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Steve Jobs, 56, Passed away on 5 oct 2011 after losiing battle with cancer.

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Cipher Jones
The Thomas Edwards Taco Tuesday All Stars
#21 - 2011-10-06 03:13:50 UTC
RIP Steve Jobs. You were a personal hero to me.

internet spaceships

are serious business sir.

and don't forget it

Nak hak
#22 - 2011-10-06 03:40:21 UTC  |  Edited by: Nak hak
PC Magazine: Former Apple Chief Steve Jobs Dies

Steve Jobs was a pioneer of the PC industry. One of the founders of Apple Inc, and its longtime CEO. His innovations have changed way people live their everyday life. I always picture Jobs, and Wozniak as just to two young guys who thought starting a computer company would be cool. We will truly never see a man like him again.

I first did word processing in college on a Macintosh. My first software engineering job was developing high end 3D applications on Apple computers. Those were my paper clip days.

Farewell Steve.

The New York Times: Steve Jobs, Apple’s Visionary, Dies at 56

The Wall Street Journal: Steven Paul Jobs, 1955-2011

The Washington Post: Steve Jobs dies; Apple Computer co-founder was 56

Wikipedia: Apple Inc.

It's about freedom.

Best Regards, Nak hak

The Unwanted.
#23 - 2011-10-06 04:18:14 UTC

This space for rent.

Herzog Wolfhammer
Sigma Special Tactics Group
#24 - 2011-10-06 04:59:33 UTC
Whether you're a king or a lowly street sweeper
Sooner or later you'll dance with the Reaper

Bring back DEEEEP Space!

USA Canada Private Corp
#25 - 2011-10-06 05:01:27 UTC
This is a tough day.

Tomorrow will see the reflection of a grey sky on aluminum and glass.

Thank you, Mr Jobs

"It is when I think about meaning that I lose what I meant to say."     -Swooshie

CCP Spitfire
C C P Alliance
#26 - 2011-10-06 05:51:17 UTC
Rest in peace, Mr. Jobs.

CCP Spitfire | Marketing & Sales Team @ccp_spitfire

Amarr Empire
#27 - 2011-10-06 07:04:44 UTC
I'm probably too young to have lived the beginning of apple, but all I saw was overprotected and overpriced products
Zey Nadar
Gallente Federation
#28 - 2011-10-06 08:04:44 UTC  |  Edited by: Zey Nadar
Rest in peace Mr Jobs. I never had much to do with apple, but I mourn the passing of a visionaire.

"The ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do.”
-Steve Jobs
Sidus Isaacs
Center for Advanced Studies
Gallente Federation
#29 - 2011-10-06 08:23:31 UTC  |  Edited by: Sidus Isaacs
Netheranthem wrote:
I'm probably too young to have lived the beginning of apple, but all I saw was overprotected and overpriced products

Thats what it is.

Still, it is always sad when somone dies. I have lost some family to cancer, so my sympaties to Job's familiy and realtives.
Skazmanian Industries
#30 - 2011-10-06 08:44:42 UTC
Although I like many here newer really bought into the whole "i" thing or the culture of those things. Overpriced and overhyped to be honest. But the basic ideas and concepts were sound.
I'd be seriously stupid not to recognize the effect that Steve Jobs had on our world. From the personal computer to a phone that greatly surpasses that original in a ridiculously smaller package.
This man changed the world, he's a modern day Edison. He's had an effect in so many areas, films, animation, computers, phones, music and many more.
And he got fired from his own company and started again and his drive was such that they got him back! And most of his breakthroughs and really influential plans came after he was diagnosed with cancer in 2004! He seemed to be driven by the fact that he had seen and tasted his mortality and believed he had so much left to give.

We lost a brilliant human being yesterday, and I dare say that the world is going to be a lesser place for a while.

Rest in peace Steve, you've earned it.

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Myfanwy Heimdal
Heimdal Freight and Manufacture Inc
#31 - 2011-10-06 10:26:42 UTC
Betray wrote:
Regardless of what Apple has done now-a-days, Jobs still should deserve a piece of respect out of us.


Indeed. I loved his NeXT computer cube thing and the Apple RISC OS almost found a way into my study.

I didn't like the way that Apple had become a by-word for control freakery but, nonetheless, that's not a reason to mourn the man's passing.

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Vertisce Soritenshi
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#32 - 2011-10-06 13:51:45 UTC
I think the title of this thread needs to be changed. "Steve Jobs Dead today" is rather disrespectful. It should read "Steve Jobs has passed away" or something along those lines. Just a pet peev of mine.

That said...I never knew the man. Never liked any of his products and never liked his personality. He will be missed by many and his passing away is a loss to the world.

Rest In Peace Steve Jobs.

Bounties for all!

Caellach Marellus
#33 - 2011-10-06 14:06:47 UTC
Not a fan of Apple, bought my Mum an iPod and used Macs at school and college growing up and that was it.

However his innovation inspired many products I do use by other companies and the world is better for his existence and brilliant creative mind.

Also I loved Toy Story growing up, one of the best movies ever. So thanks Steve.

When your gut instincts tell you something is wrong, trust them. When your heart tells you something is right, ignore it, check with your brain first. Accept nothing, challenge everything.

Roland Schlosser
Meteor Industrial Complex
#34 - 2011-10-06 14:25:15 UTC
bummer that he's dead, but hopefully apple will collapse now and the devs can stop supporting macs Twisted
Bort Malice
#35 - 2011-10-06 14:35:30 UTC
Holy One
Privat Party
#36 - 2011-10-06 14:45:56 UTC
Sad news indeed. 56 is too young. Imagine what he could have done with another 25 years at the top of Apple .. *sigh


Hieronymus Alexandre
Fashionable Enterprises
#37 - 2011-10-06 15:46:06 UTC
As many people have already said, regardless of what we may think of Apple and the iCult the biggest drivers of technological innovation are competition and demand, and without Steve there would have been far less of both. In the 80's he helped bring computers from blue-chip corporations to our desks, and in the 00's he brought them from our desks to our pockets.

I actually wouldn't be surprised to someday find out that he didn't buy into the "Apple culture" any more than the rest of us and created it only as a means of driving computer technology into the next era...

RIP, Steve. You were the hero we needed, not the hero we deserved.
#38 - 2011-10-06 15:51:14 UTC
Rest in peace Steve Jobs.
Temuken Radzu
Gallente Federation
#39 - 2011-10-06 16:05:24 UTC
He truly was the king of Gadgets
RIP Steve Jobs
Vertisce Soritenshi
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#40 - 2011-10-06 16:42:08 UTC
Thank you for the title change. Much better.

Bounties for all!

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