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CCP don't know how their game works? (Not angry thread)

Mercantile and Stuff
#21 - 2012-04-27 12:38:52 UTC
MeestaPenni wrote:
Shortcuts are never good for anyone. They're a short sighted band-aid lazy and/or incompetent people use instead of solving the root problem from your list. If you're hung over at work and under-slept the answer isn't shortcuts. The answer is signing up for AA meetings cause what the **** are you doing going out drinking all night on a Wednesday?

I'll bet the chap in the cubicle next to yours just loves coming to work everyday......

I am not Prencleeve Grothsmore.

Gallente Federation
#22 - 2012-04-27 12:53:58 UTC
Hannott Thanos wrote:

Oh, and for all you programmers out there. We had to hack our tutorial together, and we had to call a function TutorialStep(16); and it for some reason gave us back 14. Due to time issues we made a nice little
if(TutorialStage == 14)
TutorialStage = 16;
hidden away somewhere it should not be. We laughed so hard at this. Made me feel awkward afterwards. Hope someone else can appreciate the fun in this PRoll

The route problem can be only one of two things: Either a CCP Dev or the goons! :D

Btw, sounds like you didn't created any tests beforehand to eliminate such errors "before they even appear"?

There is no need to move stuff, because now you can push it!

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