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[Open question to CSM Candidates] What is Your stance on WH stuff?

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Joseph SaintJohn
Native Freshfood
Minmatar Republic
#41 - 2012-04-27 04:58:05 UTC
Alekseyev Karrde wrote:
I'm very positive about WH as a gameplay style. Noir. has a WH home and we have taken many contracts in WH space, evicting, protecting, and working alongside big names like Si Radio, AHARM, CCRES, and many more.

I definitely don't think WH income needs a nerf of any kind. I'm glad the ABC nerf that was tossed out during CSM6 died on the vine and I'd work to keep it that way.

WH combat is currently pretty awesome, but obviously any ship balancing tweaks will impact WH PVP so I'd like to make sure they do so for the better i.e. improving less used ships and giving them a role instead of nerf batting everything.

Lvl 6 chain-collapsing, as featured in the latest Clarion call, seems a bit screwy and might need a tweak but I don't think introducing a "WH Stabilizer" to make links permanent is a good way to go about it. I'd look forward to working with the other WH reps like Two Step and/or Meissa in providing CCP better guidance there.

Corp bookmarks were a godsend to WH residents. Further improvements to the corp bookmark UI have my support and if scaling that feature up to the Alliance level was on the table, I'd push for the development resources to make it happen.

The POS code needs a redo; the players know it and CCP knows it. However the POS code is a big ungainly mess and given CCP's current priorities I doubt they will have the resources to devote to it this year. CCP has made great strides in tiding us over till then with fuel blocks and shortening the anchoring/online/unanchoring timers. Further quality of life POS improvements will strongly benefit WH residents as well as industrial and 0.0 players so I support them. With those changes made, I see the current weak areas as the POS management UI, permissions, and aggression-related bugs. The roles/permissions side of things may be too resource intensive but I am hopeful CSM7 can successfully advocate for improvements in the other two areas.

Wormholes are great!!

I suggest a simple change... create more C2 WH's with a static C4 and a static hs.

Maybe more classes shoud have their numbers increased, but I'm not sure.

Please, no change in WH mechanics.


"Wars come and wars go, but my soldiers stay eternal" - Tupac Shakur
Steph Wing
No Dukks Given
#42 - 2012-04-28 10:30:03 UTC
Necropost bestpost.
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