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Looking for a new corp, Mining/Exploration focused, no TS requirement

Daneo Mistry
Sebiestor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#1 - 2012-11-24 09:54:29 UTC
Hey, Im Daneo, recently returned, looking for a new corp.

I am primarily a Miner or mission runner, however have done some PVP, dabbled in other aspects of eve, and like to explore and look around as well. I am curious about wormholes, but know they take a lot of time, and although I will probably play heavily on weekends, my week day play is a lot more limited.

Reason for no TS requirement is because I am deaf, that said, I can use a headset, (havent got one atm, but it on order.) and will occaisonally use it. butt tbh, you will rarely find me on that

skillwise, I can fly logi when required, can mine with a hulk, fly minimatar ships primarily.

anything else, please either leave a message, or PM me ingame.
Viscount Hood
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Caldari State
#2 - 2012-11-24 11:35:18 UTC
Gallivanting Travel Company is a medium PVE corp. We operate around Caldari space with access to wormhole and null space.
Our goals are to help our members make isk and have fun without commitment.

We have no particular corp goals. We provide facilities for you to run your own projects be it null sec anomalies, exploration, mining in a wormhole, of access to labs. Our corps suits the player who likes to do their own thing in Eve but also likes to have other people around to chat to and group up together.

Occassionally we have corp ops and we ask members to turn up to if we need to get something done or made e.g. mining. We also do occasional team based activities just because its fun to do so.

Many of us have busy RL and can't play the game as often as we like, and subseqently we come and go as we please. Expect that the corp chat is sometimes empty.

We are looking for PVE'ers who like to run missions, pve, mine and join in group activities at their own pace in their own time.

We are not looking for trial accounts
New players are welcome to apply but be aware that some of our areas of operation may not suit you due to your skills.
We are predominately EU based but do have some US timezone players
You must be active - our definition is you are logging in and making isk.
Tax is 10% which pays for facilities for you to use such as wormhole and null sec incl fees to the alliance.
We are not a pvp corp but we will put our bit in for the alliance

What is on offer for you:

A laid back corp with plenty of long term highly skilled members.
wormhole access
Null sec access (we are part of a null sec alliance)
Shared rewards when we do group activities - bounties, Loyalty Points, Mission payments, and loot & mineral sales (split evenly).
Full gang bonus support with gang implants.
Opportunities to help with the corp organisation.

specific skill books if you need them
We can give advise on your skill plans.

Maximum skilled refining service available.
Orca and freighter services available.

On joining us you will get a trial to see how you fit in and for you to see if you like us.

Message me in person with any questions or join channel: Moocher

Viscount Hood
Nolen Cadmar
Caldari Provisions
Caldari State
#3 - 2012-11-26 18:14:23 UTC
Nexus Ore Technologies and Excavations is a mining/industry focused corp, and we're recruiting.

What we do:
Arrow Mining
Arrow Industry
Arrow Occasional Mission Running

What we offer you:
Arrow 24/7 orca boost in our home system
Arrow Planned corp ops on weekends
Arrow Impromptu ops on weekdays
Arrow We pay mineral value for your mined ore (mineral value > ore value)
Arrow Vast knowledge in the fields of mining, industry and combat.

What we look for in new members:
Arrow Eagerness to learn
Arrow Interest in Mining and Industry
Arrow Frequent Activity
Arrow New and experienced players welcome

We operate during US timezones.
For more information, please contact Doubledub or Nolen Cadmar

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