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Local Intel Fix: Faction Transponders

#1 - 2012-11-13 15:56:22 UTC
I haven't fully fleshed out what this would look like, but the basic idea is a default an/or fittable transponders that can go on ships and have the below effects:

--CONCORD/Empire faction transponders- default on all ships, allows for use of known space/empire infrastructure (CONCORD transponder can jump through all space except for pirate space, but will be "seen" by all empire transponders whereas a Thukker Transponder could only be seen by Angel, Jove, Serpentis, Syndicate, and other Thukkers).

--Members with friendly transponders will show in local intel. Quantity of pilots in system will still show, but names and associations won't.

--They can be changed like scripts (but with a cooldown).

--Can be scanned by special probes/modules (i.e.) cloaks can't hide from it (maybe).

--If scanned in highsec with (by concord or others) an 'unfriendly' transponder (fitted or in hold) to a system you will be flagged as a 'suspect'.

--All Major Empire factions have their own transponders which can then 'see' related friendly factions (similar to standings).

--Pirate Class transponders can be bought with LP, are illegal in empire, can be sold on market, but when loaded, flag you as suspect, but you won't be seen in local once enabled (empire transponders would have to be reloaded to jump out of empire area).

--Faction Officer transponders could give you special benefits and/or risks in faction warfare. I think this could have some really interesting and fun effect on all space, as it could effectively let you sneak around lowsec or even highsec during wartime. They would also be lucrative items to trade as they could be valuable in nullsec for suprise attacks, but only gotten from LPs missioning. Thoughts?
#2 - 2012-11-13 21:59:59 UTC
What problem is this trying to solve?
Amarr Empire
#3 - 2012-11-13 23:31:52 UTC  |  Edited by: Crimeo Khamsi
Konrad Kane wrote:
What problem is this trying to solve?

I don't know if it's what he was trying to solve, but it would address the status-quo defending and unrealistic mechanic of being able to magically know everything about somebody just because they're in the same solar system as you.

Being able to anonymously jump into systems (or jump in with misleading transponders) would require much better communication amongst null sec alliances who wish to maintain their stranglehold on regions. Without superior communication, you'd waste a ton of resources tracking down people who end up being not much of a threat, or ignoring people who end up being your enemies.

More sneak attacks and political instability, less "lock down half of the universe as essentially a comfort zone null sec carebear hideout."

For such a simple mechanic, seems like it would go a good long way toward mixing things up and making null sec appropriately more nullish than it is.
#4 - 2012-11-14 02:38:27 UTC
Crimeo Khamsi wrote:

More sneak attacks and political instability, less "lock down half of the universe as essentially a comfort zone null sec carebear hideout."

For such a simple mechanic, seems like it would go a good long way toward mixing things up and making null sec appropriately more nullish than it is.

Get's my vote then Big smile
#5 - 2012-11-14 17:34:31 UTC
Yeah this is as Crimeo suggests. I do not necessarily think that the current local intel system is 'broken' and needs fixing. I heard CCP Fozzy suggest that he is in favor of mechanics changes that pushes people toward having to make more tactical and strategic higher level decisions that have their own risks and returns. I guess "fix" was misleading in the title. My bad. One more note- I am not suggesting ships don't show up on your overview, just local intel. Also, faction ships could have a chance to drop faction transponders.

More 2nd/3rd order effects:

What this would potentially do is make it possible to sort of set trade tarriffs or restrict certain space. If you wanted to get into/through Blood Raider NPC space you would need their transponders or one of 5 other neutral or friendly factions. Minmatar and Gallente transponders could get into their space. However, the cheapest Blood Raider transponders would be available in Blood Raider territory, and some of highsec would likely be off limits because it would be illegal in Amarr and Caldari space. This would mean the price differential would be pretty large from one region to the next. The closer you get to the home of your transponders the cheaper they would be. So here are some more narrative examples to flesh out the idea:

See this table for reference:

Scenario 1: You are mining Jaspet in Amarr lowsec. You would like to pass around as freely as possible through these systems but also see pirates in your local. You decide that Maalna is a pretty decent system to work in today. You fit your Ammatar transponder before undocking from your corp HQ in Kor-Azor and make your way to Maalna. You like the Ammatar transponder, because it hides you from just about all pirates, but also lets you get through about half of all of empire. You also have invested in a few highly priced ORE transponders because they have the opposite effect (They will let you see the Blood Raider chipped pirates in local). They notify you when most of the local hostile pirate tags come in system. You get to your destination and swap in the ORE transponder. You cannot now leave the system unless this is changed (after its 5 min cooldown), but you feel a little more secure. You have one of your buddies keep his Ammatar tag on just to cover all of your possible enemies. 30 minutes into mining your buddy reports that the +5 spike in local is seen in his intel, but that the number of pilots in system hasn't changed while there are now fewer names in system. You now suspect that these are either Serpentis or Angel tagged pirates looking for a kill as both factions are unfriendly to you and their tags are a somewhat far from their homes. This is your sign to warp to a safe as you hit your timer letting your know how long their tags have to cool-down. While at your safe a third friend turns on an Amarr transponder and sees the 5 hostiles now, still in system. The pirates, now know you are on to them and decide that they probably wont have any luck catching your organized gang.

Scenario 2: You are an FC of a new nullsec NPC space pirate corp in Curse. You don't have tons of resources so you are trying to figure out the best way to supply the transponders that will give you the best advantage on your t2 frigate roams through Immensea. Intel indicates that locals are typically fit with Angel and CONCORD transponders thinking this will cheaply take care of most hostiles roaming through. The weakness of these transponders is that Guristas, Sansha, and Blood Raider tags will all not show in local. You decide that you will fly with a combination of Sansha and Guristas tags as they seem to be much cheaper ~1.5 mill each rather than Delve's Blood Raiders'. You also have your fleet equip Angel tags in their hold so you can retreat back to your home in Curse if necessary.
Test Alliance Please Ignore
#6 - 2012-11-16 00:20:15 UTC
Conceptually, I like the direction of this idea, but some parts of the practical application don't appeal to me.

1) Restricting stargate access based on transponder ID creates a logistical nightmare for pilots, and honestly I don't see a "good" side to it. It also doesn't make much sense in canon to me, especially if the idea that transponders can be changed becomes part of canon. It's just an annoyance.

2) My understanding of current canon is that what causes pilots to appear in local chat is interaction with a stargate (hence the lack of local in wormholes where there are no stargates). Therefore, simply changing the transponder ID of a ship wouldn't logically make it fail to appear in local, and in the case of hostile transponders would logically make the owners of the system want it to appear MORE than friendly transponders.

3) Many players in EVE to not associate themselves with an NPC faction in any way, so a mechanic that involves entirely around identifying with various factions does not reflect the mindset of players (especially nullsec players).

I am also one of the people who feel "something" should be done to change the current behavior of local chat, but I am more inclined toward that change coming as part of a larger change to the way the communication and travel works in New Eden.
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