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Market: Change Excrow system slightly

Somates Takiri
Starsheep Industries
#1 - 2012-05-02 13:39:36 UTC  |  Edited by: Somates Takiri
You can set up multiple buy orders for the same item and use the escrow up by selling some of them. By doing this you can create buy-orders with NO escrow money behind. This feature is often used by traders to create overpriced items and sell their own items way overpriced. By having no escrow money and no money at all... they can nothing loose and there is nothing you can do against.
1 Buyorder: buy 3, min 3, Civilian Miner for each 100mil isk
2 Buyorder: buy 1 Civilian Miner for 100Mil isk
With margin trading V you have now ~75 + ~25 mil in escrow.
if you transfer your wallet-money away, you can still fulfill the 2nd Buyorder with your escrow money
-> Result: 1Buyorder is still there with no Escrow money left


  • You can completely secure manipulate the market and sell your stuff overpriced.


  • Especially New Players which like to be a trader and buy and sell stuff are tricked.
  • Escrow-Money loses it's propose (why there is any escrow money at all, when you can have orders with no money behind)
  • Trust in Market decreases.
  • Unfair that the one that tries to fulfill your order, automatically creates a sell order and has to pay taxes

I had two ideas to do something against this miss-use in my eyes:

1: Proposed slightly change
Just the money you have in escrow per order can be taken.
The check for this would be minimal additional: Right now the system already checks if you have enough money in your wallet & marketescrow. The only change it needs to check: the amount from escrowmoney per order and not in total.

pro in change
This change would improve marketbusiness a lot:
Because in my opinion you should NOT be able to save manipulate the market. You can still set fake buyorders and transfer all your walletmoney away. But you have the risk, that someone comes and sells you the stuff for the price of your escrow money.

2: new function
Add new Function: Check integrity of order
With a small fee e.g. 1000isk you can check if there is money behind a buyorder. If not, the order disappears. The could be even some kind of reward (half of broker fee for example, if there was an uncovered buyorder)

pro/contra in change
This would change the market totally.

I hope you agree with me, that the actual situation is not for the good for eve and that it will soon be fixed.
Center for Advanced Studies
Gallente Federation
#2 - 2012-05-02 14:08:37 UTC
Let me guess, you are ButthurtOops over the fact you are a total idiot for seeing what looked too good to be true, bought an item off the market, took to the station with the order, and got hosed. Margin Trade scam, always works and its always broken amirite Roll ?

Pro-tip: Its working as intended, it cannot fill an order when the wallet is empty. That is working as intended.

Pro-tip: The mechanic that is also working as intended, is the gullible greed to manipulate a human to do what you want. The mechanic isn't borken, the problem is between the chair and the keyboard because you got manipulated into doing that.

Best solution: DON'T BUY STRAIGHT FROM MARKET THEN MOVE TO STATION TO SELL! Done. And CCP doesn't have to do something to prevent you from making more idiot mistakes.
Somates Takiri
Starsheep Industries
#3 - 2012-05-02 14:30:27 UTC
@Aqriue: I have to commit, that I learn from this "feature" by step over some orders that i couldn't fulfill and started to wonder why... especially because i liked to sell my stuff for 23% of manipulated price to market manipulators Blink

I agree with you that it's intended to have Market-orders, where is no wallet money behind.
But I don't think it's intented to have market orders with no EXCROW MONEY behind.
-> learn the difference.