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Name the next expansion.....

First post
Diamond Bull
#121 - 2012-12-09 02:27:23 UTC
Eve Online: These Changes Don't Mean What You Think They Mean
EvEa Deva
#122 - 2012-12-09 04:06:40 UTC
EvE Online Vapor

EvE Online Some crap we worked on after drinking

EvE Online Half now, other half maybe never

The Southern Legion
#123 - 2012-12-09 04:55:09 UTC
EVE Online: Finally a real expansion
Nexus Day
Lustrevik Trade and Travel Bureau
#124 - 2012-12-09 05:20:35 UTC
EvE Online: Epiphany

It doesn't expand the game, it expands the players minds so that they begin accepting one another as individuals.
Bane Necran
Appono Astos
#125 - 2012-12-09 05:24:25 UTC
We'll be able to play EVE on the screen in the captains quarters, and the expansion will be called Inception.

"In the void is virtue, and no evil. Wisdom has existence, principle has existence, the Way has existence, spirit is nothingness." ~Miyamoto Musashi

The Conference Elite
#126 - 2012-12-09 07:14:46 UTC
EvE Online: Bananaphone

ring ring ring ring ring ring ring ring ring ring....


Signatures should be used responsibly...

Verushka Atreides
Pator Tech School
Minmatar Republic
#127 - 2012-12-09 08:01:34 UTC
EvE Online : Should've trained BC V
Zimmy Zeta
Caldari State
#128 - 2012-12-09 08:08:16 UTC
EvE Offline: Who needs boot.ini anyway?

I'd like to apologize for the poor quality of the post above and sincerely hope you didn't waste your time reading it. Yes, I do feel bad about it.

Luke Visteen
#129 - 2012-12-09 09:30:24 UTC
EVE Online: I'll double your ISK


Wychwood and Wells
Beer needs you
#130 - 2012-12-09 10:52:45 UTC
EVE Online: Happy 10th Birthday
EVE Online: Beer
EVE Online: Bacon

You only realise you life has been a waste of time, when you wake up dead.

Bone Rayban
Caldari Provisions
Caldari State
#131 - 2012-12-09 18:33:54 UTC
Eveonline: Remembrance
Aria Ta'Rohk
Sebiestor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#132 - 2012-12-09 18:45:47 UTC
Eve Online: Vanguard
Eve Online: Eternity
Eve Online: Goonswarm's Revenge
Eve Online: Salvation

I'll take 2 carebears to go, with extra tears

Lance Rossiter
#133 - 2012-12-09 18:55:22 UTC
EVE: Forbidden Fruit, which would be an entire expansion dedicated to the cider industry. Grow your own apples, mix their breeds to create original flavours suited to the sophisticated palette of the Amarrian upper classes or those "zing!" loving Gallente hedonists, turn them into ciders of varying strengths and legalities, and develop your own niche in the marketplace - mass produced cider of low quality for rebellious Caldari teens, cask-aged cider for the expensive Jovian eccentrics, or booster-laced sharp cider for the lawless wastes of Venal.
Ministry of War
Amarr Empire
#134 - 2012-12-09 19:39:09 UTC  |  Edited by: Kagumichan
Eve Online: Atmosphere

to go with Dust and it's orbital bombardment feature.

Or maybe...

Eve Online: Induction

as a way to say hello to all the new mercenaries (and then blow them all up)
Caldari Provisions
Caldari State
#135 - 2012-12-09 19:51:26 UTC
After resubbing and looking at the map, I guess the title will be shorter:

Goons Online
Dave stark
#136 - 2012-12-09 20:09:29 UTC
Imrik86 wrote:
After resubbing and looking at the map, I guess the title will be shorter:

Goons Online

eve online: return of the bittervet
Perpetuum Industries
#137 - 2013-01-03 20:46:56 UTC
eve online : nerf highsec

eve online : and off

eve online: second job
Sergeant Acht Scultz
School of Applied Knowledge
Caldari State
#138 - 2013-01-03 20:54:03 UTC
Eve Online: Plexon attack

removed inappropriate ASCII art signature - CCP Eterne

Metal Icarus
The Wraithguard.
#139 - 2013-01-03 20:56:57 UTC
Eve Online: 2
Jace Errata
Caldari Provisions
Caldari State
#140 - 2013-01-03 20:58:55 UTC


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