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CCP Hilmar posts new blog, and I think you all should read it:

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Sha Dar
Gallente Federation
#141 - 2011-10-06 00:06:03 UTC  |  Edited by: Sha Dar
Read all of it, but couldn't get this out of my head the whole way through.

What you DO, not what you say !!

The purpose of life is not to make a living, but to make a difference...

Molic Blackbird
Orion Faction Industries
Orion Consortium
#142 - 2011-10-06 01:19:50 UTC  |  Edited by: Molic Blackbird
Dinsdale Pirannha wrote:
I have never heard of a western CEO doing a mea cupla like this.
A Japanese CEO, yes, but none from the West.

If a company takes a big enough PR hit, it is very common for the CEO to apologize. Netflix, BP, Sony, and News Corp all had the CEO apologize over something the company did in just the last 2 years. To have a CEO apologize is hardly on heard of. The CEO of CCP apologizing over this is not shocking to me at all. All it means to me is subscription numbers must be way down.