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The new targeting interface is a PITA for armor logi

Nicoli Voldkif
Legion of the Obsidion Star
#41 - 2013-01-02 16:34:27 UTC
Vilnius Zar wrote:

Perhaps, but as with many changes CCP does it's two steps forward, one step back. Why defend their decision to take that one step back? It shouldn't be more difficult to use the new UI, regardless of "lol get a new screen" or "l2logi" nonsense.

It isn't more difficult to use because you don't use that when you are running logistics. Now if they went to some sort of god awful single bar in the watch list so you couldn't tell which ships were into armor then I could agree that it would be a severe problem for armor logis in small gangs. But as it is its not one step back at all, its a minor change that for the reason complained about is absolutely no issue.

The arguments against this rests on the fact that its a problem when your repping over the watch list limit, but unfortunately you have well run out of target locks on your logistics ship if that is the case as well requiring you to rely on the broadcast window for who need reps. So basically you should be either watching you watch list as the red blinking for them taking damage will drawl your attention better, or when over that limit be watching the broadcast window since more and likely you won't be locked on the ship taking damage anyway.
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Caldari State
#42 - 2013-01-02 17:13:25 UTC  |  Edited by: Ahvram
Arduemont wrote:
All I hear is whines. You'll get used to it. I've acted as armour logi in PvP relatively frequently and have no problems with the new UI, but then I spend most of my time looking at the watch list. Perhaps you should do the same.

Right im sure as a HQ incursion Logi you have 40 people on your watch list...... O wait im sure your not and incursion HQ logi as your comment is moronic.

After looking over this thread I see so many "Pro logi" pilots that have no idea wtf they are talking about. A large fleet like and incursion HQ fleet with 40+ people cannot be fully watch listed on top of lots of broadcast window spam it is very hard with the new UI to deal with. I fly with mostly shield logi and after a few days they adjusted. However this is a bit harder for armor logi due to the way the circles work on the over view. Sadly its so simple to fix this by adding and option to use the old targeting UI but that would be to easy.
Vilnius Zar
SDC Multi Ten
#43 - 2013-01-02 19:52:39 UTC  |  Edited by: Vilnius Zar
Let me get you all in on a little secret: there's more types of PVP than zerg fleets and in smaller engagements where you don't go "lets hope our 79 logis catch him in time and oh well if he dies, we got 300 more BS anyway", like the vast majority of you folks do (if you can call that pvp, I'd call it "doing exactly as you're told like a good lemming"). The type of actual pvp where RR is a tiny tad different and where you actually have to juggle your reps while paying attention to the fight as it unfolds, rather than applying brute force and hope the 400 man zerg on the other side didn't all hit F1 at the same time, simply because you don't have many logis and can't rely on sheer numbers.

In that sort of pvp, where you actually need a few braincells, being able to read the the HP bars quickly and easily without having to fully focus on it means you actually get to be a real RR rather than just "press buttan". It means you can keep an eye on the fight as a whole while being an active part of it and watch the HP bars from your peripheral, easily and without issues. Those types of players would be quite hampered by a UI that forces you to fully focus your attention to be able to figure out wtf is going on. lets just say that the 1% aren't happy with the current situation and that the 99% (ie, most of you) lack the brainpower to see the difference.

Let the clown replies commence.
Ragnar STS
Arcane Odyssey
Electus Matari
#44 - 2013-01-02 21:12:52 UTC
This really is pretty silly. We've had no problems figuring out what is going on after a target is locked. And as far as the ridiculous argument a couple responses in that the watchlist etc etc...all I can say is wow. Sort out the fluff from your broadcasts. Learn to pilot your ship manually instead of following align/warp broadcasts. I'd also wager that if you actually use voice communications...half your fleet is yakking away about how they are being primaried and they need reps now or they're going down.

Unless it is the Primary/Backup FC, Primary/Alternate Scout, booster, or the 2 or 3 logi buddies...if they talk about reps on voice...I go out of my way to not lock them.

If they chat in fleet about reps...they've clearly had enough time to think about it but still can't manage to use the broadcast button...they are just too [email protected]# stupid to keep with the fleet. I avoid repping them too.

If they broadcast 12x for the reps...and are already clearly getting them and just freaking out for no reason...after a few warnings in chat they get unlocked too.

Sort your broadcasts. Sort your overviews. Broadcast or die. That simple. Works for all gangs from 20 up to 270.

Now if you find yourself repping off-fleet members, then I guess you'll just have to turn the effects back on and take a peek around to see who looks like the christmas tree....and rep them. If you fleet is getting attacked by a squad of bombers, it is usually pretty easy to spin the camera around a bit and quickly target the guys that the bombs are floating toward. If it is a shield fleet...that first rep lands before the bomb even goes off, if armor, it is pretty much just in time.

It is ok to keep them in low to medium armor. Nothing makes them change targets faster than a full armor ship...let it fall a bit. Hold off on a rep or two, then put them back on, then pull them off. Play with them. Stop freaking out about a couple pixels being hard to see. Nobody wants a logi pilot that is freaking out.

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