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Kronos TEchnologies
#81 - 2011-09-30 17:20:49 UTC
It doesn't really matter if you keep the limit at 50 on the server (personally I had more than 150 fittings of all sorts). When CCP announced the feature for server-side fittings, they mentioned that your remaining fittings would be stored off to an export file and so still accessible. And so they were.

The trouble is, to use any of those fittings, you have to pick one of your current fittings to delete, then pull up the XML and uncheck the ninety nine items you don't want to import.

It shouldn't work that way. In the UI, let me have three sets: Corp, Personal, and Local. Local would be an unlimited store, but I could browse it the same way I can browse Personal or Corporate fittings. No deleting, no file management, no import. They'd just be loaded from my local directory.

When I read that CCP were imposing this restriction, I thought this was what they'd do. I was disappointed.

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