it all. Wormhole space will be immune to the garbage piling and we should blame the sleepers drones for this. While low and null sec will have no such curbs and will be entirely player reliant but the point remains the more the garbage piles up in the system the more the system becomes unattractive.

    Then to top the rotten cherry on top of garbage mountain to prevent purposful garabage piling for easier missions/sites as regular npcs begin to roll out of the system they'll be replaced by equally if not more dangerous scrap drones. Scrap drones are similar to rogue drones but build themselves hapazardly out of scrap parts to profilerate. When destroyed they do not offer as much in terms of salvagable guts and thier deaths even contribute more to the garabage problem and do not offer any bounties. They may even potentially lockdown a system via incursion and start harvesting starbases outposts and everything not nailed down.

    Destroying scrap drone hives a new site that pops up in fiflty system can signficnatly lower a systems trash level but also at no reward other than restoring the sanitaiton levels.

    POS modules can also be helpful in killing the clutter as well as the HUB upgrades but they receive no rewards for doing so. To truely profit from the garbage like the Tribesmen have, one must use the new salvager.

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    Nova Fox
    Novafox Shipyards
    #14 - 2011-09-06 16:44:31 UTC  |  Edited by: Nova Fox
    Reuse Abuse and Duct Tape.
    "Nothing Improvision can't fix."

    The updated salvager will function like the old salvagers except they are able to train themselves on a larger variety of targets. Including our pollutants, hazardous materials, garbage balls, and various other unwants in the system. So why do we need special ships and equipment for? The answer is in the trash itself.

    The new trash have different traits multiple HP amounts that decrease with every attempt to access. While some of these targets are inheritently dangerous to get close too to salvage so can thier trash. Highly radio active materials may make most normal ships unable to reasonably transport the materials harvested as it radiates the rest of the ship. Even explosive cargo may go off in during onloading causing damage. So the salvager ships are specialized in handeling such materials intact. While a nomral ship can handle thier job they will have to pay a repair bill in the end or suffer having to get a new ship and insurance.

    Another new feature comming with the new salvager is the collection of new salvagable parts. These scrap parts are whole parts of modules ships they're made from such as railgun coils, autocannon motors, and afterburner node rings. These scrap parts are used in building the custom modules mentioned earlier with the meta-level modules.

    Another thing salvagers will be able to do is collect technology fragments to eventually spit out a very random scrapper's blueprint. Scrappers blueprints are a one run blueprint copy that features a scrappers module. At the cost of 10-25% HP (which makes it a bad choice for overheating with) these blueprints come with a rig slot. The rigs are also built with the scrap parts and adopt the meta-level trait names that metalevel research uses. So essentially its a free +1 Metalevel at the cost of its HP.

    In the rarer event that a scrapper ship is generated, it will be similar to the normal ship except that it will feature an additional rig slot and more calibration to account at the cost of HP% from the original non-scrap version of the ship. The scrapper ship will require much more scrap parts to create than regular minerals. Tech 2s variety of ships will require the srapper basic ship, better quality scraps, and any additional tech 2 materials normally needed.

    Another new thing salvagers can help create are junker rounds.
    These 'trash' rounds are larger or have lesser hp than normal rounds thus take up more room in the magazine but they oftenly have attributes not normally found on regular ammo and do competitive damage.

    Some Examples:
    Pre-Engerized hybrid shells - costs no cap.
    Refracted Lense - Hits harder costs range and additional cap, burns up easily.
    Fueled Warheads - Costs cap to launch, faster than regular missiles.
    Reactor Shells - projectile rounds that cost some cap has aoe effect.

    Followed by thier own junker drones. Junker drones hit much harder than standard drones unfourtunately they where shoddily built and continously lose hp and are prohibitive to repair so they turn into one use drones ideal for short pvp engagements.

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    Nova Fox
    Novafox Shipyards
    #15 - 2011-09-06 16:44:40 UTC  |  Edited by: Nova Fox
    Hallored be thy name?

    The oldest full profession needs a quick once over to compete with the new playing field to suggest the following would make some miners cry out in joy or shed endless sour tears of having to adapt. Either way miners must also adapt and evolve further to progress in their professions.

    This list will be kept simple as they been fully explored by many before me on how to approach I pick and choose the an excellent combination of them all.

    System wide belts the long promised feature is still missing but its time for it to come into fruitation it will add better immersion experince, cut down on can clutter, and may make pvp a bit more intesting.

    To help navigate the a new infastructure known as mining outposts preprovided by high sec help serves as a warp markers for a 'belt sections'. These high sec outposts feature smelting and compressing at a fee. These outpost are globally tagged once online thus anyone can warp to it easily and the distance from the belt to the outpost is out of range of even the most extended mining lasers. However it won't stop an orca from parking on top of it. Number of max outposts should be similar to current belt populations. So if a system had 20 belts before there would be a maxium of 20 outposts divided amongst any of the system wide belts in the system. Additional limit raise in the future if deemed nessecary.

    Low sec and Null sec will have to personally deploy thier private ones with thier variable taxes after completing an astrogeological survey with a probe. If there are no outposts there is no 'warping to belt' out there unless you previously bookmarked it. The position of theses said outposts are logically placed apart. Once established then they can set thier own tax and charge rates for the outpost's use. Null Sector may deploy armed outposts which shoots allaince flagged hostiles only and has a small stront bay to withstand getting knocked out entirely in a smash and run attack of a small attack group however a follow up attack will not have to take too much more to kill it and raid its mineral supplies that where left aboard.

    As a new change to help counter simpler bots. Belt Asteriods do not die when mined out thus a nonattentive miner will know when a rock is dried up scarping by with one or two ore a cycle instead of the full m3. Despite the change any mission or deadspace site asteriod will behave as normal dying upon mining out. This is important factor as belt asteriods will no longer identified on the overview by thier type. Only an ore scanner or 'Pike' missile/drone can determine what sort of asteriod it is make this the choice cost of highslots of either fitting full rack of miners or one pike launcher to speed things up and encourage team work having one ore hound and others to mine. This is also a chance to revisit the smallest exhumer and barge by allowing them to fit the survey tool without sacificing a mining slot.

    The new belt asteriods are metamorphic varying in content and yeilds and unless isolated will dump random amount of results of all possible contents into the cargo hold possibly filling up with junk quickly. While depleting the astriods rather slowly.

    Dozens of new grades of asteriod ore would also be introduced. Radiating asteriods which causes hampering effects similar to Ewar to nearby ships. Volitile ores that applies their effect onto the ship they are store in unless put into a special container. Worthless (50% yeild), Poreous (50% larger m3) to more valuable and even refines into concentrated variants of minerals. All ores will be effected and the types and vareities will be based in the security of space they are found in. The most dangerous types of asteriods can be nullified with knowledge or avoidance when detected but the yeilds are often the best out there. Special refining skills may be needed however with specific ore types I see no need, Skills to reduce the effects of harmful ore however is another story.

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    Nova Fox
    Novafox Shipyards
    #16 - 2011-09-06 16:44:47 UTC  |  Edited by: Nova Fox
    The Bitter Pill
    Just when you thought it was all fun and games.

    Despite all this we must come to the realization that there are some things that are going to be nerfed in the end.

    First thing to go away... the afk Research points for Data Cores needs to be removed from the game entirely.

    No risk for reward is counter to what drives New Eden and its the last visage of a very horrible and contorted system that never should have ever really worked.

    Now before you guys start protesting bear with me we're introducing earnable Research Points and making them spendable at a new store the Research Store.

    What is for sale at the new Research Store you ask? Well Datacores of course! ...along with and various other tools, research lab software, software cores, blueprints, operating systems, viruses, anti-viruses, gaurdian wall software, scientific endevours, specific skillbooks, faction scientific resources, implants, research papers.

    And now you're asking yourself... how do I Research Point.

    You turn in items of interests. With all of the above professions the chances of actually 'discovering' something thats poorly understood by the entire scientific community is all quite possible to wind up in your cargo hold. Even a miner could happen upon an abandon sleeper probe in an ore pull. Which would intrigue most scientific minds who dabble in drone technologies. This is a form of 'active' researching as well. The more rare and more interesting the item is to a company the more RP they pay out. To compensate isk should also be rewarded and RP data core prices be adjusted significantly as they are no longer an afkable resource.

    Every company you can turn materials into will have thier specialty sciences they are compatable with which is not much different form data core availability. If you just happened upon an item you can turn in but have no use for that corproation's core you can then turn around and buy a research paper which will convert into RP elsewhere. Conversion rates are highly dependend on how closely related the item is to thier science. so a computer science will have more relation and better conversion to communication sciences verses a metalurgy science.

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    Nova Fox
    Novafox Shipyards
    #17 - 2011-09-06 16:44:55 UTC  |  Edited by: Nova Fox
    Removed Empire ships as CCP is moving away from having empire do these utilitarian jobs.

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    Nova Fox
    Novafox Shipyards
    #18 - 2011-09-06 16:45:03 UTC  |  Edited by: Nova Fox
    Servant Sisterhood of Eve Ships
    Sifting through the Stars

    The Sisters have been hard at work providing an enjoyable and safer experience while researching in the field.

    Like their ORE industrialist counterparts Sisters of Eve ships harvest resources. However for the SOE, it's not an all you can eat buffet for them. SOE ships have to actively hunt, track, and find their targets and once they find it to preserve it as long as possible in order to get the most out of it before it dies.

    Similar to ORE, SOE will oppositely tank from their parent faction the Amarr, so they will be shield tanking. Survivability was built into SOE ships as some encounters they will face will demand it, as exploration is often done solo as well. So thicker shields combined with higher agility and low mass makes for an excellent means of getting away when situations are not looking good. Does this mean they're uncatchable? No it doesn't but certainly makes them a harder target as a civilian ship and the SOE are supreme for their tonnage.

    As to not rival the covert ops initially the bonus initially applied to the type of probes used, which is no longer a separable issue. So to further segregate the two ships SOE ships are extremely slow warping ships using most of their CPU to calculate astrometric not space tunneling. Also the covert Ops can cloak where trying to shove said device onto a SOE ship will be a very difficult process to nearly impossible.

    SOE ships are specially designed to have a gentler touch on sites enabling them to preserve a site further than a souped up battleship enrolled into the job.

    SOE ships also get a nice feature to option a probe launcher or an additional analyzer in their high slots so that SOE ships working as a group can designate one ship to scan probe while all others go full analyzer duty.

    SOE ships are very lightweight in terms of mass, this makes them ideal wormhole ships as well as they can travel with a group accompanied and not waste so much of the wormhole stability that could have been better used for another combat ship.

    Tiers where implemented in order to allow reward for skilling, and well as the feeling of progression for players as its is considerably important to do this giving players something to look forward to and back from.

    Tech 2 Ships of the SOE are specialized like their ORE rivals. Each one has its own 'perk' that makes it viable in its own right and not just better usage.

    Tech 3 Ship is a civilian approach to tech 3 ship design the overall bonuses cannot rival the military counterparts and weapon systems are laughable from any Heavy Assault Cruiser's view point where a militarized tech 3 would make said ship run in terror. Most bonuses are built for survival.

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    Nova Fox
    Novafox Shipyards
    #19 - 2011-09-06 16:45:13 UTC  |  Edited by: Nova Fox
    SOE Technology One
    To start your journey one must take the first step.

    Traveler, Wanderer, Surveyor

    Technology 1 Teir 1 : 2 : 3

    Hull Class
    Exploration Ship

    Mission Role
    Intermediate Science Vessels

    Traveler Description
    The Traveler was orginally based on a sister's private yacth normally used to ferry supplies from place to place to spread thier charitable causes. With not much to start with thier contacts decided to reduce costs by updating the former shuttle hull with the astrometics the sisters are beginning to eye at. The end result is very pomising, a lightweight and fast astrometics ship is able to pinpoint any site of interest with ease at extremy budgetable prices.
    Wanderer Description
    These old transports of the Sisterhood help established their charity efforts in the galaxy, in modern days these old transports storage abilities have been dwarfed by advanced ships of the current era almost made this ship extinct.
    When the need to gather precious information about the elder races arose when the charities where running dry. This ship saw the light again as its spacious room it touted was then filled with computers for astrometrics and have allowed the Sisterhood seek the refuge and knowledge they need to continue providing hope to the refugees.
    Surveyor Description
    This grand ship was the first attempt in creating a new ship specifically designed from the ground up to help the Sisterhood to further thier scientific curiosities especially during the war as it would pay for itself, charity and further the sister's neutrality. The recovery results of expeditions where well clamored for by the highest bidder which remained invaluable to all empires and individuals corporations, scientists and the needy of New Eden.

    Exploration Ship Bonus 1
    2% : 2.5% : 3% Reduction in Target's Power Drain from Analyzer and Data Streaming Analyzer per level

    Exploratoin Ship Bonus 2
    10% Increase in Signature Strength to Beacon and Core Probe scanning strength per ship level

    Fitting Bonus
    Fitting Ability with Data Streaming Analyzer

    105 : 310 : 375 CPU
    016 : 035 : 040 Power Grid
    400 : 400 : 400 Calibration
    2 : 3 : 4 High
    3 : 3 : 3 Medium
    1 : 2 : 1 Low
    3 : 3 : 3 Rigs

    394 : 717 : 1438 Shields
    550 : 750 : 0750 Recharge
    Resists E00 T20 X50 K40

    514 : 403 : 858 Armor
    Resists E50 T35 X20 K25

    567 : 1032 : 2063 Hull
    7.5M kg : 11M kg : 10.5M kg Mass
    125m/s : 105m/s : 115m/s Max Speed
    2.0AU/s : 1.7AU/s : 2.2AU/s Warp Speed
    0.65 : 0.47 : 0.52 Agility
    250m3 : 392m3 : 290m3 Cargo Bay
    25m3 : 30m3 : 25m3 Drone Bay
    15mb : 20mb : 25mb Drone Bandwidth

    930GJ : 1005GJ : 1100GJ Capacitor
    270s : 300s : 320s Recharge

    10 : 12 : 14 Radar
    2 : 3 : 4 Targets
    25kms : 30kms : 35kms Range
    300mm : 300mm : 300mm Sensor Resolution
    200m : 250m : 275m Signature Radius

    247,835 : 544,426 : 2,250,422 Tritanium
    015,607 : 057,617 : 0,684,699 Pyerite
    006,371 : 011,775 : 0,065,049 Mexallon
    000,540 : 007,569 : 0,018,939 Isogen
    000,052 : 001,670 : 0,004,216 Nocxium
    000,031 : 000,438 : 0,001,110 Zydrine
    000,013 : 000,108 : 0,000,371 Megacyte

    1,125,000 : 4,004,750 : 16,573,000 Est Isk Cost
    00h16m30s : 01h00m50s : 04h11m37s Manhours

    Skills Required
    -Industry I

    Build Time 100 Minutes

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    Nova Fox
    Novafox Shipyards
    #20 - 2011-09-06 16:45:22 UTC  |  Edited by: Nova Fox
    SOE Technology Two
    Its not the destination but everything along the way.

    Wisp : Muse : Siren

    Technology Level

    Tech 2 Teir 1: 2: 3

    Hull Class
    Voyager Ship

    Mission Role
    Advanced Science Vessel

    Wisp Description
    The Sister's thirst for enlightment though knowledge is just one of many drives to begin to understand the technology they have recovered so far and apply it as they see fit.

    The Wisp is, in every way concievable, better than the hull its based on. Using much of the knowledge obtained by thier numerous expidtions. Many of the aging systems and old computer systems where replaced with smaller efficent computers allowing more room for additional processors for scan analysis. The stucture of the ship also improved using mineral saving techniques to improve the power flow and phsyical stability of the entire starship.

    The Wisp has powerful computers able to analyze nearby signals effeciently removing asteriod noise and false returns allowing looking for interests in asteriod belts far simpler task.


    Muse Description
    With the sucess of the Spirit, the Sisters began work on upgrading the rest of thier fleet.
    With so many artifacts lost to private collections, or simple ignorance the need to recover them in pristine condition rose.

    The Muse proved useful in this role as it was based on the Sisters anceint transports. Its vast cargo bay that was made use for older exploration computers was replaced by smaller more effecient computers allowing the installation of special artifact storage containers. With room to spare the analyzers can afford to haul in more artifacts than usual protocol allowed as there want normally enough room to store the artifacts safely aboard in previous ships.


    Siren Description
    The Siren represents the ultimate exploration and acheaology experince the sisters have to offer to the galaxy. Its stream lined design uses the entire ship as receiver making every scan extremely useful. Scans from this ship are highly accurate and the sheer amount of data it can recover is simply staggering.

    Exploration Ship Bonus 1
    1.4% : 1.5% : 1.6% Reduction in Target's Power Drain from Analyzers and Data Streaming Analyzers per ship level.

    Exploratoin Ship Bonus 2
    10% Increase in Signature Strength to Beacon and Probe scanning strength per level

    Voyager Ship Bonus
    1.5% Agility and Velocity : 1.5% Cargo Capacity : 1% Reduction in Target's Power Drain from Analyzers and Data Streaming Analyzers per ship level

    Voyager Ship Bonus 2
    5% Beacon Range : 2.5% Increased chance to recover artifacts : 2.5% Increase of Data collected per ship level

    Fitting Bonus
    Fitting Ability with Data Streaming Analyzers and Tunable Data Streaming Analzyers

    280 : 340 : 400 CPU
    070 : 075 : 090 Power Grid
    400 : 400 : 400 Calibration
    2 : 3 : 4 High
    3 : 4 : 3 Medium
    2 : 2 : 3 Low
    2 : 2 : 2 Rigs

    1011 : 2008 : 2588 Shields
    750 : 750 : 725 Recharge
    Resists E70 T55 X35 K65

    342 : 564 : 1201 Armor
    Resists E50 T35 X20 K25

    701 : 1401 : 2805 Hull
    9M kg : 10M kg : 9.5 M kg Mass
    135m/s : 110m/s : 115m/s Max Speed
    2.7 AU/s : 2.2 AU/s : 2.5 AU/s Warp Speed
    0.65 : 0.51 : 0.55 Agility
    275m3 : 425m3 : 300m3 Cargo Bay
    35m3 : 40m3 : 50m3 Drone Bay
    25mb/s : 25mb/s : 25mb/s Bandwidth

    970GJ : 1055 GJ : 1300GJ Capacitor
    250s : 280s : 310s Recharge

    12 : 14 : 16 Radar
    4 : 5 : 6 Targets
    30km : 35km : 40km Range
    350mm : 350mm : 350mm
    175m : 225m : 260m

    001 : 0000 : 0000 Traveler
    000 : 0001 : 0000 Wanderer
    000 : 0000 : 0001 Surveyor
    006 : 0008 : 0010 RAM Starship Tech
    009 : 0017 : 0033 Antimatter Reactor
    011 : 0022 : 0044 Fusion Thrusters
    055 : 0055 : 0055 Construction Blocks
    040 : 0060 : 0080 Morphite
    110 : 0140 : 0165 Radar Senesor Cluster
    110 : 0140 : 0165 Linear Sheild Emitters
    660 : 1330 : 2200 Nanoeletrical Microprocessors
    550 : 1200 : 2200Tungsten Carbide Amor Plates

    Estimated Material Cost
    0isk : 117,660,250 isk : 143,250,000 isk

    Estimated Effort Cost
    00hrs 00m 00s : 175hrs 5min 30sec : 340hrs 01min 00sec

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