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Wallet improvements

Drahcir Nasom
Independent Manufacturers
#1 - 2012-05-27 07:44:54 UTC
I have 2 bugs reported for the wallet (133640 and 135550) both of which have been attached to a defect. While someone is looking at these bugs with the wallet (which I presume someone will be doing sometime), can I request a couple of other changes for the wallet.

1. Please can we have the ability to filter out corp transactions from the personal wallet transactions list. If I put up a corp buy order for minerals over a wide area for example, my personal wallet will get swamped with the corp transactions and it's not easy to see my personal transactions even though this is my personal wallet. I know the corp transactions get highlighted with a blue date, but when 1 of my transactions gets swamped by 100 small mineral buys for corp it's a bit of a pain having to page through multiple pages to find my transactions.

2. Seeing as the Devs seem to have become obsessed with isk recently (isk values on inventory screens, isk values on tool tips over inventory items), and chance we could have something useful to do with isk, such the ability to total the values of purchases and sales (separate figures) for all the transactions shown on a screen or even better between 2 dates/times. I would love to easily be able to see how much I've sold in say the last week.

Thanks in advance.