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Back in my day...Vet Whine Thread

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James 315
Experimental Fun Times Corp RELOADED
#201 - 2012-08-23 17:45:17 UTC
Phugoid wrote:
Hi Anslo o7

Wow, u really are an "old-timer" Eve wise, kinda like the wise elders :)

You call 2007 old. What?
Binaerie Heavy Industries
#202 - 2012-08-23 17:45:18 UTC
The corp would have "mining days" when we would all tool around in Thorax's and Domis filled to the gills with things like harvester mining drones.
Blue Nine Industries
#203 - 2012-08-23 18:09:47 UTC
T2 425mm Railguns were cool
Mindstar Technology
Goonswarm Federation
#204 - 2012-08-23 21:26:02 UTC
EVE made the news for giant scams.
Bittervet Incorporated.
#205 - 2012-08-26 22:18:53 UTC  |  Edited by: Hellraiza666
When Evelopedia didn't exist and everybody used (doesn't exist anymore)


Mr Epeen
It's All About Me
#206 - 2012-08-26 22:22:47 UTC
I used to be able to leave the station without being instantly targeted.

Mr Epeen Cool
Veto Corp
#207 - 2012-08-26 22:25:01 UTC

You know you feel old when most of the things being talked about from the "bad old days" happened three to four years into your Eve career.


Verone CEO & Executor Veto Corp WWW.VETO-CORP.COM

Veto Corp
#208 - 2012-08-26 23:19:42 UTC

Sorry if I killed the discussion >_>


Verone CEO & Executor Veto Corp WWW.VETO-CORP.COM

Scope Works
#209 - 2012-08-27 12:35:53 UTC
Verone wrote:

Sorry if I killed the discussion >_>


gj Verone.... =_=

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The Scope
Gallente Federation
#210 - 2012-08-28 19:07:11 UTC
I had a 15 drone vexor :(

I asked Bhallgorn if you should click this link, this is what he said...

Petrus Blackshell
#211 - 2012-08-28 20:14:37 UTC
Hey look, a bittervet thread! I can go be a bittervet there!

Wait... Dammit, I've only been playing since 2009.

*flies his Reaper away*

Accidentally The Whole Frigate - For-newbies blog (currently on pause)

#212 - 2012-08-28 20:17:34 UTC
Back in my days... euhm... I'm not old enough to participate!

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veritas primus
Kat 5 Kaos
#213 - 2012-08-28 20:53:48 UTC  |  Edited by: veritas primus
Let's see what I remember....

Xetic vs Stain first alliance war

Goons were a small corp flying frigates, and would never own space


Burn Eden



Gate rats in High sec

Making instas for fast travel

BS was the king of ships

Cruise missle Kestrels

Real player pirates that scared the hell out of you

Yulai was the shopping hub

Ryctor stole so much damn ore from cans that he brought about the aggro changes.

The thing I miss most are the old players that made CAOD and the game really felt like you were on the side of good or evil. Eve was a healthier game back then.
Cutter Isaacson
#214 - 2012-08-29 05:21:31 UTC
I remember back in 2004 roaming through large areas of null sec without ever seeing anyone, heck, even roaming through vast amounts of high sec and never seeing anyone.

EVE feels a lot busier now than it did back then but still just as vast, and a lot more dangerous, and I'm quite happy with that Cool

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Mallak Azaria
Caldari Provisions
Caldari State
#215 - 2012-08-29 10:09:34 UTC
The logs showed nothing.... Oh wait, they still show nothing.

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M1k3y Koontz
Gallente Federation
#216 - 2012-08-29 12:22:52 UTC
Hurricanes cost 25m.

A little over a year ago.

How much herp could a herp derp derp if a herp derp could herp derp.

Federal Navy Academy
Gallente Federation
#217 - 2012-08-29 12:25:14 UTC
lo and null sec did not continually try to dictate to hi sec how they should play their game ....


I Fought the Law, and the Law Won... Talon Silverhawk

#218 - 2012-08-29 13:41:42 UTC  |  Edited by: flakeys
Qel Hoth wrote:
lanyaie wrote:
a alliance with a few Jump freighters was unique

There were jump freighters?

Back in the day logistics was carrier-jumping module compressed low end minerals from highsec.

There where carriers?

Everything was done with the good ol' badger/iteron , lovely going 20 jumps through null and no one to scout online.

But really old days? Raven torp with a full rack of damage mods, enough said.

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#219 - 2012-08-29 13:44:31 UTC
Verone wrote:

You know you feel old when most of the things being talked about from the "bad old days" happened three to four years into your Eve career.


Heh i had the same.That ain't old , lol no that ain't old , haha that's 2008 that ain't old .... but damn i'm getting old then.

We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.

Quantum Cafe
#220 - 2012-08-29 14:26:04 UTC
...we didn't have people like Mittins bitching about stupid ****.

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