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25mil SP pilot and friend needing to relocate

The Scope
Gallente Federation
#1 - 2012-05-04 01:22:33 UTC
Hey guys,

Due to the recent announcement regarding changes to life in high sec and how care bears are now safer than ever, my 25mil SP toon and a friends 16mil SP toon are thinking about relocating to a new area of space to continue our pirate orientated way of life. So low sec / 0.0 space preferred!

We're both very PVP orientated, myself having lived in low-sec and 0.0 in the past (have had an extended break since so may be rusty for a very short time).

Both very much enjoy small gang PVP but would never say no to jumping in on some larger scale combat. We can both fly a myriad of combat ships full T2 fitted but specifics can be discussed by mail in game if needed.
Above all else we would be looking for fun in a new corp and of course a friendly atmosphere.

Based in the UK TZ, active almost every day.

Let us know what's available.
Theodore Lascaris
Outside Context Problem.
#2 - 2012-05-04 01:26:45 UTC
Hey mate, just thought I'd toss this one your way because we love PvPers. Renegade.Legion is a PvP corp in a null-sec sov holding alliance with a laid-back atmosphere. Our alliance is active throught the EU and US Timezones. We can easily put together 15-30man gangs on a regular basis as well as larger fleets when needed. We hold sov and stations (and our systems are quite nice, I might add). We have lots of fun and there is plenty of opportunity out here for you to shoot people. There is also plenty of support for other things you might be interested in, we have the industry down here to support our PvP addiction and we have great space for you to make the money you need. Feel free to check out our recruiting thread here or toss me a convo in-game any time. I hope to hear from the two of you soon mate.


Pony Tail
Caldari State
#3 - 2012-05-04 06:27:20 UTC
Martyr’s Vengence
Yes i know this is cut and paste but i dont have 20 hours to reply to people

- ACTIVE PLAYER BASE (We have been flying together for years)

- Always deployed some where with logistic support to move ships and gear in combat area
- Always fleets up, Cap and Sub Cap
- Cap building program (if you need a cap for cheap)
- Ship replacement program in place at alliance level
- Forms with fleet ops

- You will need a sense of humor
- API Required
- Ratting to Fill your wallet
- Pub Free
- 0.0 Corp/Alliance
- Fountain Region
- Forums

MV Publord Lounge
Contact: 2.Pony Tail / 3.Law Enforcer / 1.Trebizond
TeamSpeak for INTERVIEWS
(Evemail me if no answer in Channel)
joshua boston
Out of Focus
Odin's Call
#4 - 2012-05-04 07:24:56 UTC
Hello, I would like to tell you about Eve Defence Force, we are a primary pvp corp looking to expand and improve our-self, with a RL first ideal and fun outlook into life.

We are looking for the best of the best (please read good attitude) those that are not afraid to go out there and kill ships, with fleets going on around the clock by our with corp or allies, we are always fighting.

If you are new to pewpew but show the right attitude we might have a place for you.

We also have also great places to chill and relax, alliance comms, and new websites coming.

Our killboards can be seen in here

Our recruitment post is at

If you are interested you can mail me back and stop by our bar, the channel "TheEdfBar" always there's someone in there waiting to help you.

thank you for your time :)

Amaj Zalta
Capsuleer Outfitters
Test Alliance Please Ignore
#5 - 2012-05-04 08:31:32 UTC
Dont Join RL join Yarrfleet instead...They secretly wish they were us P

Check us out on our Forumn Post
Talr Shiar
Caldari Provisions
Caldari State
#6 - 2012-05-04 08:35:51 UTC
sending you a mail in game
Domin Mitauchi
#7 - 2012-05-04 12:26:53 UTC
We are a PVP focused group, but tend to dabble in a bit of everything. Nomad is full of former pirates, care bears, and just other displaced rabble. We have strived to form a new alliance that embraces the future of Eve with strong emphasis on DUST 514. I would enjoy having a talk to see if we may be a good fit for you.

Check us out

Join our public in-game channel @ Nomad. Pub

"We are everywhere for your conveince"

BlackLight Jr
I Aim To Misbehave
#8 - 2012-05-04 13:38:11 UTC
The Black Nova Corp. "Recruiting"

Black Nova Corp. seeks players of all skills and professions. We are looking to recruit people, not accounts.

Black Nova Corp. is made up of pilots who are mature, professional, and team oriented.
“Everyone Fights, Everyone Mines, Everyone Prospers” is the philosophy we live by.
We live in 0.0 and are involved in PVP everyday.

Much of our success lies in its discipline and organization. We recruit people, not accounts, and the result is a very close-knit group of players who put their ships on the line for each other daily, and who dedicate their time to helping Corp-mates with no expectation of payment in return. BNC operates under a semi-socialist system, with money making operations for the Corp periodically throughout the week, and small to large PvP operations happening nightly.

We currently seek:
SKILLED combat pilots. Note that skill! = skill points.
-DEEP SPACE PILOTS. We need those with 0.0 experience, BNC is for fast learners.
-Anyone with dedication, big ideas, and the drive to succeed.

Compulsory Requirements:
-10mil SP+
-TEAMSPEAK. Microphone is required.
-English language is a must.
-Be a PvP focused pilot.

Secondary Requirements:
-Use of out of game forums.
-Adequate weekly play time.
-Mature, professional conduct.
-Ability to follow instructions

We recruit people, not accounts. Black Nova Corp. is not an ordinary corporation. If you can not see yourself in B N C for more than a year, do not apply. We work together for our common goals and benefit, and we are only interested in people who will do the same.

In-game contacts :
- BlackLight Jr, CEO
- KeLLaX
- Gataga
- Johnny3Tears
- Wildcard Alpha
- Tyme Lord


Please note:
-Former members of hostile corps or alliances are often not considered.
-100% dedication is the only level of dedication accepted in B N C Period.
Black Nova Corp. has a solid group of experienced leaders; we offer a mix of roughly 80% veterans, 20% newer members. This is not a corporation, this is a home.

Join channel " Nova PuB. " in-game to speak with B N C members. Convo any of the listed contacts to setup an interview.

To apply, send your full APi to BlackLight Jr for review. A Teamspeak interview will be setup after your background check is complete. Visit “Nova PuB.” In-game for questions.


Regards and Fly Safe
Malaiit PerVida
Pandemic Horde Inc.
Pandemic Horde
#9 - 2012-05-04 17:59:12 UTC
Check us out and see if we fit what you are looking for. We can talk ingame to see if you are what we are looking for :). My play time vary but usually on between 8pm and 12am EVE time. Convo me and we will chat.

You can also join our Channel: Pax Recruit

[u]Malaiit PerVida[/u] Director of Corp Ops Pax Emunio / Intrepid Crossing "Peace Through Fear"

uno muerto
Capital Fusion.
Pandemic Horde
#10 - 2012-05-04 18:30:14 UTC
Heya, Ghosts of Honor is a Merc corp that we are trying to get running down in Amarr low sec. I know we're just getting started, but we'd be more than happy to have you join, and if you have any FC experience it'd be a big plus! We plan on working with an indy alliance in the area to get good prices on PVP ships as well.
Jera Rin
Caldari Provisions
Caldari State
#11 - 2012-05-05 00:42:36 UTC
Check Carbon Circle out!

Recruitment post is below, if you like what you see hit me up either in-game or via the post :)

Carbon Circle are currently recruiting -

#12 - 2012-05-05 16:44:53 UTC
Hey -

I think Black Lance has what you're looking for.

- We are based out of 0.0 with Razor Alliance
- We like our PvP like we like our women, active, heavy and aggressive and smelling of booze
- Friendly group, very laid back and always willing to help
- Experienced players - Veterans with 50m-100m+ SP average!
- Top 200 ranked PVP Corp on Battle Clinic
- Very active in US time zone with a growing EU presence in corp - but strong already at the alliance level!
- Use TS3, Mumble, and Jabber
- We have great logistics capabilities if needed - we can help facilitate your easy entry to our home
- Corp also has a web-based resupply site - fittings and ships delivered to your station - just a click away!

Come get some good fights! Application Link - Linky


Try the "Black-Lance Pub" channel. You can talk to a few of the members, and get a feel for the guys and gals there.

EVE Mail me with any questions.
Aesra Manufactorum
Rebels of Industry
#13 - 2012-05-05 18:32:34 UTC
Hey there, See your a looking for a corp, If you have not found one yet have a read.

Thought id take this opportunity to Introduce ourselves. Were a Multi-Gaming Community. We are a High/Low sec alliance. We do Everything from PvE, Indy to PvP. Were always open to people of all skill point range. Drop into our Public Channel "Clan AOD" If you wish to know more. Feel free to apply or just to learn more at the link below.

Applications: Register at website and Apply for EVE Division [In Game applications will be ignored]
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Caldari State
#14 - 2012-05-05 22:26:43 UTC
Brothers at Arms (B-A-A) is currently recruiting PVP focused pilots

- 15 Mil skill points
- Teamspeak 3 and Jabber

What we offer
- Constant PVP (daily alliance/corp roams, HDs, CTAs)
- Great bounty ratting space
- Small gang, large gang and blob warfare.
- More PVP
- Planetary and Indy fleets with boosts

If you interested please join BAA Public and get in touch with Septure or Garlod.