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Orbit woes

Caldari State
#21 - 2012-05-17 15:50:35 UTC
If the orbit function worked well there would be no need for manual piloting. I think it's intentionally crappy.
Corporate Envoy
Federal Navy Academy
Gallente Federation
#22 - 2012-05-17 16:19:03 UTC
DirtyDozen wrote:
Orbiting sucks btw, unless in a close range frig. It will get you killed against an experienced pvper. Learn to manual pilot and stay in range.

Surely manual orbiting is still orbiting?
What I am trying to do is to keep my angular just where I can still track, and then use a Tracking Disruptor on the other guy.
This is in a cruiser. Are you saying there is something wrong with that?
Cletus Graeme
Shai Dorsai
#23 - 2012-05-18 12:32:21 UTC  |  Edited by: Cletus Graeme
If the target figures out you are orbiting him and still has propulsion (i.e. you haven't scambled him to turn off his mwd or he has an AB fit) then he can manually fly to minimise transversal and still hit you.

If you're using the auto-orbit function and a target starts to move away from you then your ship will just follow them in a straight line making your transversal ZERO Big smile

There is a great pvp video from Kil2 on YouTube which illustrates this where he insta-pops an orbiting frigate (Sabre) in his Talos simply because the transversal drops to zero for a second and he is able to get a off a single decent wrecking hit.

Here it is Kil2 PVP - Solo Commentary 6. Watch from 8mins onwards.

It's possible the Sabre was manually orbiting but he still gets hit - manual piloting doesn't guarantee that you avoid damage - it's basically comes down to your piloting skill vs the other guy's. Also, the Talos has unusually sick volley damage - most ships wouldn't hit that hard in that situation. Still, it's a good example and the rest of the video is cool too!
Serina Tsukaya
Dropbears Anonymous
Brave Collective
#24 - 2012-05-25 08:37:42 UTC
Manual orbiting in something very fast is to put it gently, very difficult. Try keeping in orbit when you're going 5,6 km/s using manual orbit when the target change directions.
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