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Singularity - Changing the rules?

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Vincent Athena
Just let it happen
#81 - 2012-04-17 22:50:08 UTC
Shirley Serious wrote:
CCP Konflikt wrote:

Also think outside the box eg. Should there be a testing constellation instead of a testing system?

You mean like:

Constellation blah, is testing constellation.

System A includes combat zones for ships up to battleship size

System B has combat zones for ships including dreadnoughts and carriers

System C has combat zones for unrestricted free for alls

That sort of thing ?

That would simplify things a lot, wouldn't it? It would be a simple case to spot supercapitals or whatever in the wrong system.

This seems to me to solve the issue. You could also have a frig system and a cruiser system. When someone complains that a kill happened in the wrong testing area, all CCP needs to is check the kill mail to answer 2 questions: Was the ship killed appropriate to that system? If yes, were any of the ships shooting the victim not appropriate to the system? If yes, swing ban hammer. It could even be automated, just have a script that checks all kills in the testing systems.

If you used V4-LOX as a central "consensual PvP only" system, you could assign one ship size limit to each of the surrounding 5 systems that are all just one jump away. If you leave out ATY-2U, it would provide an alternate route for people to enter the testing systems without having to go through the inevitable gate camps. If you want a system with clone capability, use EZA-FM, but that limits you to 4 testing systems within one jump.

By having the testing systems all within one jump you minimize travel hassles to the testers. Camping the gate in the consensual PvP system is useless, because the campers could not just wait and kill. Camping in the testing system is acceptable, as long as its done with the right size ships.

Another idea: Add "nearest celestial" to all killmails. (This would become a new feature, and be present on TQ. Would that be an issue for kills on TQ?) Then place the different PvP area beacons near different planets, but all in the same solar system. Issues can now be resolved again based on just the killmail.

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Just Lilly
#82 - 2012-04-18 21:56:30 UTC
I like the current PvP ruleset on SiSi P

I spend alot of time here, cruising between the stars in my ultra bling-bling craft, listening
to some sweet tunes, not paying attention to local, everything is relaxed, nothing to worry about.
Doing whatever, try stuff out at no extra isk cost or anything.

Just do what you want like you would on TQ...but with so much more freedom.
And you can do it all solo if you want...or bring your friends over.

I once saw a Raven State Issue undock from Jita, that's when I in awe realized how
beautiful the SiSi server was Blink

Long live SiSi server, 07
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Black Legion...
#83 - 2012-05-13 19:12:58 UTC
Morgan North wrote:
For starters:

1. You should seed every ship in the game, barring capitals and / or super capitals. We are currently lacking stuff like serpentis ships, etc.

2. Bring back class specific beacons, or somehow alter the ability to acess beacons. Currently, supercaps are everywhere, and we basically cannot actually test anything under a cap size, since capitals will just come along and affect the results.

3. Figure out a way to erase/delete all drones that are left over after a day. At first there's only 10 or 20 left over, but after a while, there's more than 100 drone ships (fighters included) at every beacon.

^This, especially #2.
Mirei Jun
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#84 - 2012-05-14 01:58:16 UTC  |  Edited by: Mirei Jun
At the end of the day Sis is not for PvP. Nor should CCP employees, bug hunters, or anyone else be required to constantly police it.

Sisi is for various types of testing and bug detection. PvP on the server is only valuable if it help in these endeavors.

If players want to test PvP related things, make fleets, and roam around in a"risk free" environment then so be it. But in actuality, serious testing with friends, or alone doesn't require going to 6CZ at all.

The only rules on the server should be those that help maintain stability. Things such as:

- If congregation in 6CZ isn't particularly important to server stability then stop moving players there at all except during specific scheduled events.

- A script that nukes everything at beacons in 6CZ once every hour on the hour -player ships and pods included.

- Moving the home test system to high sec -a place like Orvolle that is one jump from null, and close to other low/null connections. If you want to PvP go to another system.

The point is simple. Attempting to manage the behavior of children and immature adults is not a particularly good use of time for CCP employees or volunteers. The answers are dis-allowance, deterrence, and automation.