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Do we have to listen to dubstep?

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Whiny McEmokid
Reclaimer Corp
#41 - 2012-07-08 19:01:01 UTC
it seems the worse the music you listen to is, the more you like to inflict it on other people.
Dirch Passer
State War Academy
Caldari State
#42 - 2012-07-08 20:26:27 UTC
I feel that this would be in the spirit of the game, and magnitudes better than that dubfuck stuff:
Gaius Clabbacus
Sebiestor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#43 - 2012-07-08 20:27:35 UTC
Whats the deal with this 'music'. Is CCP trying to attract more of the Jersey Shore demographic to Goons/Test?
Georgiy Giggle
REFORD Division
#44 - 2012-07-08 20:36:54 UTC
Never listened to dubstep, but these tracks are amazing. Thanks CCP.
Can you give us full track list? :)

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Angst IronShard
#45 - 2012-07-08 20:45:00 UTC
Ok for Dubstep but this is the worse of it :/
Saint Lazarus
Spiorad ag fanaiocht
#46 - 2012-07-09 00:38:01 UTC
Music has been ssrly GAWD awful, I say it only as a genuine wish for something BETTER in future.

Ssrly, I missed matches because of having to mute it and never hearing when commentators were back =(
Tribal Liberation Force
Minmatar Republic
#47 - 2012-07-09 07:57:41 UTC
Skogen Gump wrote:
Getting EVE radio to do the music would have been cool too :)

OMG, then you could hear them talking about the matches before they happen! That would be rad, DO IT CCP

Dirch Passer
State War Academy
Caldari State
#48 - 2012-07-09 13:49:37 UTC
The average poaster musicified:
Metal Icarus
The Wraithguard.
#49 - 2012-07-09 14:53:54 UTC
Why is dumb-step getting so popular? Is it because it is so bland that it is generally accepted by everyone as mediocre club music that offends no one?

srsly, dubstep is slowly creating the zombie horde
Jorma Morkkis
State War Academy
Caldari State
#50 - 2012-07-09 15:20:05 UTC
Well, rock/punk/metal would be even worse here.

Vanishing Point.
The Initiative.
#51 - 2012-07-09 15:28:19 UTC
confirming there is infact a mute button. i hate when people play music through my comms
The Khaleph
#52 - 2012-07-10 07:36:31 UTC
Skogen Gump wrote:
Getting EVE radio to do the music would have been cool too :)

Let's not, shall we?

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Ciar Meara
PIE Inc.
Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris
#53 - 2012-07-10 08:35:12 UTC  |  Edited by: Ciar Meara
Robert Caldera wrote:
the music is fine.
What do you want in AT? Metallica?

It's illegal to play Metallica on the internet or near the internet for that matter.

Just don't let the guys that make the missile launcher sneak peak video anywhere near the videostream...I however want to listen to Rosa Helicopter online...

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All Web Investigations
#54 - 2012-07-10 10:03:15 UTC
It's no surprise that the majority of eve players have awful taste in music
Cartheron Crust
The Tuskers
The Tuskers Co.
#55 - 2012-07-10 18:26:13 UTC
Why does there even have to be music while the camera is on whatever undock point/station/gate? CCP, you realize we have music of our own and even know how to play it? P Just play your own tracks from your actual game or use nothing.

Unless you are being paid to play what you are playing obviously. Smile
mama guru
Goonswarm Federation
#56 - 2012-07-10 19:44:16 UTC
Markus Reese wrote:
Electronica is one of the more popular music styles that the eve community listen to. As well as easier broadcasting rights, it is probably the best choice for music to play right now. Fortunately, they are playing good stuff and not that garbage that the net is flooded with.

It's the more popular style with whomever makes PL EVE TV adds, but the vast majority of pvp vids has everything but dubstep in them.

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Unidentified Murderers and Young Hack Offenders
#57 - 2012-07-11 06:37:09 UTC
I´d like to listen to "for whom the bell tolls (metallica)" when 2 vindicator cought a prey and blapping it with all their pride.

Also some "benny-hill-theme" if there are only fast-movers left, chased by other fast-movers.

This sort of things. Downer is: It´s infight - and thus muting the commentators (but from what i read not everyone would be sad about this :P).
AfterHours INC
#58 - 2012-07-11 13:08:34 UTC
CCP should get to pleasin' every single snowflake that plays their game.

Chloroform Distribution Clinic
#59 - 2012-07-11 13:30:55 UTC
As someone who has listened to music outside of pop culture most of my life, I can understand the lure of raw music, the sense of belonging it offers and respect the fact that it's outside of what most of the music world would consider the pop-social norm.

Unfortunately, of all the extreme types of music, dubstep sounds like a modern version of disco plus garbage disposals having sex with Nintendo consoles.

I also disagree that most Eve players listen to it; a very vocal and passionate group of Eve players do. As much as I don't like it, I say, keep playing the dubstep, but add variety as well.
Rote Kapelle
#60 - 2012-07-12 15:12:04 UTC