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EVE Movie the dynamic comic "Hells Angels"

Louis deGuerre
The Dark Tribe
#1 - 2012-10-30 15:28:15 UTC
Anyone speak chinese and tell me more about this ?

Looks like some manga thing based on the Empyrean Age Eve book.
The Unwanted.
#2 - 2012-10-30 16:14:45 UTC
According to google translate...



"October 18, the world's largest Star Wars online game "EVE Online" the global synchronized version of the "EVE: war" Zhengshishangxian, and with the advent of the "EVE: war" the Guoneishoubu dynamic theatrical cartoons EVE Hells Angels simultaneous launch.

"EVE Online" has been embrace by the world, including GDC Game Awards defeated many well-known online games, and more in Europe and the United States the most famous gaming website list ranking to become the world's best game for the year. In 2012, EVE largest online game Hall of Fame, and was named by PC Gamer magazine's Top 100 in the history of one of the best PC games.

"EVE Hells Angels" as the background story to the EVE four races of the world's first large-scale forces in the war, to the Tukur family captain Kotan fate of the main line, through the combination of American comics and game video performance way for players to uncover the the cosmic war ambitious prelude. The world's first dynamic theatrical cartoons "Hells Angels" American comics and games video effects processing and clips, forming a unique visual impact, the form of the first of its kind in the industry, the first of its kind to open up the game and animation industry. "

"The people of the family in the long history of the vast EVE Minmatar haughty Emma Empire enslaved for centuries, the angry flames continue to spread, the universe imminent war. The "EVE Hells Angels" is the story of from here to expand. For freedom, the the Minmatar Republic Tukur tribal soldiers driving a battleship, launched the largest ever cosmic war. They bravely rushed Ruyi Ma Imperial core area, and rescue the enslaved nationals. Victory in sight when, suddenly broke into the 13 mysterious Emma warships with special doomsday weapons of the entire 图克尔泰坦 Fleet wiped them out. "

"The protagonist the Kotan where the battleship is a Minmatar Republic Turck Fleet. The end of the war, Kotan is one of the the Turck fleet only remaining survivors, but the head received in the war battered and escape hatches hypoxia caused him to lose the memory about the war. Rehabilitation Kotan again become captain, as a tribal escort mission, tenacious guardian of his own people in the face of a man-eating demon blood Raider invasion."

EVE Hells Angels come to an end in the dark horror Blood Raider introduced, but apparently the plot and not on this Huashangjuhao the confrontation, the Kotan with Blood Raider? The legendary mysterious Emma warships whether once again brought to light? Watch the upper half of the Hells Angels in EVE, let us work together to look forward to later story!

"EVE Online" is introduced:

"EVE Online" developed by Iceland CCP ambitious space background, a high degree of integration of hard science fiction elements, players show a free virtual universe. Players to drive all kinds of vessels in over five thousand star systems in the shuttle kinds of activities in the game universe, including mining, manufacturing, trade and battle, players can engage in the type of activity increases with the growth of skills , even if the player is not logged in the game, game skills training at all. The novel design concepts, unique game, leading the advanced technology in the industry, so that "EVE Online" epoch-making gaming giant, has opened up a whole new era of online games. "EVE Online" embrace by the world, including GDC Game Awards, the largest online game Hall of Fame in 2012, and was elected by the PC Gamer magazine in the history of the 100 best PC games of all.

This universe belongs to you!



So - no ideas from me, but there it is.

This space for rent.

Tee Kay Solus
Poseidon Industries And Trading
#3 - 2012-10-30 22:53:22 UTC
I`d politely ask some folks from the in-game Chinese language channel to conduct a thorough translation.

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