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♥ ♦ Eve Online Hold'Em ♣ ♠ PLEX Tournament 28m Buy-in; Play EVE for Free

#1 - 2012-12-25 02:11:27 UTC  |  Edited by: EOH SandRock
Eve Online Hold'Em (EOH) - Play Real Poker for ISK
Bringing Eve the best poker for 5 years.
For More info on EOH :
Forum Post:

Overview : Starting on January 6th through February 1st will be 28m buy-in Daily Games Sunday through Friday; winners go on to the Semi-Final Game that is held on Saturday, Semi-Final winners go to the Final Game on February 9th at 2100 EVE time. The winners of Final Game win the PLEXes.

Channels being used for this event are as follows:
"EOH Games": Tables will be hosted by (EOH SandRock) this is an EOH banker channel only for posting games.
"EOH Tournaments": Tournament chat and questions channel for EOH Special Tournaments.
"EOH Poker": General chat and question channel for EOH.

Mailing List: "EVE Series of Poker"
All special events share the Eve Series of Poker mailing list.

Contact me with any questions:
EOH SandRock

Final Game Prize(s)
Main Prize for 1st-6th - 30 Day Pilot’s License Extension (PLEX) and/or plus Isk (this means several PLEXes)

All Isk from the Daily Games played will be split up into:
35% of the Isk for current Game (so that each player earns isk as you win)
15% of the Isk for Weekly Semi-Final Game (so that each stage earns you more isk)
50% of the Isk for the Final Game Prize

The tournament format is a multi table tournament with multiple stages:

First Stage is Daily Games:
1. Every day there will be at least one 28m PLEX Tournament game(s) hosted; Winner(s) of which will move onto Weekly Semi-Final Game.
2. Max seating per game is 60. Buy-ins 28,000,000.00 isk (28 million isk) per seat.
3. Every 3 buy-ins is 1 ticket to that weekend’s Semi-Final Game.

Second Stage is Weekly Semi-Final Games:
1. Semi-Final Games are held on Saturday on weeks (dates/times will be below)
2. There will be 6!!! winning places in the Semi-Final Games; The top 6 for each week will move onto FINAL GAME! as well as receive isk~~based on places 1-6.

Before each Semi-Final there will be a Last Chance Game. Buy-in will be 79m isk
~ For Semi-Final Last Chance: Every 2 buy-ins is 1 ticket to that weekend’s semi-final

Last Stage is the Final Game:
1. Final Game will be held on February 9th at 2100 EVE time~ Sweet old free play time (PLEXes) will be awarded!

Before the Final Game there will be a Last Chance Final Game. Buy-in will be 210m isk.
~For Last Chance Final Game places 3 into final held that day before the Final Game.

***Players that do not show up for the game they have a ticket for can not be refunded or transferred. Please show up to the game on time! IF you do not, your ticket will become void, THERE IS NO REFUNDS!!!!! tickets have a certain isk value that is used across all stages of the series.***

There will be a fixed amount of seat auctions per Semi-Final and Final. The max is 3 seats per game.

This Tournament will allow seats/tickets to be sold. You may play in as many dailies as you wish. Ticket hoarding is an acceptable tactic to increase your chances of winning finals as well as more isk from daily games. You may ask for banker assist for transferring isk for ticket sells.

When a seat is bought/sold both players involved must Mail EOH SandRock
stating who is selling and who is buying, that isk is sent/received. To help prevent scamming, in the posts below with each weeks ticket holders are listed.

Any scams involving the selling/buying of a seat from another player that has won it (for Semi or Final) is unacceptable.
#2 - 2012-12-25 02:11:42 UTC  |  Edited by: EOH SandRock
Week 1:
Game Start Times: Games will be posted 30 mins before start time for buy-ins
Sunday: January/06
Game #1 Phoenix Fox, Zeraniun, Hank Budsprout, InaraPersephone, Punx Evangeline, GavinGoodrich, Cendricx ( Punx Evangeline sold seat to Dalts) (Hank Budsprout sold seat to Tactical Arena)
Game #2 Felax Thurin, Dalts, Denny Bates, Phoenix Fox (Dalts sold seat to Ch'angCh'ang)
Game #3 Deleriah, Finarfin Finwei, Norrin Ellis, Hank Budsprout, Suicidaly Shadywn ( Norrin Ellis sold seat to Eigill Valley)

Monday: January/07
Game #1 Roaden, GavinGoodrich (Roaden sold seat to C4rlit0 )
Game #2 Salen Yvormes, Phoenix Fox, eno wocK, Grelis
Game #3 Amoxin, Khrave Evarc, Phoenix Fox

Tuesday: January/08
Game #1 Sameron, Sinister Borris, Endo Dy, darkman1123, findlay (findlay sold seat to Thetasigma)
Game #2 Phoenix Fox, TestSpy BestSpy, KRUSTY CLOWN, Torncuff Lookout (KRUSTY CLOWN sold seat to Annuke )
Game #3 Barrechor, Phoenix Fox, telegarn

Wednesday: January/09
Game #1 Red SweetShadow, OZMAHGAWD
Game #2 KRUSTY CLOWN, Zekk Pacus, Phoenix Fox ( KRUSTY CLOWN sold seat to felax thurin)
Game #3 Canine Fiend, Azura Noctis

Thursday: January/10
Game #1 Roaden (Roaden sold seat to MissMaGee)
Game #2 Cendricx, Roaden (Roaden sold seat to YOUNGCUZZ STB)

Friday: January/11
Game #1 Roaden (Roaden sold seat to SandRock)
Game #2 Roaden, Cib0
Game #3 Molex2

ALL remaining week 1 tickets are now void:

Week 2:
Game Start Times: Games will be posted 30 mins before start time for buy-ins
Sunday: January/13
Game #1 Felax Thurin
Game #2 Blanderon, Jango Wrath (Jango Wrath sold ticket to Telerus)
Game #3 Zoe Athame, Bandos Omega

Monday: January/14
Game #1 Kayak Attack
Game #2 Kuseka Adama, Denny Bates
Game #3 Skye Noir, OZMAHGAWD, Torncuff Lookout, BadJag jaggers, jahbalja, TestSpy BestSpy

Tuesday: January/15
Game #2 Gekke gerit, Miyoko Asukai, Skye Noir, Torncuff Lookout, KracKstar, Phoenix Fox, xxecho1xx, Sami Lynn
Leolas, Fener Iste, Nameless Reaper, Phantom M, MrPancake Pancakes, Kassandra Thiesant, Hale Egdald,
Punx Evangeline (Torncuff Lookout sold seat to Lord Dave )

Wednesday: January/16
Game #1 Eigill Valley
Game #2 Beau Heem
Game #3 Phoenix Fox

Thursday: January/17
Game #3 Phoenix Fox

Friday: January/18
Game #1 Roaden
Game #2 Roaden, Sithok ( Roaden sold seat to C4rlit0 )

ALL remaining week 2 tickets are now void:

Week 3:
Game Start Times: Games will be posted 30 mins before start time for buy-ins
Game #1 chuck23122012, Phoenix Fox

Monday: January/21
Game #1 findlay, Tarus 1970, Groo Nordic, Roaden, Lilatu Young, Pavlakakos, Tenos Orca, (findlay sold seat to deesull)
Game #2 Azriel Geist
Game #3 Slider VII. Zynos (Slider VII sold seat to Telerus)

Tuesday: January/22
Game #2 Torncuff Lookout, Karreck, Beero Bakaro, Hale Egdald, Janovin, Zynos

Wednesday: January/23
Game #1 Juki Nojo (Juki Nojo sold seat to Jackaryas)
Game #2 Juki Nojo, Phoenix Fox, telegarn (Phoenix Fox sold seat to Din'stalor Alaric )

Thursday: January/24
Game #1 Sithok
Game #2 Thetasigma

Friday: January/25
Game #1 Ahriman Gate, Popiejopie,
Game #2 kokikoki, Hale Egdald, findlay (Hale Egdald sold seat to Stud Duficious)
Game #3 Phoenix Fox, EzeikaL (Phoenix Fox sold seat to OZMAHGAWD)

ALL remaining week 3 tickets are now void:

Week 4:
Game Start Times: Games will be posted 30 mins before start time for buy-ins
Sunday: January/27
Game #1 Din'stalor Alaric
Game #2 malleus Deum, grayman007
Game #3 extra

Monday: January/28
Game #1 Juki Nojo ,Egonoob (Juki Nojo sold seat to skuggan)
Game #2 hambonie

Tuesday: January/29
Game #1 XXX

Wednesday: January/30
Game #1 Bjard Gjallarhorn
Game #2 Torncuff Lookout

Thursday: January/31
Game #1 C4rlit0
Game #2 DrunkenNinja (DrunkenNinja sold seat to Sithok)

Friday: February/01
Game #1 Phoenix Fox, Kuseka Adama, chuck23122012, Hale Egdald

ALL DAILY GAMES ARE FINISHED! ALL SEMI-FINALS are finished; All ticket above are now void.
#3 - 2012-12-25 02:11:50 UTC  |  Edited by: EOH SandRock
Last Chance, Semi-Finals, and Final Dates/Times:

Week 1: Saturday, January/12
Game Start Times: Games will be posted 30 mins before start time for buy-ins
Last Chance 1: XXX
Semi-Final 1:Sinister Borris, Phoenix Fox, Lass Kall, MissMaGee, Cendricx, Finarfin Finwei

Bonus Ticket awarded on Daily game to: Natalya Cesaille for final game

Week 2: Saturday, January/19
Game Start Times: Games will be posted 30 mins before start time for buy-ins
Last Chance 2: XXX
Semi-Final 2: Fener Iste, Roaden, Phoenix Fox, Gekke gerit, jahbalja, Miyoko Asukai (Phoenix Fox sold seat to OZMAHGAWD)

Week 3: Saturday, January/26
Game Start Times: Games will be posted 30 mins before start time for buy-ins
Last Chance 3:XXX
Semi-Final 3: (this seat is to be auctioned), Tarus 1970, Juki Nojo, C4rlit0 , telegarn, Hale Egdald (Hale Egdald sold seat to manniakkme)

Week 4: Saturday, February/02
Game Start Times: Games will be posted 30 mins before start time for buy-ins
Last Chance 4: XXX
Semi-Final 4: Phoenix Fox, C4rlit0, Egonoob, Sithok, Templayer, Hale Egdald

Week 5 Finals Week: Saturday, February/09
Game Start Times: Games will be posted 30 mins before start time for buy-ins
Series Last Chance: 19:00
Final Game: 21:15 ( <----Starts at this time; DO NOT BE LATE!!!! )
#4 - 2013-01-04 16:14:06 UTC
2 days until the Plex Series begins!
#5 - 2013-01-06 15:35:35 UTC
PLEX series has begun!

come join the fun
#6 - 2013-01-12 16:48:06 UTC
Semi-Final 1 takes place in 3 hours!

still 2 chances to get in the first semi-final

1. Buy a semi-final 1 ticket from one of this weeks winners. (list is above)

2. Play in Last Chance Semi-Final 1 game at 1900. Note for this game buy-ins are 79m isk. Same rule of every 3 buy-ins is a ticket for semi-final 1.

**There will be an option for auctioning no show seats (max allowed is 3), however the min bid is set higher than buy-ins for games. So please go through option 1 and 2 before trying auction for your ticket(all isk from auction goes to semi-final 1 pot).
#7 - 2013-01-16 05:01:09 UTC  |  Edited by: Miyoko Asukai
Wts semi final seat for semi-final game #2, spot will go to the higest bidder.
#8 - 2013-01-19 23:40:11 UTC
Semi-final 2 has finished, marking the half way point. Still plenty of time to join in on what is to be a big final game pot!!!!
#9 - 2013-01-27 02:19:20 UTC
Week 3 is now finished!

Last Week for daily games is starting.

Currently 9 plexes up for grabs on final table!
#10 - 2013-02-02 22:35:25 UTC
(Looking to sell) I have a seat forsale for the final's game on feb 9th convo me in game if you would like to buy it or eve mail me with your bid for the seat Big smile
#11 - 2013-02-07 23:52:27 UTC
Just 1 more day and change before Final Game begins on Saturday, February 9th at 2100 eve time; tbl 39 - Event 10k.

Don't Miss Out on remaining ways to get into Finals:

1. Buy ticket from a current ticket holder

2. Play Last Chance Series game at 1900 Saturday, February 9th

#12 - 2013-02-15 15:54:05 UTC
Thank You all for playing in the Plex Series of Poker!

The winners by place are:

1 Finarfin Finwei won 5 plexes
2 simma won 3 plexes
3 Torncuff Lookout won 2 plexes
4 OZMAHGAWD won 2 plexes
5 Juki Nojo won 1 plexes
6 Groo Nordic won 1 plexes

for a grand total of 14 plexes!

Don't Miss out on future Series Hosted by Eve Online Hold'EM
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