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Ancillary Shield Booster Questions

Ivy Mike's Munitions Expulsion Services
#1 - 2012-05-28 14:30:47 UTC
I've noticed that shield boost amps affect this module, however the shield boosting bonus of my Golem does not, is this intentional or an oversight?

Also, why can you use 800GJ cap booster charges in it when they do nothing more than the 400GJ charges, apart from take up more space?
Zarnak Wulf
Amarrian Vengeance
Team Amarrica
#2 - 2012-05-29 03:18:11 UTC
Off of the test server thread one of the devs mentioned that implants, drugs, and some ship bonuses were bugged. You also always want to use the smallest charges. But it's nice to have more options in a pinch.
Ivy Mike's Munitions Expulsion Services
#3 - 2012-05-29 15:22:53 UTC
Thanks, I didn't know that the implants etc were bugged. I suppose it is nice to have multiple options however, given that it takes a minute to reload I doubt there would be much chance to use any other charges than the ones you already have loaded in a pinch.